Que pasa el nino or la nina?

mtny(SW MT zn 3)March 7, 2010

el nino...(no tilda on my keyboard) la nina?

the jet stream has been parsimonious of late

.... winter begins to relenquish its hold ...the snow pack while holding ...on the thin side...tendrils of spring's emerging range .... push surprizingly high up slopes even on northern and eastern exposures

... while, here, still within seasonal norms, not too far afield in all directions dry

....march snows to date but a trace....although still ahead the potential for our make up precip from the april and may storm patterns...hopefully

...but today under skies of blue, stretching beyond far

... in a canoe riding on the low late winter river... so perfectly reflecting that above

...the whiff of the thaw bearing the scent of the coming spring...(ok you guys know what i mean...thawing pastures!)

wheeling raptors surveying all...geese paired....but as of yet not the cranes declaration of spring here.

I could not imagine a place i'd rather have been, granted this sampleing of the season ahead....and you

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xaroline(zone 3 Calgary)

All well said!

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Agreed, well said!

"...and you"

and I live in a mud puddle, frozen one day, thousands of feet deep the next

all my pants are crying out for me to buy new gators, but I am cheap

I'd make my own but I'm too busy messing around with house-tidying

pre-spring cleaning, waiting for the snow to go, so deep in the middle of the yard

so glad the flower beds are not in the middle as they are starting to green up

well, more like they never stopped being green and are peeking up from the hoards of zombies

muck and mud and old plant material is begging me to do something with it

I'll bet tomorrow will be a mud-puppy day!

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mtny(SW MT zn 3)

thats the spirit!..
.here too...
prose prevails..
the spring oozes...
... and overflows the birkenstocks..
however tonight not any longer birky weather

break out the Whites
(an obvious out reach to the spokane.. idaho panhandle folks....)
selkirs rule

with my lead percherons persistant crown infection

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