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Heather987February 19, 2013

My father bought me a potted miniature rose yesterday. I know very little about roses, but brought it back to college with me. The drive was about 4 hours, and I don't believe the plant was really exposed to the cold (it was probably between 0 and 10F yesterday) during transport. I put the plant by my window and gave it a little bit of water (so now the soil feels just slightly moist). Now this morning the leaves and few blooms it had a drying up and I fear the plant might die. What could have caused this? Can I save my plant? The rest of the plant seems ok, just the leaves and blooms are drying up and look like they might fall off if this continues. I've been reading and it looks like I should repot my plant. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I want my plant to thrive.

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Hello heather based on the information given it sounds like the plant wasn't very healthy when your father purchased it. unfortunately it is hard to stop a rose from a downward spiral don't be surprised if it dies. here are some tips that may help
1)place the plant in the sunniest window, south facing is best.

2)Never let the plant dry out of water (this is probably what happened to your rose)if there is a saucer on the bottom of the pot take it off. give the plant a good deep watering and try to remember how heavy the pot feels when you pick it up and don't re water until the pot feels light when you pick it up. the top of the soil should feel dry or slightly damp when touched.

3)don't re pot the plant it wont help. however if you are able to mist the plant with water once or twice a day it wont hurt. it sounds like you are in a cold part of the country. the air is to dry in the winter for roses that is the reason for misting. no fertilizer that wont help either

4)if you can keep the plant hanging on for the rest of the winter great. once the weather starts turning nice get it outside ASAP (when the trees start waking up) this is what will truely save this plant.

5) roses are actually amazing plants under the right conditions, mainly being outside. in a sunny spot in the yard with good watering they will bloom like crazy. so don't be discouraged if this plant does not make it (aside from the fact that your father gave it to you)

6) if you want to grow roses the best thing to do is go buy a book about roses and learn about them first. then buy QUALITY roses from the many venders that sell them across the country, not from a grocery store or walmart. trust me, it makes a difference.

Good luck bob

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seil zone 6b MI

As bobby said there's no way of knowing what conditions the plant was in before your father got it so it may have been caused by something you had no control over. And even though you think the plant wasn't exposed to those very cold temps it is possible that it suffered some frost damage and is in shock. If that's the case just remove all the dead material and wait for it to put out new leaves. Give it as much sunlight as you possibly can and keep it moist but not drowning and give it a chance to recover. Do try and get it outside as soon as possible because roses hate to be indoors for any length of time. The conditions are just not right for them. Don't fertilize it until it has some new leaves on it and then use half strength until it is healthy again.

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