Looking for Carrot Top

dcrosby(5MA)February 5, 2009

Has anyone seen a Weeks (i believe) rose called Carrot Top? I did not see it on the Weeks web site.

Thanks so much!


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diane_nj 6b/7a

It isn't a Weeks rose, it is from Poulsen. I checked helpmefind.com, but neither of the vendors listed (John's Miniature Roses and Northland Rosarium) show it on their current list. You might want to send an e-mail to both to see if they might have a spare someplace.

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Carrot Top is listed in The Heather Farm and Classic Miniature Roses catalog. This company is located in Vancouver BC, Canada and according to their website unfortunately doesn't ship orders outside of Canada. I've never contacted them to see if they make exceptions to that policy. If you have any friends or relatives living in Canada that shouldn't be a problem as they should be able to send the order on to you unless there are some types of quarantine laws concerning live plant material that may come into play. It might be worth investigating. Hope that helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Heather Farm and Classic Miniature Roses

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

I used to have this rose. The only good thing it has is orange color. It blows too quickly. So I dug mine out and gave it away.

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Thanks everyone for your help in finding her. I struck out with Canada. There's actually a few minis from Canada that I had my eye on but it seems it won't happen.
As for the behavior of Carrot Top, thanks dan keil cr! I don't feel so bad about not getting my hands on her.

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I agree with Dan, I used to grow Carrot Top, and it is not a particularly great rose. I got rid of mine as well because it didn't have great exhibition form. I would suggest Rocky Top for an orange MFl.

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