Thank You Chile Freak

simsedwardAugust 29, 2011

Wanted to send a thanks out to Chile Freak for sharing so many recipes. I used his idea for this hot sauce...I smoked some habaneros and roasted garlic, onion and carrots and mixed with vinegar. I am addicted to it! So good with the smoky flavor, my new favorite hot sauce.

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scotty66(8 Hutto TX)

picture makes my mouth water!

What kind of bottles are those and how did you seal them? Looks like a professional safety seal you'd find on a bottle in the grocery store!

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those Habaneros rock when they are smoked dont they, u should try the carribean reds! Anyway sims, you are most welcome,glad to help another chilehead out, as a chilehead and a chef, it is doubly gratifying to help another heat lover create their own bottles of fiery love!

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That looks so good. Paul (Chile Freak) has been great to we'uns at GW. We are lucky to have such a generous and knowledgeable Chef to help us enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Simsedward - can you give us the specifics of your process / recipe? Thanks.

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Sure...I had the charcoal heated and the burgers were done, so I figured why waste the heat? I picked six or seven habaneros (red and orange) and put them off to the side (away from the direct heat of the BBQ). I have a big barrel style BBQ, so there is a lot of room. Then I got a medium sized onion and quartered it, three cloves of garlic and a handful of baby carrots - about 15 or 20. I put the peppers right on the grill grates (as far away from the direct heat as possible. I put the veggies on tin foil and added a little olive oil so they wouldn't stick and put the foil on the grates right over the coals. Then I threw maple smoking chips on my fire and waited til the peppers were roasted and veggies were soft. Cut the stems off the peppers and put all in the food processor. Added vinegar until I got a consistency I wanted. Added salt, pepper and cumin. Heated in a sauce pan over low heat until a slow rolling boil. I kept it covered and it thinned out a bit more. Then processed it into the bottles.

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Thanks a lot. I've got red and orange habs coming on, will be ripe soon - I Hope. I can't wait to try this recipe. I have some Aji Limon and Hawks Claw (Takanotsume) that will be ripe soon. They should be a good addition to this type of sauce.

Thanks again.


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I have Aji Yellow too and I cannot wait for them to ripen up - mine are all still green. You will be happy with the sauce, the smoky flavor is perfect. Chile freak called for rice vinegar, all I had on hand was regular white vinegar. I am going to try it with the rice vinegar later this week - looking forward to seeing the difference.
Scotty- sorry I didn't see your post abou the bottles before I posted the recipe/procedure. I posted a link in a new thread, but I got the bottles and shrink wrap tops (just use a hair dryer) and

Happy Sauce making!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Excellent! The sauce and the bottling look perfect.


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Man that is some yummy looking sauce. Gotta love Chef Paul!

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Wow. Looks like a few batches of hot wings are in order.

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