Gardenia Glory Seedling

Camelotshadow(9bCA)October 17, 2010

Lovely & crossed possibly by penang peach

2nd bloom day 3 been cool & rainy

The bloom has much less pink border in the cool weather but its sweet

Here it is in all its glory day 4 with very lil fade blooming in triple digits

oh & it does have a sort of lovely gardenia scent

Ain't she

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Beautiful blooms!

Out of interest, how old was this seedling when it first bloomed? I have a couple dozen seedlings I just started and am bracing for a full six-year wait, if I can get them through the next several months.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Always nice when a seedling flowers and has some color to offer. Thanks for sharing. Bill

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Thanks fir the kind words.
Shes a classic lady about 5 yo Think I started her 7/2005 & 3 years in 5 gal & about 4 feet tall.
I am finding that they bloom starting from 3 or 4 foot.
Alot depends on the seedling & its heredity.

I have 2 others from this seed batch & one is taller than this one same age same 5 gal & has not bloomed.
The 3rd seedling is in a 2gal & I had to save it by rooting it as a cutting that bad cold winter. It's about 3 1/2 feet

These came From Paula F & its her variety & she told me way back then that it could be crossed with Penang P..guess they were close.

Certainly crossed as its different & I am looking foward to comparing the 3 sister seedlings.

Oh I got the 2nd bloom in 8 going on day 9 I think I lost count & she smells like gardenia

the gang with the 2 GG's far left

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