creeping phlox on the front range

Lesuko(5, Boulder CO)March 28, 2013


I'm looking for some interesting or flowering ground cover to put throughout my yard. I would prefer something that attracts pollinators and read that butterflies like phlox.

Does anyone have any experience with creeping phlox in afternoon sun on the front range? Before buying a bunch, I want to make sure it will survive.

I plan to use various ground covers so any other suggestions would be appreciated. I've looked at the thymes and veronicas, sweet woodruff, etc. I'm just deciding now. I may add delosperma. Since our yard is mulch, I would prefer something that is tight growing.


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We have it in our yard where the overspray from turf sprinklers reaches. It keeps the rabbits from starving and once in a while if they forget about it, it will bloom.

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