Picture Thread to go with the Swap Thread!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoMarch 21, 2009

Here are pictures of the things I just posted on the swap thread that Ill be bringing to the swap. If anyone else has pics of any of the things youÂll be bringing, please come add them. IÂll post more pics later when IÂm sure what else IÂll have.

8  Geranium dalmaticum ÂCompact RoseÂ, Dwarf Cranesbill  6" X 12"  Part shade to sun  light pink  Jun-Jul  z4

Bronzy-red fall foliage (dependant on weather)

5  Anemone sylvestris, Snowdrop anemone  12 X 24  Shade to sun  white  May-Jun  z4

Wonderful long lasting cutflowers. Spreads by underground runners, but near the surface, so easy to control. Also reseeds if not deadheaded promptly.

1  Alcea rosea - mixed colors, single hollyhock  60" X 24"  Full sun  mixed  Jun-Sep  z4

This is technically a biennial, but mine always develop new plants at the base that bloom the next year. Also reseed very easily. (A couple second year seedlings I put in a cup!)

1  Coreopsis auriculata ÂNanaÂ, Dwarf Coreopsis  10" X 12"  Sun  yellow-orange  May-Jun  z3

Spring blooming coreopsis, will continue to bloom into mid-summer with regular deadheading.

8  Sedum pachyclados  4" X 12"+  Full sun  white  July  z4

Evergreen, xeric, if stems get too bare looking, cut all the way down and wait for new growth.

6  Sedum spurium ÂTricolor  4" X12"+  Full sun  pink  Jun-Jul  z4

Evergreen, xeric, remove any new growth that has reverted back to plain green.

Pink, white and green in summer, mostly pink in winter.

4  Sedum reflexum ÂBlue Spruce  5" X 12"+  Full sun  yellow  July  z3

Evergreen, xeric

(ÂBlue Spruce is top, left)

5  Sedum ÂAngelina  5" X 10"+  Full sun  yellow  Jun-Jul  z3

Evergreen, xeric, patented, drapes nicely in a full sun hanging basket, over rocks, or over a wall

(ÂAngelina on the right)

Remember, earmarking is allowed before the day of the swap, so if you see something you want reserved for you, now is the time to say so. On the day of the swap nothing can be chosen until we begin the selection process.


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Oh, Skybird, I'd really like one of the Geranium dalmaticum Compact Rose! Looks precious!
Thank you :)


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

When we get closer to the swap, I'll pick the best one out for you, Jennifer!


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sister_k(Zone 5 Lafayette, CO)

Hi Skybird! What a great idea -- I'm very excited for the swap! I would love to try the anemone. I planted a ton of anemone bulbs last fall - many have come up too early and then died at the first few cold snaps and I don't know if anymore will come up this spring/summer. I hope to have some herbs and flowers for the swap and maybe even a vegetable or two. I don't want to jinx anything, but the WSing looks to be going pretty well, so far! Thanks!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Sis,

Ill definitely pick out the best looking one for you when we get closer to the swap, but I just want to be sure you knowthis isnt the same kind of anemone you put in as a bulb in fall. The "bulb kind" bloom in late summer to fallthese bloom in spring, and they arent bulbsthey just have a regular root system. And they can take pretty much anything from full sun to mostly shade. The kind you planted cant take a lot of sunnot high altitude sun for sure. Im actually not sure how something can be so different and still be the same genusbut they are! And, as you can see in the pic, they do have anemone flowers!

I wouldnt give up on yours yet. If they came up too early because of our warm weather, the foliage may have frozen, but the bulbs may still be ok. If thats true, you may not get many/any flowers this year, but if you get foliage, they should come back again next year. Since theyre bulbs, be sure you dont keep them too wet and just wait to see what happens.


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Yay!! Thank you, Skybird :)

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

I was thinking we needed a who's bringing what thread, but then I remembered that you had already started one, Skybird.

You can put me down for some more Sedum Angelina. I can't seem to get a nice clump going, because that is the deer's absolute favorite of all of my plants. They even walked right up on my porch, and ate some out of a pot, which I was planning to use to replace what they ate in the garden.

Anyway, what I have potted up so far are a couple of 'Rhumba' mums:

... and a pot of Delosperma congestum, which I can pot up more of if I need to:

I'm sure I will have some extra wintersown sprouts to bring, but I can also divide any of my Achilleas if anyone wants a chunk. I have Terra Cotta, Walter Funke, and Anthea. I also have Paprika, but it was just divided in the fall. I can also dig up a chunk of Solidago 'Fireworks' if anyone wants some of that this year. Let's see, oh, and my clump of Delosperma kelaidis 'Mesa Verde' is probably large enough to share too.

That's all I can think of for now. Please post here if you are interested in any of the things I listed, so that I can mark them for you, or get it potted up in time for the swap.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Bonnie,

Im so glad to hear youre gonna be able to make it again! Since Im gonna be taking the "southern route" when I go on vacation this year, rather than coming west out I70, is there anything in my garden that youve seen me post about before that youd like to have a piece of? If so, I can dig up a division to bring for you. You tend to go in for the more "exotic" varieties (newer!) to grow, and most of my stuff is more along the mundane lines, but if theres something youre thinking of, let me know and Ill let you know if I have any!

That Rhumba" mum is a real pretty daisy mum, and Id like to have one of them. Im getting tired of my lavender ones, and, assuming I have time, Im planning to dig all my lavender ones up to give away at the swap this year.

Do you know the variety name of the iceplant you have? Its not Gold Nugget, is it? In the picture it looks like too light a yellow to be that one. If it really is that pastel a yellow, Id like to have a little piece of itor a couple cuttings I can start. Besides collecting hen & chicks and sedums, I think Im getting into collecting iceplants tooat least the ones with the nice, compact foliage!

Your names on one of the rooted Angelinas, and Ill bring some extra cuttings along for you to start some more. Well see if you can manage to "outpace" the deer!

Not long now,

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Hi Sky!

The tag on the plants when I bought them just said Delosperma congestum, Hardy Yellow Iceplant, so your guess is as good as mine. That first picture was taken when the sun wasn't out. It's actually a brighter yellow. Here's another shot I found.

It makes a nice blanket of yellow when it's at its peak of blooming. I use it on that windy west sloped corner of the garden, and it works well to prevent erosion there. Let me know if you still want it.

I'll put your name on one of the Rhumbas. I may have a couple more of them. I wintersowed some rhubarb, and the other mum happens to be where it's going to go. It's a shame, because I love the color of those mums, but I just can't seem to find the right spot for them in my garden.

... and you know, it's not that your garden is full of the mundane, it's that you've already shared with me everything in your garden that's not pink! I think half of my garden came from seeds or cuttings that I got from you, so thanks again for being so generous.


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dryad58(z4/5/ CO)

Hello folks - I love the pictures you have! All the plants i'm bringing will be started from seed, so I don't have any nice photos to share, but I would love to put my name in for a rhumba mum Bonnie, and one of those gorgeous anemones Skybird! Thank you ladies, have a great one!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Dryad58, I'll put you down for a 'Rhumba' too. I saw on the 'Who's Here in 2009' thread that you might be bringing some dwarf orange lilies to the swap. Can you tell me more about them? My garden is pretty much entirely reds, oranges, and yellows, so I would be interested in them, if they aren't something I already have.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Dryad58 said:

~~~ I'm going up the week before the swap to thin out some of the new sprouts and probably take some cuttings of brunnera, veronica, and maybe dwarf orange lilies. If anyone will be attending the swap and would like some of those, just let me know! ~~~

Im transferring this over here, Dryad, so the people coming to the swap will be more likely to see it! Andbecause Im interested in what you have!!! And you dont need to have pictures to post. Just list the things youre bringingor hope to bringand if anybody has any questions about what it is, they can come ask.

Id be interested in a small start of the Brunnera. I dont have one of those yet, and I think I can find a place on the shade side yet! And Id like one of the orange lily bulbs too! How tall do they get? Do you know what type of lily it is?

What kind of Veronica do you have? Is it an upright, spike Veronica, or a groundcover one? I probably dont want one, but I just thought it would help others decide if its something they want if they know a little bit more.

I have you down for one of the Anemones!

Bonnie, your iceplant is the regular yellow color, and I got a little start of that last fall so I dont need one. If you ever find a pastel yellow one, Id sure be interested! Thats a color Ive never seen! With your D. congestum, I think its now D. basuticum! I love it when they keep changing the species names of things! The "regular" (original) yellow iceplant is D. nubigenum, and the one you have, the more compact one, was originally congestum, but has been changed to basuticum. I think it was around 99 or 00 when it changed, but a lot of companies dont bother to keep up with "minor details" like thatas you found out when you ordered that "tri-color sedum"that wasnt!!!

Does anybody else know yet what theyll beor hope to bebringing to the swap? If you do, come post it herewith or without picturesso we can start to get an idea of what might be thereand so we can claim things in advance if we see something we for sure want! If you think youll have something, and somebody says they want some, and then, for whatever reason, youre not able to bring it after allno harm, no foul! We all understand. And everybodys gonna understandwhen they dont get the FREE plants they thought they were gonna get! Sometimes things just dont turn out the way you hoped they would when youre working with plants! So dont be afraid to post things, even if youre still not absolutely positive!

Salivating Skybird

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singcharlene(Zone 5)

I don't have any pics but I'll have starts of vegetables (if they survive this storm-they are still in the milk jugs!): cabbage (red & white), broccoli, kale, cauliflower.

As always I'll take anything drought tolerant. I would love a sungold tomato plant (or any of the mouth-watering ones discussed on these boards!) if anyone has an extra.

Because my flower beds weren't ready after the dreaded junipers were removed, I had a temporary bed in the veggie garden for all the perennial plants I got from the last few swaps and they all looked great this summer. Now that my beds around the perimeter of the house are all ready to plant in this spring, I haven't seen any green coming from the perennials yet and I see vole tunnels and their piles of dirt, and bunny poop everywhere around the plants. I sure hope they didn't get it all :(

Skybird-should the ornamental oregano plants you gave me the last swap be greening up by now? They did go in the ground and I don't see any trace of them (before the snow).

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Except for a few things like hosta and hibiscus and a couple others, you should be seeing pretty much everything by now, Charlene. I think your temps have been pretty much the same as mineIve been in the 60's and 70's much of the time for a couple months now. Virtually everything I have is up, and some things are 6-8" high already. Even the hosta are breaking thru the top of the mulch, and my deciduous ferns are starting to grow. So if youre not seeing anything at all by now, you may have a problem! First, were you watering them over winter? If not, that could be a problem. And beyond that, my guess would be that the bunnies are doing more damage than the voles. When bunnies find something the like, they eat it right down to the ground, crown and all sometimes. If theres any way you could make little "cages" out of 1" or smaller hardware cloth and firmly anchor them over the top of the plants, at least youd have time to figure out if theyre still there or not. With the "water" were getting right now, they should be getting a good soaking, so if that was part of the problem, and if theyre still alive, they should come back pretty quickly in the next couple weeks if theyre not constantly being gobbled down! If youre seeing bunny poop all over the place, Im betting thats the problem. If its a bigger area, you could possibly bend a landscape fabric "hoop house" over the top of them and secure more fabrictightlyto seal the ends. But it would need to be very firmly attached to the surface of the soil, or the bunnies will just tunnel under it. And no holes anywhere bigger than a couple inches! Bunnies, like mice, can get thru amazingly small holes! One more thing! If the bunny poop is really close to the plants, I'd clean it up and throw it on your compost pile. Bunny poop can produce enough ammonia that I think it would make your plants quite unhappy! How would you like to have a pile of bunny poop in bed with you? ;-)

I bet the bunnies arent as cute as they were when you first discovered them!

In case you did lose the oreganos, I can easily bring you a chunk of each of them again. Actually, if I have time, Im planning to dig both of those up, divide them, and bring all of them except one new start for me! But there are so many things I want to do that with, I just dont know how much will be ready in time for the swap. But chopping a division off of the side of each, even if I dont get the whole plant dug, will be easy if you need them.

Fingers crossed for your plants,

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jnfr(z5b CO)

My oregano is also late in coming up this year, and I don't have rabbit trouble. It's a very well-established plant (actually somewhat invasive it's so enthusiastic), so I'm sure it will return, but I did notice there wasn't any green showing when I looked at it last week.

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dryad58(z4/5/ CO)

Bonnie - The lilies are about a foot and a half tall, and they all seem to bloom in the same week. They're an electric orange, and currently they're planted next to some knotweed and a dwarf pine. The knotweed hides them once they've finished flowering. I am pretty sure they were called "orange pixie" when I bought them, and they don't have any smell that I can detect.

Skybird - I have both Looking Glass and Jack Frost brunneras. They won't be very well rooted when I get to the swap, but if you baby them for a little while, they should do fine. I didn't have any trouble propagating them last year. They are one of my favorites - they look wonderful all the time!

Also, it's a creeping veronica (I think waterperry? or turkish? I don't remember), with gorgeous blue flowers. Again, they won't be established, but this stuff will grow anywhere :) Just leave the cutting in the pot in a bright place for a few weeks.

I'm glad the storms are over, but boy did we need the water! My yard looks so nice right now!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Dryad58, if you are able to bring some to the swap, I'd love to have one, or two of them.

Oh, and Skybird, you mentioned last year that you were interested in cuttings of my Sedum 'Postman's Pride'. Would they have time to root if I cut them now, or should I just bring fresh cuttings the day of the swap?

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I thought I'd get by with just one of Skybird's Geranium dalmaticum Compact Rose but I was fooling myself!!

Skybird, If it hasn't been claimed yet, I'd really like the Coreopsis auriculata Nana, Dwarf Coreopsis.

Bonnie, If it hasn't been spoken for yet, I'd love the Delosperma congestum. I think that will be perfect next to my other succulents around the beds.

Dryand58, If not taken, could I have some of your creeping veronica? I just put in Veronica 'speedwell' (I forget the species) last summer and I think a creeping one will look nice at its base, next to the creeping thyme. They can fight for space to creep around in!!


I'm not sure I'll have anything to bring :( I am under so much snow it is ridiculous. Gorgeous but absolutely too much. All my perennials were JUST starting to show new growth at their bases and, whoops, now I can't find them in there. But, with the warm temps, maybe all this stuff will melt soon enough for the little things to grow so I can divide and conquer. I mean, divide and share!! Bad humor...

I'm still bringing my local friend but she probably won't have any plants either. But, she is good company!

Come to think of it, Skybird, can I either switch my 'compact rose' to Camilla or would you add one just for her if there are any left?

Gee, I must have had too much tea today, can't stop typing!!

While I'm at it, whoever brought the oriental lilies to the fall swap, thank you!!! I thought I'd killed them but, in the tiny patch close to the house where the snow melted, there are two tiny lily nubs! One is about an inch and one is about half that high. Small, but enough to get me all excited about the swap.


See you all soon.


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Skybird- I would be interested in some of your Anemone as well as some of the sedum if they are still available. I have an area that would look really nice with some sedum, but I can't decide which kind. Would it be possible to get a bit of each?

Bonnie- if you still have a Rhumba mum available, I would like one please.

Dryad- I am interested in some of the Veronica as well.

I should be able to bring a few (I think bearded) iris (blue), daffodils and coreopsis if anyone is interested. I don't know varieties, they are some of the few things planted at the house when we bought it. I should also have some vegetable starts, mostly lettuce & spinach I think. I can also take some cuttings from my swedish ivy (houseplant).

My wishlist if anyone has any to share:
Crocus - any color, I just like them :-)
Caryopteris (blue mist spirea)
Ornamental grasses - I don't know a lot about varieties. I'm looking for smaller/med sized (up to about 2' tall or so) types.

I am planting a flower garden in the front which will be blues/purples and yellow/orange, in full sun if anyone has something they think would work well (prefer xeric or close to xeric). I also have a very empty backyard that needs some life. I am open to suggestion :-)


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Jennifer, I've got you down for some Delosperma congestum. If anyone else wants some, just let me know.

Amy, I should have two more pots of the 'Rhumba', since one plant will fill up at least a couple of gallon pots, and I have one more plant to dig up. So if anyone else is interested, I should have at least one more pot.

Since Amy posted a wishlist, I'll do one too:

Mints - anything other than spearmint, which I already have. The ones I got at last year's swap didn't overwinter.
Sage - I have the common one, and tricolor, but would love to have the Golden, or Pineapple, or Texas Hummingbird
Lemon Verbena - mine didn't survive the winter indoors
Wallflower - English or Siberian. I planted my wintersown sprouts too early and lost them.
Berlandiera lyrata (Chocolate Scented Daisy)

I'm there are other things that I could be persuaded to take home, LOL!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi all,

I have a few things to add to my list!

5 Sempervivum Icicle Hen and Chicks, 3" X 12"+, Full sun to shade, z3
Evergreen, xeric, frosty looking foliage when full grown

1 Sempervivum E Hen & Chicks, 2" X 12"+, Full sun to shade, z3
Evergreen, deep red in winter and spring, xeric

2 Sempervivum K Hen & Chicks, 3" X 12"+, Full sun to shade, z3
Evergreen, xeric

5 Delosperma basuticum White Nugget Iceplant, 2" X 12"+, Full sun, White, May-Jun, z4
Sparkling white flowers. Evergreen, xeric, patented. Dense, compact foliage. Spreads more slowly than many other iceplants.

3 Ajuga reptans Royalty, Bugleweed, 4-6" X 24"+, Sun or shade, Lavender, May-Jun, z3
Evergreen, will continue to spread if in contact with soil, spreads on surface so controllable
Ruffled bronze/burgundy foliagecolor deepens with more sun.
~ This is the best picture I have, and its not very good! It must have been dry, because the leaves are shinier when its wet, and its bronzier (and prettier) looking than this most of the time!

1 Polygonatum falcatum Variegatum, Variegated Solomons Seal (a/k/a P. odoratum)
18" X 24"+, Shade to part shade, Very small white "bell" flowers, May-Jun, z3
Spreads slowly at first, but rapidly once its established - can become invasive, though Ive found it quite easy to dig up when it goes where I dont want it!

2 Myosotis alpestris, Forget-me-not, 10" X 12", Shade to part sun, light blue, May-Jul, z3
Reseeds prolifically! Easy to pull out if theres more than you want, but theyre pretty growing in and among most other perennials.
Picture above next to the Solomons Seal!

1 Veronica Waterperry, creeping Veronica, 3" X 18"+, Full sun to part shade, Lavender, May-Jun, z4
Evergreen, small leaves and flowers have scalloped edges, giving the plant a ruffly look (I think!) Roots anywhere its in contact with soil. Great sunny groundcover. Easy to dig and remove if it goes too far!

Dryad, I googled Looking Glass, and I LOVE it! That would be my first choice! To help you figure out which Veronica you have, theres a picture of Waterperry above. The leaves are bigger than on the Turkish, and the edges of the Turkish leaves are smoothand theyre rounder.

Bonnie, Id LOVE to have some cuttings of the Postmans Pride! Dont bother to stick them in soil. Just bring the cuttings. Thank you! And for youI just potted up some rooted cuttings of chocolate mint! I was planning to keep them/it for myself when I cut mine back and stuck the cuttings in water to root because I hadnt had much luck getting a decent plant from the cuttings I got last year, but when I cut mine back and fed it, it finally took off, so I dont need the ones I rooted! I was gonna post it todaybut its yours! My Golden Sage isnt doing that great, or Id try again to get you a piece of it. I think it might be at the end of its useful life, and that I may need to get a new one for myself too! Next year I may be able to get you a start for orange creeping wallflower (Erysimum Orange Flame, a/k/a Cheiranthus) if youre interested. I just got a small one last summer, and its not big enough to divide yet, but its looking good and should be spreading nicely by next year. I tried the upright ones over the last couple years and was never very happy with them, so Im going with the creeping one to get "that" orange!

Jennifer, Ive added a Nana for you, and another Compact Rose Geranium for Camilla. If theres anything else you want of the things I just posted, let me know.

Greenbean, I have you down for one of the Anemones, and one of each of the sedums I have rooted. Would you like cuttings of the other sedums that I didnt root this time? Very easy to root, and come with directions! Id be interested in a couple of your daffodil bulbs if you have enough, and is your Coreopsis the kind with the red center in the flowers? Maybe I should ask first, is it the "threadleaf" type with the tiny flowers, or is it the kind with the larger leaves (C. lanceolata or C. grandiflora) and the large flowerssimilar to the ones in my picture of Nana above, but more yellow? The large flowered ones are the ones where some varieties have red centers, like Baby Sun. Thats the kind Im interested in! The Coreopsis Nana I have listed up above is in the golden orange range. Would you like one of those for your purple/yellow/orange garden? Its listed as xeric, but I find mine does better with more water. The Royalty Ajuga has lavender-purple flowers too, and some people consider it xeric, but I think its prettier if its kept wetter because the leaves are shiny when the soil is moist/wet. Let me know if you want either/both. AlsoI think I could get a small division off of my Panicum virgatum Heavy Metal if youre interested. Its taller than you said you wantabout 3-4', but the "flowers" are wispy, so it doesnt look as tall as it sounds! It has steel blue foliage with airy inflorescences. I dont have a pic of it in fall, but heres a summer pic of it.

Wait! Heres an October pic!

If anybody has any, Id love to have a Berlandiera, chocolate flower, too! Im trying to start some from seed now, but its old seed, so 50/50 chance!

All the plants Ive posted so far are small ones, but I hope to get some of my "old" plants dug up tomorrow to divide, and I bought some bigger cups to put them into today, so if I get it done, Ill be back to post more things.

As always, if anybody has any 4" or smaller pots they dont want, Id love to have them. I prefer the square ones since the fit easily in a flat, but round or square, if theyre small, Im interested!

Ill be back,

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Thank you Bonnie and Skybird!!!

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nana89(Zone 4)

Oooooh my gosh, I'm a total noobie here, I just wanted to pop in and say that I LOVE Forget-Me-Not. I don't know what it is, but it's been my favorite flower since I was about eight or so! I'd still love to go to the swap, though since I just moved into a cramped apartment and haven't really been able to plant anything, i don't know if I could bring anything other than food!

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dryad58(z4/5/ CO)

Hello All!
Bonnie, I'll bring those lilies for sure. They multiply like crazy!
I have the Looking Glass for you, Skybird, and I'll have veronica for as many people as wants it! I think the flowers are a darker blue on my plant, and it seems less compact. It crawls through the mulch and between pavers and through retaining walls so you might have to get a little agressive with it. But it is so pretty!

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This is what my coreopsis looks like. From 2008 Backyard project

I'd guess the blooms are about 1.5" diameter or so.
I'll tag some daffodils for you. They are the classic yellow kind.

I would like cuttings from the other sedums if it's no trouble. I would also like the Panicum virgatum Heavy Metal.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Im ba-a-ack! Heres the latest installment!

I got two of the big mums dug up today and divided into cup-size plants!

11 Lavender quill/spoon (its more lavender than it looks in the picture!)
Each petal is a tiny "straw" that opens up into a slight spoon shape at the end.

12 Lavender pom (this one, too, much more lavender than it looks in the picture! The second picture is closer!)

~They are definitely not xeric and require regular watering. They have a fairly shallow root system and should be watered about as frequently as youd water annuals. They will not do well in heavy clayamend with organic matter to provide good drainage. Space at least 12" apart, 18-24" is better!
~Height will be determined by how many times theyre pinched. Can range from 12" to over 24".
~Grow in full sun for best plants and best bloom.

I didnt get these dug up today, but I have several days off just before the swap, so if I dont get them done sooner, Ill be digging some of these up a few days before the swap. They wont be well rooted out in the pots, but theyre old plants Im dividing, so the divisions will already have roots when I put them in the pots!

Unknown quantities of these but Im sure there will be plenty for anybody who wants some!

I dont have my own pictures of either of these! They need FULL sun, and I dont have that (until I get rid of the rock in the front yard!), so they have never looked good enough to take a picture! I found pictures online that arent great, but at least give you an idea of what they look like!

Origanum laevigatum Hopleys Purple, Ornamental Oregano, 18" X 12"+, Full sun, lavender, Jul-Sep, z4
Drought tolerant, Lots of very small flowers give a lacy, wispy look, spreads easily but near the surface so can be controlled by removing new shoots.

It looks kind of like the purple in the lower right corner of this photo. Theres another picture of it lower down, but mine has never, ever looked anywhere near that purple! Mine is very "wispy" looking, and its hard to believe even full sun would make that much difference!
Hopleys Purple

Origanum laevigatum Herrenhausen, Ornamental Oregano, 24" X 24+", Full sun, purple/pink, Jul-Sep, z4
Attracts butterflies, spreads easily but near the surface so controllable

This picture is fairly accurate of the flowers!

Chrysanthemum Hillside Pink Sheffield (previously Dentranthema grandiflora), 36" X 36", Sun, salmon pink, Sep-Oct, z5
Blooms late, may (will!) need protection from early freezes, attracts butterflies, spreads easily but near the surface so can be controlled by removing new shoots.

The mums I dug up today were big, and when I get the oreganos and the Sheffields dug up, Im gonna have LOTS of space to put in some new things! What fun!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Bean,

Thanks for the pic of the Coreopsis. That is the type Im looking for, but I want the one that has the red on the petals in the center, so Ill pass on this one, but thank you for the offer.

Ill bring either a rooted plant or unrooted cuttings of each of the different ground cover sedums I havealong with an information sheet with directions for rooting them, and other "sedum advice." And Ill try to get a division off of the Heavy Metal for you. Im almost sure Ill be able to do it, but established grasses can be pretty hard to chop a piece off of, so Im not absolutely positive. Keep your fingers crossed!

Dryad, thank you for the Looking Glass. Im really excited about that one! My Waterperry would be crawling here, there, and everywhere tooif I let it! Because of my very limited space, I keep everything as "contained" as I possibly can!

Nana, Welcome to RMG! Sign in on the Whos Here in 2009 thread when you have time! Would you like me to save a forget-me-not for you? Do you have a sunny window? You could grow it in a pot. Just a heads up, tho! They only bloom for a month or so, and the longer they bloom, the taller and more straggly looking they get, so it wouldnt last for very long. And its a very small plant, so Im not sure youd actually get very many flowers at all. You dont have a small balcony you could put it on, do you? Would you like me to bring some unrooted starts for a jade plant and/or cuttings to start a Christmas Cactus? They come with directions on what to do with them! I could bring you some spider plant starts too, if youd like. Just let me know. You dont need to have plants to bring to the swap! Food will be great!

Just a couple more weeks!

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sherri09(5 CO)

Hello everyone,

I don't have any photos, but here are a few things I'll be bringing. I also had questions on some, since this will be my first swap & not sure if annuals or the smaller seedlings are appropriate to bring.

Bigger Plants from the Garden: Shasta Daisies, Red Rocks Penstemon. I've potted up 2 of each.
Veggie starts: Green Peppers - CA Wonder, Banana Peppers, Squash/Zuc - Black Beauty

I have tons of fall blooming crocus (zonatus). I planted way too many of these last year & even just the greenery is taking over my front bed. I'll dig some of these up, I'm pretty sure they would transplant OK.

Do people bring annual seedlings? Most of what I've seen posted so far are perennials. I have Aster, Catchfly, Monardo, Snapdragons, Dalias, Breadseed Poppies & Poached-egg plant.

For my wintersown perennials, I might have a few Lupine, RM penstemon & Painted Daisy. Some of my flower seedlings are kind of small though, just getting their 2nd set of true leaves. Should I bring these or are they too small?

I'm really looking forward to coming & meeting everyone. Thanks for making us newbies feel welcome!!

- Sherri

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Sherri,

Anything that has at least a couple sets of true leaves is big enough to bring. Lots of people bring seedlings to the Spring Swap. And either annuals or perennialsor veggies are fine. Youll find all of them there! Pretty much anything that grows is good! The Fall Swap is usually mostly perennial and hardy herb divisions.

And I bring little packets of my collected (perennial) seeds, but some people bring store bought packets of seed that they dont want or that theyve used part of. Seeds for anything are welcome too if you happen to have some you dont want/need anymore.

You can also offer cuttings or divisions of house plants if you want toGreenbean offered Swedish ivy cuttings abovebut I recommend offering houseplants here and only bringing them for somebody specific if they want some. And on that noteif anybody wants some I will once again be glad to bring unrooted cuttings for Jade, mixed color Christmas cactus, and mixed, unknown varieties of orchid cactus. Direction sheets included with any of them. And I also (always!) have spider plant babies if anybody would like some. But if you want any of the above, tell me now!

Id be interested in a few of your fall crocus bulbs. It doesnt matter, but just out of curiosity, what color are they? And if theyre big enough, Id like a Lupine and a Painted Daisy too.

If theres anything posted above that youd like to have for sure, let the person/people know now. It may still be available when you get a chance to pick on the day of the swap, but it could be picked by somebody before you, so if you see something you definitely want, ask now.


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sherri09(5 CO)

Thanks, Skybird. That helps alot. The fall crocus are a dark pink w/ yellow center. I'm glad you want some & even happier about the swap. Last year I actually ended up throwing away some irises when I was thinning them out...I don't know what I was thinking or why I didn't move them somewhere else???

I think the Lupines will be big enough, but not sure about the Painted Daisies. They have just 1 set of true leaves so far. I'll move them out of the shade which may speed things along. If they make the cut, I'll save some for you.

The only thing on my wish list is a tomato plant, surely someone will have an extra...?? Everything else on here looks so good, I can't decide. Most I haven't grown before, so I'll be happy with anything I come home with. :)

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Hello all,

I potted up a couple garlic chives that I dug out of my rockbed this morning, and will probably have petunias (make that ALREADY have petunias) coming out of my ears, thanks to the fact that they self-sowed in the container where they lived last year!

As far as the bringing anything else to the swap, I don't think anything is going to be big enough. I have a couple things that I started inside, like a couple of "mystery 'maters" that I forgot to label what they were last year, but they sprouted quite nicely and have second leaves already. Unfortunately, none of my WS tomatoes have sprouted yet, otherwise I'd have plenty of known varieties! Anyway, I only ever save seeds from good tomatoes, so there's a sure bet that they'll be good...

I also have some sweet williams, with a deep pink, almost red-maroon shade of blooms--they're fully up and buds about to burst open, and I could thin those out (to make room for some of those petunias!!) if anyone wants some; just let me know.

I'd love some fuschia if someone has any--I have the perfect little hook for a pot up on my porch, and can't bear to part with the $41 the local greenhouse wants!

I have tried three times to "say hi" at the who's here in 09 forum; maybe it'll take this time!

Thanks for welcoming us newbies, and thanks for all the great tips!

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hlollar(5 CO)

I cannot tell you how bummed I am about not being able to attend the swap! May 9 will be one of the busiest days at the nursery (day before Mother's day) so I'm stuck at work! There are too many things that I want that have been posted here!!!

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Skybird, if you have some left, I would love an Anemone sylvestris, Snowdrop anemone, a Sedum pachyclados, and a Delosperma basuticum White Nugget Iceplant.

Im not bringing much to the swap, just one of each, and they are all potentially large plants
- Ligularia "the rocket" in someone elses yard (it hates mine), it should get to be around 4 feet for main plant with higher yellow spike flowers; not xeric
- Helianthus maximiliana "lemon yellow" (original from HCG http://www.highcountrygardens.com/catalog/product/55954) says 6 feet, but without cutting back mine got larger than the garage, meaning over ten feet; I have amended but primarily clay soil; full sun; xeric
- Random helianthus (I think) I got from a friend golden yellow flowers, gets around 5 feet (without cutting back), bushier and smaller leaves/flowers than lemon yellow; full sun; xeric

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Char, I seen an earlier post from you looking for tomatoes. I have several varieties started. I can also bring lambs ear, common, but let me know if any one wants any. Looking for day lillies of all varieties and raspberries agagin. Last year I got some from jclepine and someone else (yellow) neither made it, so would like to try again this year if any one has some to bring.


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I'm looking forward to this, though I may not be able to stay for long. My other commitment for the day is earlier in the afternoon than I had expected.


I'd love to get starts of your sempervivums, Skybird. How do they do as houseplants? If the answer is "not well", I can put them in a planter outside and defend them from the outdoor critters.

I'd also love to get more starts of christmas cactus and orchid cactus. If there are extra hollyhocks left, I'd like to give them a try (outdoors, of course). If you have a few spider plant babies that need a home, I wouldn't mind starting more. The ones you shared with me last fall are still doing well.

For others, I am interested in various houseplants. I like cacti, succulents, and bromeliads in particular, though I certainly collect a much wider range of plants. Orchids, crypanthus (a bromeliad-family plant), coleus, geraniums (especially ivy-leaf and scented)....

I'd also love some of the tough roses that do well here -- if you have an own-root rose that suckers, I'd love to get one of the suckers.

If anyone is dividing irises, day lilies, or other bulbs, I'd love to give them a try.

If possible, I plan to grab one or two tomatoes, herb plants, or anything else that looks interesting. I'd hate for some poor plant to feel unloved and unwanted.

What I can bring:

I have a plain Euphorbia trigona (African Milk tree). The original plant we got our cutting from was in the Denver Art Museum in the early 70's. That cutting is an extremely vigorous plant, over 6' tall. I can bring cuttings of this for anyone who wants one (or more). They are easy to root.

I have a couple of christmas cacti, variety unknown, that I can bring cuttings of.

My Lowe's sale-table crypanthus sent off a couple of pups. I can bring in a planted pup if someone specifically wants it.

I can bring cuttings of a couple of garden coleus. I can either stick them in dirt or bring them as plain cuttings. The varieties I'd bring have a good success rate for me.

I can bring in a few cuttings of a variegated lemon-scented geranium if someone wants one. I don't have great luck with rooting scented-leaf geraniums, so take it for what it's worth.

If I have a chance, I'll go through my very old garden seeds to see what's left. They are several years old, but might be worth taking a chance on for those of you who are interested. Some are commercial, most were grown and collected by me. I used to get excellent germination from my collected seeds.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Charlene, you mentioned above that you might have some broccoli sprouts to share. I would love to have one if they survived that last snow storm. Do you know what kind it is? I managed to kill all but one of the sprouts I planted out. Guess they aren't as cold tolerant as the lettuce and spinach.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi all,

I spent several hours today digging up plantsboy am I tired! I didnt get as much done as I had hoped! It took me 45 minutes to dig up just one of the plantsthe Herrenhausen. Every time I try to dig in my main perennial bed Im re-amazed by the endless, dense tangle of cottonwood roots that permeate the root systems of ALL of my plants. Ive ranted about them a bunch of times before, and as soon as I get my pictures downloaded, Im gonna do it again! But for now...............

I potted up 6 of the Hopleys Purple ornamental oregano and

9 of the Herrenhausen ornamental oregano. There are links to pictures of each of these in my 04.24 post above!

I also dug up one of the tall, pink babys breath, Gypsophila paniculata, that I mentioned somewhere, I think early on in the swap thread. I started this from seed, and it didnt do well in my yardgot floppy and bloomed erratically. Cheryl from Paulinos was over last week and I asked her about it and she said it needs FULL sun, so if somebody has a place where they really will get full sun (I dont) and would like to try one, I wound up with 3 of them. Howeverwhen I dug them up I discovered that theyre tap rooted (figured that out when I realized some of the roots that I thought were more of the cottonwood root maze, started to break! The cottonwood roots dont break, so I looked more closely and realized it was the Gypsophila roots!) I think theres enough of the root for them to make it, and I should be able to tell by the day of the swap, but Im not 100% positive right now! If youd like to try one, let me know! If more than 2 or 3 people are interested, I still have another one in the ground that I can dig up to bring along. If nobodys interested in trying it, Ill probably throw it on the compost pile when I get around to digging it!

If anybody wants any of the Hillside Pink Sheffield Chrysanthemum/Dendranthema, let me know. I dont know that Im gonna have the timeor the willto actually dig up the whole plant this year, as I was planning to do, but it would be very easy to dig up some of this years shoots around the main plant and stick them in a pot.

H geist, Ive put you down on the list for an Anemone, a S. pachyclados, and a White Nugget. Im gonna try to dig up a few more of the Anemones, since that seems to be the one people are most interested in. Theyre budding now, and by next week I think Ill have flowers. Might even be able to bring one or two that are blooming!

Poly, I have you down for one of each of the Semps that Ive put in pots (4 varieties). Theyll do ok inside with enough direct sun, but theyll never get their pretty winter colors. I recommend you stick them outside somewhere among some rocks. Chances are theyll make it even if they get chewed on every now and then. You might want to get them going a little bit in the pots and then start moving some chicks of each variety to different places around the yard. If youd like I can bring a few (unrooted) starts of each of some of the other varieties too. On the day of the swap you might decide you want to try some of the sedums too. Same thing, they might be somebodys dinner on occasion, but theyll come back. And Ill also bring a few more Xmas and orchid cactus cuttings (you still have the direction sheet from last time, dont you?) and some more spider plant babies. And no one has spoken for the little hollyhock seedling I have yet, so Ill mark it for you. Its possible that Im gonna dig up one of the big hollyhocks I have, divide it, and stick it in pots, and if I do and they look ok, Ill save one of those for you.

For those of you that are interested in day lilies, I dont know if there will be any at the Spring Swap, but if Catladysgarden/Karen comes to the Fall Swap again this year, there are sure to be some there, so if you dont get them now, possibly in September!

There are still a few more things Im hoping to dig to bring, but after my 4 hour fencing match with the cottonwood roots today, I dont even want to think about it right now! If I get over the aches and pains from my battle today and if I have time, Ill let you all know what else Ill have.


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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I'm planning to bring tomatoes and peppers but will list the varieties tomorrow or Sunday.

I have the yellow coreopsis that looks like greenbean's.
I also have raspberries for Gloria.
I'll have to wander and see what else I have and update Sunday.

Skybird - if any are left, please save a

Sedum 'Angelina'
Lavender quill/spoon
Lavender pom



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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

Here's my currently available tomato and pepper list: (LIMITED QUANTITIES so PLEASE email me directly if you want me to save any for you)

Pepper: started in mid-Dec
Pasilla Bajio
Inca Lost
Onza Rojo

Tomato: started in mid-Jan except where noted
Paul Robeson - slicer
San Marzano 3 - paste from Italy
Isis Candy - cherry
Thessaloniki - slicer from Greece
Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red - Feb start - slicer from USA
Nyagous - slicer
Peach Garden - slicer
Amazon Chocolate - slicer
Roma - paste
Rutgers - slicer
Super Sioux - slicer
Tiny Tim - cherry
Hawaiian Currant - cherry
Blondkofpchen - cherry
Riesentraube - cherry from Germany
Galinas - cherry
German Heirloom - Feb start - slicer
Prue - Feb start - paste but good fresh
JD's Special C Tex - Feb start - slicer from USA

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Im Back! Ive been busy today, and here are a few more things!

I got my shasta daisy dug up and divided today! Becky is the best tall shastaby far! Nice strong stems with large, almost perfect looking flowers! It blooms most of the summer with regular deadheading.

18 Chrysanthemum maximum Becky, 36" X 24"+, Sun, white, Jun-Aug, z4

I found some seedlings from my Unknown Euphorbia that werent growing in the walkway cracks, so I dug them up and stuck them in 2 pots3 in a pot. Ive had people ask me for this before but have never been able to get the seedlings out of the cracks successfully before! This was a tiny seedling when I moved in here, and I almost pulled it out, but decided to leave it in to see what it was! I cut it all the way down a couple times a year to keep it neat and compact, and Im really glad I left it thereits a nice accent right by the corner of my deck steps.

2 Euphorbia - species unknown, Cushion Spurge, 12" X 12", Sun-part sun, insignificant yellowish flowers, Zoned unknown but definitely hardy, I believe this thing is very xeric, but Im not positive. Its evergreen and the foliage is purple/red in winter. (Its blooming in the pic!)

I posted 2 small forget-me-nots somewhere above, and I dug up 3 more small seedlings that are blooming. These are very small plants, but if you put them in somewhere and let them go to seed, youll have more coming up next yearand more the next yearand more the next year.........

5 Myosotis alpestris, Forget-me-not, 10" X 12", Shade to part sun, light blue, May-Jul, z3
Reseeds prolifically! Easy to pull out if theres more than you want, but theyre pretty growing in and among most other perennials.

And I dug up 3 little starts for my Everywhere purple violas! These are the same as the forget-me-notsput them somewhere and let them go to seed, and youll have MORE! And, I dont know for sure why, but they seem to come true from seedeven tho I do have purple and yellow violas in my yard!

I also dug up some of the "shoots" coming off of my Russian sage, but they seem to send out LONG underground runners that dont root along the runner, so Im not positive these are going to root! I put the 4 small starts all in one pot, and I believe they will root, so if somebody wants go give it a try, let me know.

Perovskia atriplicifolia, Russian Sage, 48" X 36", Full sun, lavender, Jul-Sep, z4
Does best in dry, poor soil in FULL sun. Xeric, do not feed.

Greenbean, I WAS able to get a small division that has roots off of the Heavy Metal Panicum for you! And I came up with one "extra" small start if someone else would like one. The picture is up above somewhere!

And I also cut back the Blackie sweet potato vine that Ive been growing inside all winter, and Ill be bringing some rooted cuttings that I have in water now. I wont be putting them in soil, so youll need to do that yourself! Ill just be wrapping the roots in wet paper and bringing them in a plastic bag. I think there will be enough for 3 or 4 people to get a couple cuttings!

These are strictly tender annuals, and do best in part to full shadeId say no hot midday sun at all.

If anybody has a division or seedling of Rocky Mountain Columbine, Aquilegia caerulea Id love to have one, and Im also interested in any other color, except yellow, of the long spurred columbines.

Bonnie, if its still possible to get a little piece of your Delosperma congestum, I decided Id like to have one. I cut my "regular" yellow iceplant way back, and I think its gonna come back, but Im not sureand even if it does, the kind I have has the "loose" type foliage, and I like the nice compact foliage on yours!

Theres probably something Im forgetting, but thats all I can think of right now! Im sure Ill be back again!


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sister_k(Zone 5 Lafayette, CO)

Hi All!

Okay, here are a couple things I'll be bringing to the swap. They are just seedlings from winter sowing. Most of them are pretty small and I'll just bring a couple dixie cups of each. I was going to take pictures so you could see how small they are, but I left my camera at my friend's house in San Diego! In the first group listed below, they were sown in their own individual dixie cups, and these I will just bring anyway, but please email me if you'd like me to mark anything below for you.

For the second group, they are currently in bigger containers together, so I will only transplant into cups if someone tells me they would like something -- just because I may not have time to do them all, so this will help me prioritize!

First group -- these I'm bringing anyway:
Cosmos (candy stripe)
Cosmos (sensation mix)
Lobelia (trailing)
Sweet Peas (Wedding Blush Heirloom Mix)
Basil (genovese, maybe a lemon, probably a fineleaf bush)
Farewell to Spring
Black Eyed Susan Vine
Alyssum (Rosie O'Day)

Second group (let me know if you would like and I'll make sure to bring some seedlings):

Feverfew (tiny!)
Chamomile - Roman, I think (a little more established, sprouted mid-March)
Aster (Crego Mix) 1-2 inches
Zinnia (Dwarf Pumila Sprite Mix) 1-2 inches
Cantaloupe - Hale's Best (pretty small, don't know how/if these transplant okay)

I don't know if anyone will actually want any of these annuals -- they're all pretty generic stuff, everyone else has such cool perennials to offer! Okay, looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Sis,

Id definitely be interested in a Black Eyed Susan vine (it is Thunbergia, isnt it?), a Farewell to Spring (Clarkia?), and an Aster. And unless somebody else wants the ones you have, Id also be interested in an alyssumis it a pink one?

Assuming there are other things left on the day of the swap, Ill probably take a couple more of them too. I dont start any annuals since Im not around here half the time to take care of them, so I usually look for some at the swap. And Im sure Im not the only one who will be glad to have the things youre bringing!

See you soon,

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Well, I finally got the other 'Rhumba' mum dug up today, so Amy (Greenbean) I'll put your name on one of them. I have two other smaller chunks if anyone else wants them.

Skybird, I snipped a patch of the Delosperma congestum for you. It's not rooted, but I stuck the cuttings in a small pot of dirt for you, so they should be fine.

If anyone wants a chunk of any of my yarrows (Achillea, see list above), let me know, because I'm not digging them up unless someone is interested in them.

I know that Skybird is bringing sedum cuttings for several folks, and I have enough 'Dragons Blood' and 'Kamtschaticum Variegatum' to bring cuttings if anyone wants either of them. Again, please post, or email me, so that I know to bring them.

I thought I would have a lot of wintersown sprouts to share, but most of the ones that I haven't already planted out are just not big enough yet to bring.

Can't remember who it was that had the Wandering Jew offer, but I'll take one if there is any left.

Now I just need to figure out what kind of baked goodies to bring. Don't want to fool with anything that needs to be refrigerated, since it will be in the car for 3+ hours.


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"Poly, I have you down for one of each of the Semps that I�ve put in pots (4 varieties). They�ll do ok inside with enough direct sun, but they�ll never get their pretty winter colors. I recommend you stick them outside somewhere among some rocks. Chances are they�ll make it even if they get chewed on every now and then. You might want to get them going a little bit in the pots and then start moving some chicks of each variety to different places around the yard. If you�d like I can bring a few (unrooted) starts of each of some of the other varieties too."

Thanks! Yes, I wouldn't mind some of the unrooted starts of the other varieties, assuming they're relatively easy to root.

I'll probably put them in a protected planter for a while, and I'll probably over-winter some of them indoors, assuming they don't need the cold winter to grow properly.

"On the day of the swap you might decide you want to try some of the sedums too. Same thing, they might be somebody�s dinner on occasion, but they�ll come back. And I�ll also bring a few more Xmas and orchid cactus cuttings (you still have the direction sheet from last time, don�t you?) and some more spider plant babies. And no one has spoken for the little hollyhock seedling I have yet, so I�ll mark it for you. It�s possible that I�m gonna dig up one of the big hollyhocks I have, divide it, and stick it in pots, and if I do and they look ok, I�ll save one of those for you."

Thank you! Yes, I still have the directions from last time.


I'm looking forward to grabbing a tomato or pepper or other interesting things. I appreciate everyone sharing these things. It's not clear anyone wants the few things I have, so I might just bring food for the potluck instead.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for the Delosperma. It doesnt need to be in soil, so to make it as easy as possible to transport, you might want to just take the cuttings out of the soil and stick them in a small paper bag. Theyll be fine that way! (The Postmans Pride will be fine that way too if youre just taking the cuttings now.)

And would you bring some cuttings of S. kamtschaticum Variegatum along for GreenBean? Im going to bring cuttings of the varieties I dont have rooted for her, but my Variegatum is starting to bud, so they may not "take" when she tries to root them! Just stick them in a paper bag! Thanks! I have Dragons Blood Im gonna bring for herbut Im not bringing extra, either, unless somebody says they want some!

See you Saturday!

Drive carefully,

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Im back!

TequilaGirl just checked in over on the Whos Here thread and she posted these things that she could bring to the swap if anyones interested!

"I will try to make the swap. Anyone wanting rhubarb roots to plant let me know, or just rhubarb for cooking. I can cut some, it is knee high already. I also have raspberries shooting up all over the place. Lilac shoots are also easy to come by, mostly single flower lavender, but I also have a double blossom white." 

I got some of your rhubarbfor cookinglast year, and Id LOVE to have some more this year! I have a plant that hadnt been doing well, so I dug it up late last year, improved the soil a lot, and replanted it, and its up, but not doing much yet this year. I think its gonna take this year to get reestablished again, and then, hopefully, Ill start getting enough to actually cook!

Have you looked over this thread, and is there anything anyones posted that youd like to have earmarked? Just post it here if there is.

Hope to see you Saturday,

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Okay, I am REALLY late to the party but better late than never!
I was trying to track who's bringing what and what's left but I started getting cross-eyed so I'm just going to make requests. If you're out of whatever I want that's fine but I'm going to throw it out there just in case - thanks!

Skybird - I'd love any of the following: geranium, anemone, myosotis and/or violas.

Dryad - If I could beg one of each of the brunneras I'd be over the moon - they're SO expensive at the nursery! A creeping veronica would be great too if you have one.

Gjmancini - could I have some lambs ear, please?

Sisterk - I didn't get my sweet peas in in time this year, I'd love a little piece of yours if you don't mind.

As always, I have the xeric specials - May Night salvia, Sunset hyssop (agastache) and Walker's Low catmint. I could get some callirhoe involucrata too if someone wants it.
Thanks, looking forward to seeing you all!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Amy,

I have you down for a Geranium, Anemone, Forget-me-not, and purple Viola.

I also have a small Waterperry creeping Veronica no one has asked for, if youd like to try two kinds of creeping Veronica. Should I put it on your list?

ANDI think I finally have room to put in a May Night, so Id like to have one of those!

And how much does your Walkers Low spread? Is it manageable? I think Id like to try a little bit of that too! I might give it away again in a couple years, but Id like to have a go at it!

Just curious! Have you successfully dug up Callirhoe before? I always assumed it would be pretty much impossible since its tap rooted.

I was over at Paulinos today and got another bale of soil, so tomorrow I can finish up the few things I still want to dig up yet. I dug up some more Anemones yesterday and COMPLETELY used up all the soil I hadso I repotted one of my houseplants into a smaller pot so I could reuse the extra soil to finish the Anemones. Might pot up a couple more tomorrownow that I have soil to put them in. Hey, I still have cups (pots) left! I cant stop now!


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sister_k(Zone 5 Lafayette, CO)


Skybird, the Black-Eyed Susan Vine is Thunbergia -- the package says it is shades of yellow, cream or white, but I don't know if that means on one vine, or it's a mix of seeds of different colors? I think one has sprouted of those sown in a couple of cups, so I don't know if that means you might just get an all white one! I sowed another a type called "spanish eyes", which looks sort of pinkish on the package but that has not sprouted yet, hope it does eventually. The Farewell to Spring is Clarkia (I had to read the whole package and it says it's named for Clark of Lewis & Clark!) Oh, and the alyssum is pink -- well the seed packet looks pinky-lavender, but mostly pink.

Austinnhanasmom -- I would love a couple tomatoes, I don't really know much about different types, but I was a German major, so I picked these two if you bring them:
Blondkofpchen - cherry
Riesentraube - cherry from Germany

Amester -- I will definitely bring some sweet peas! They must be 5-7 inches high, as long as they transplant okay out of their WS home, I'm sure they'll be fine.

Oh, and mayberrygardener, if you're out there, I'm definitely going to the swap and still interested in carpooling, I will call you tomorrow!

Phloxymary -- you mentioned a while back you might like to carpool from Lafayette. I sent an email but I'm not sure if you got it, so feel free to PM me if you want to catch up with us for driving!

See y'all soon!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

LOL, Sis! I love the way you pick your tomatoes! Somehow I suspect its as good a system as spending hours and hours researching and reading descriptions! You might want to pick up another one thats bigger than a cherry on the day of the swapeven if it doesnt have a German name!!!

The Thunbergia is gonna be one of the colors, but not all on one vine. Yellow is the standard color, so most likely itll be that, but any of the colors would be fine. Theyre all pretty.

Thats interesting about the Lewis & Clark Clarkia! I never would have known that if you hadnt posted it! Ive never grown it before, but I bought seeds last yearwhich I never got around to planting!

If you happen to get in touch with Phloxymary, email me with her address so we can send her the info email. Shes one of the three we still havent been able to get hold of.

See you in a few days,

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I have three German tomatoes for sister_k - one's a big slicer:)

I also have three pastes for sherri09.

I'll bring more tomatoes and peppers.

My potting up of flowers is failing miserably, but I'm still gonna try and get the raspberries.

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Yay! Thanks, Skybird, for everything - and Sister_k, sweetpeas are the biggest thing I remember about my dad's garden so you are feeding my nostalgia! Thanks.
A May Night and a Walker's Low for you, Skybird - the plants are maybe 2-3' wide by 2' tall, I get maybe 4 seedlings a year from my dozen-plus established ones (didn't know what kind of "spread" you meant!). So they volunteer a bit, but not at all aggressively. And I've not dug the Callirhoe but am happy to give it a try for you - all it can do is curl up its toes at us. :) I have extra containers and I know you're always looking for them, do you want a few set aside? I'm recycling most of them at my local nursery but can keep as many for you as you like.
Thanks again, everyone!

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Are any of your peppers sweet ones? My pepper starts are not going well but I don't do hot... :-)

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amester, I would love a May Night salvia. Thanks, Holly

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Amy, you didnt say if you wanted the Waterperry, so Ill stick it in along with your cache of stuff! I dont need a Callirhoe, but I was wondering about digging them up because one of these years Im gonna need to try to move mine from where its been for five years now! I think it might be possible to dig one if its small enough, but I think my established one it gonna go into the brite lite when I try to do it! With the Nepeta, a few seedlings dont scare me, but I was wondering about how wide it would spread, and 2-3' is more than I thought, but Im pretty good at "containing" my plants, so Im gonna try it anyway!

AHmom, with the raspberries, why dont you just dig them late on Friday or before you come on Saturday, wrap the roots in wet newspaper, and stick them in individual plastic bags rather than sticking them in soil. Theyll be easier to transport and the wet paper will do as much for the roots as soil would. If theyre tall, you can cut much of the top offto make them less dangerous!


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"I have the xeric specials - May Night salvia, Sunset hyssop (agastache) and Walker's Low catmint."

If there are extras, I'd like to try the agastache and the catmint. The ravenous mammals decimated all my xeric deer/rabbit-resistant perennials the last time I tried, but this time I'll protect them more carefully.

Everyone's sedums sound very interesting now. It must be because the snow is finally melting and the local plants are starting to green up for the season.

"That�s interesting about the Lewis & Clark Clarkia! "

And Lewisia is named after Lewis.

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austinhanasmom: I need some cherry tomatoes, please, would you save me a couple?

skybird or highalt: Do you have any non-white delosperma left? Also any waterperry Veronica to spare?

And if anyone is flush with herbs or annuals, I'm in the market. Thanks.

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

SisterK, I'm here, and still interested in a ride! I'll await your call and we can discuss how much room we'll need... ;-)

I don't have much to swap in the way of plants--most of my WS stuff isn't even up yet, and what is is too small to bring. I'll bring some wandering jew cuttings--they're the purple variety--and the other previously-mentioned items: chives, generic red slicing tomato, etc. I lost a whole bunch the other day trying to harden off some indoor-starts; something must have brushed against them, because several little stems are bent over right where the first true leaves started. ? Wasn't the cat this time...

Here on the Rocky Mountain Gardening forum, I think I can get away with saying "you guys" (as opposed to ya'll... no offense, but, ugh!) all seem to have the scientific names of the plants you are bringing/want--it's just almost intimidating. Hey, I said ALMOST! I can't wait to meet everybody!

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I have some things to bring!!

I have the Campanula punctata 'cherry bells' x 2. They are very tiny starts but they seem happy! They tend to spread.

I have raspberries! I'll only pot them up tomorrow or early Saturday, so give me a holler if you'd like one. I apologize if I already promised one to someone and then forgot!!! Very edible and sweet, not sure what kind they are.

So far, I have GJMancini down for a raspberry.

Here are the cherry bells from last year's blooming:

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Dont be intimidated, Mayberry, but do save your plant tags and seed packets when you plant something. If you have questions, we might be asking you just exactly what it is youre asking about, and the Latin name is usually (should be!) on the tag or packet. If we forget to put the common name in a post and youre ever wondering what the H were talking about, just ask!

Lewisia/Lewis! WOW! Never, ever would have made the connection, Poly! Lewisia is one of my favorite things! Just bought a new little one yesterday at Paulinos! And I moved my "old" one to "better digs" (pun intended) last week, so hopefully itll bloom again this yearand maybe Ill have the whole Expedition in my backyard! Lewisia and Clarkia!

Gotta get back outside,

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Autodidact, I have plenty of the yellow iceplant, Delosperma congestum, so I'll bring some cuttings for you. It roots very easily, and is a fast grower, but it's also easy to pull up wherever you don't want it.

I've also got Sedum kamtschaticum 'Variegatum' down for Amy/Greenbean08.

Mayberry, I'll take some of the Wandering Jew cuttings if you have enough. When I first started using the GardenWeb forums, I was pretty intimidated by the scientific names, especially on certain forums, like the Perennial forum. It seemed kind of snooty to me at the time, LOL! Then there were a couple of times that someone was referring to something by it's common name, for example African daisy, then I discovered that there were several different plants (osteospermum, dimorphotheca, arctotis, etc.) that are called by the same common name. So I made it my goal to learn the real name of anything I grew. A lot of times I will write both the common and scientific name, just to be sure I'm not excluding anyone from the conversation.


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I have Holly and Polygonum's orders down - thanks.
I'll check in tomorrow to see if anyone else needs something.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Ok, one more time!

I dug up some more Anemones today, so I should have enough for anybody who decides they want one!

I dug up my couple year old Agastache foeniculum today (that I got at the first Spring Swap), so I have one 1-gallon plant! If you like licorice and if you use it for cooking or making tea, this is the most licorice scented plant youll find! The leaves are much larger than most of the other Agastaches/hyssops that you see these days. Its gonna be very wilty, but I left the foliage on so you can smell it!

1 Agastache foeniculum, Anise Hyssop, Licorice Mint, 24-36" X 24", Sun, Lavender, Jul-Aug, z5
Herb, strong licorice scent, use for teas and in baking, flowers and leaves edible. Reseeds prolifically. Attracts bees.

Autodidact, I had just promised the only Waterperry I had to Amy, so I dug up another small start today. Theyre both small, but with creeping Veronica, its enough to get you started!

Conace/Connie, I found a very small Acanthus seedling today and stuck it in a pot, and since you wanted seed for it on the Seed Exchange and it turned out I didnt have any, I have this one down for you! Its VERY wilty right now, but it should be fine when it gets over being ripped out of the ground!

Poly, I dug up one of my big hollyhocks today and I wound up with 2 separate plants to put in 1-gallon pots. As near as I can tell theres only one crown, or one plant, in each pot, and if Im right there will only one color in each pot. Theyll be some shade of pinkfrom very light to very darkwont know till they bloom. I also have the pot with the seedlings in it. I added a seedling today, so there are 3 in the pot now. With the seedlings, you could possibly have 2 or 3 different colors, but they wont bloom this year. With the big ones, they should bloom this yearthey were already starting to spike, so I cut them all the way down and theyll bloom later than normalbut they should bloom! So you have the choice of one of the big ones or the small pot with the seedlings! Then Ill have the two left that somebody else can have.

Im not "taking orders" for these, but Ill also have seed for:

Callirhoe involucrata, Wine Cup, Poppy Mallow VERY hard to germinate!
Hibiscus moscheutos Disco Belle Pink
Alcea rosea, Hollyhock, mixed colors
Alcea rosea Nigra, Hollyhock, black
Crocosmia Lucifer
Aquilegia chrysantha, fragrant yellow columbine
Penstemon strictus, Rocky Mountain Penstemon
Lavandula angustifolia, English Lavender
Agastache foeniculum, Anise Hyssop, Licorice Mint (same as the one plant I have!)
Rudbeckia hirta Rustic Colors, Black Eyed Susan, short lived, not reliably hardy
Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm, Black Eyed Susan, hardy perennial
Snapdragon, mixed colors
Nicandra physalodes, Shoo fly Plant, annual, not hardy
Garlic chives

Im bringing more different seeds than I have to past swaps, but Im only bringing 3-5 packs of each this time, so if theres something you really want, be sure you check out the seeds fairly quickly on Saturday!

NOAA now has the Saturday temps down for mid 50's so it could be chilly. Be sure you bring something warm enough to keep you comfortable if it is, or it wont be any fun! Charlene has a large covered patio, so we should be ok if it rains. We all know that with a 20% chance, rain isnt really too likely, but you might want to throw in an umbrella or waterproof something just in case its raining when we actually pick the plants.

I was planning to wear shorts again! Guess not!


P.S. Everybody please water any plants you have well on Friday so theyll be ok all day on Saturday without having to worry about looking for water for thembut theyll be drained off enough that theyre not a mess!

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conace55(z5 CO)

I know that I'm so late to post and I apologize. I thought I was going to be unable to come so I just drooled over all the things I was going to be missing. I have to attend a class, but I've just found out it will be done at 1pm. I plan to just scoot on down the road and be there fashionably late. I tried to keep track of the status of plants I wanted, but I may have failed. If I ask for something that has gone to others, no worries.

Skybird - I would love to have a solomon's seal, a forget me not, and a veronica waterperry.

Sherri09 - I would like some fall crocus and a Lupine. I adore Lupine and am excited to try it.

Tequilagirl - If you still have a rhubarb plant, I would like to give one a good home in my garden.

Jclepine - The cherry bells are so cute! I would love to adopt one of those.

dryad58 - These are what I think may be spoken for, but if you still have either or both Brunnera, please put my name on it (them).

Amester - I would like to try the sunset hyssop agastache.

I'm scrambling to get plants together to bring. I know that I will have some tomato seedlings. Also, Greenbean; no promises, but I have a caryopteris that really dislikes its spot in the yard and since I don't really have another place for it, it may want to move to yours. I'll see what I can do to make that happen. It's been there a few years so I'm not sure how big it is and what I have to put it in.

Oh, I'm so excited now that I can come! See you all on Saturday.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Connie, I still have the Solomons Seal and Forget-me-not, but the Waterperry is gone for this swap. Try me again at the Fall Swap!

But, did you see in my last post above, I have a very small, seedling Acanthus for you? See above post for more infoI think we were both posting at the same time.


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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

greenbean08 - my peppers are not sweet, just mild or hot (not super hot because I have two kids that love to pick and eat in the garden) for ethnic cooking. Ancho and Anaheim aren't hot.

I'll follow skybird's suggestions for digging the raspberries.

autodidact - I'll have cherry tomatoes for you

jclepline - if you are bringing cherry bells, I'd LOVE one

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Cherry Bells are now officially spoken for!

Conace and Austinnhanasmom, I will put your names on one each.

And, I'll bring my rain coat :)

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laura_42(4b-5a Colorado)

Ack, I'm sorry I'm posting this so late.

I'm bringing:

*spider plants -- white center stripe and inverted green stripe varieties
*jelly melon (Cucumis metuliferus) seeds
*german chamomile seeds
*various marigold seeds (Tagetes erecta and patula)

I also could bring a bunch of cuttings w/o roots from the following:

*goldfish plant
*heart-shaped philodendron
*english ivy
*chocolate mint
*orange mint

I'm on the lookout for:

*any container-type tomatoes
*mild hot peppers
*bee balm
*apple mint

Look forward to seeing everybody! :)

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Laura, I'd love to have some orange mint cuttings. Does it overwinter outdoors, or do you bring it in? Last year, I got several mints, but only the spearmint appears to have returned. I'd also like chocolate mint, but I think Skybird is bringing some for me.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Laura,

I'd love to have some starts of your orange mint. I got a couple little pieces at one of last year's swaps, but they didn't make it.

If you like mints, at one of last year's swaps, I think Spring, I gave away 3 pineapple mints (all I had). If any of the people who got them still have them and are coming to this swap, maybe they could bring some cuttings of that one along for you! It's variegated and very nicely scented.


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conace55(z5 CO)

Laura, I would also like one of each of chocolate and orange mint. Also, I had to look it up, but am interested in the goldfish plant and would like cuttings of that. Thankyou.

Skybird, thank you so much for bringing me the Acanthus seedling. You have a wonderful memory and are very thoughtful.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I've got you covered on the chocolate, Bonnie, and it's already rooted in a pot.

All the mints are hardy, but they're probably gonna need to be watered over winter if they're not covered with snow all winter. They like moisture. But remember, if they're in the ground, and they're happy with the soil and the moisture, they're gonna spread from Silt all the way to Denver!!!


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Laura, I'd love to try the orange mint, too! It should be happy next to my pineapple mint!

Thank you!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I have 2 more thingscompliments of the squirrels! Guess theyre good for somethingmaybe!

I was gonna pull these out and just throw them away, but........... The first one I pulled out came with the acorn still attached to it, so I dug up the second one and theyre both now in pots!

I have 2 oak trees! I assume theyre Gamble Oaks (Quercus gambelii), just because thats the most commonly found oak in this area, but I really dont have any way at all to be sure! If they are Gamble Oaks, they could wind up being anything from a single trunked smallish tree to a multi trunk bush kind of thing that looks more like scrub oak! There are two of them planted in one of the display gardens at Paulinos (they sell them), and one looks like a tree and the one right next to it is more "bushy!" Since I dont even know for sure what they are, theres no way to tell what theyre gonna look likebut they do have oak leaves!!! They will also spread somewhat, underground, I believe, and when they produce acorns, they will reseed fairly easily! So if somebody wants to take a chance on what they are and give them a try, Ill bring them along. I recommend them for somebody with a bigger yard, rather than just a tiny residential yard. Theyre still attached to the acorn and have very few roots. I would recommend growing them in the pots for a month or two so you can control the water better than if they were in the ground, and Id recommend you use a wet/dry cycle. Theyre completely saturated now, let them dry almost completely, then resaturate, let dry, resaturate........ Assuming they are Gamble Oaks they like it dry, and letting them dry almost all the way before watering again should help them form roots.

Anybody interested?


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Laura, I can bring you some bare and ugly (for now) pineapple mint! Skybird thinks it will do fine and sprout from the roots and crown. I'm joking about it being ugly. It just hasn't really come up yet.

I enjoyed it last year as it smells wonderful when you squish one of the leaves!


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I too would love cuttings of the mints, any of them! I'll keep them contained, though I think the local critters might be able to keep them in check.

I would like a cutting of the heart-leafed philodendron, too.

Thank you!

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i wasn't sure until today, but i can make it if i can bring my 5-year-old. do any kids come to the swap?

i realize this is very very last-minute, but if anybody checks this before tomorrow, here's what i can bring-
bronze fennel - 3-4', smells really yummy and totally edible (maybe i'll bring apple-fennel salsa tomorrow, hmm...) - perennial, self-seeds.
coreopsis - looks just like the picture of 'nana' above but a little bigger
mint - kentucky colonel - basic spearmint-y
lamium - i think it's 'pink pewter'
salvia volunteers - they're between the 'may night' and the 'blue hill' , so not totally sure who's its daddy....
blue hyssop (hyssopus officianalis)
solidago 'fireworks' (big, 3-4' tall light yellow streamers)
snow pea and cucumber (straight 8) starts

my wish list - and if it's too late and people don't see this, i'll deal!
skybird - if they're not all spoken for, could i have a solomon's seal, a shasta daisy, or a forget-me-not?
laura - i'd love goldfish plant and orange mint cuttings
sister k - could i have a thunbergia, sweet pea, and a lemon basil if you have one?

here's a pic of someone else's bronze fennel, and the solidago is on the high country gardens site if anyone wants a look. next year i'll figure out how to do pictures - and take some!

does anyone want to carpool from denver? (central - east) - i'll drive.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Jen,

If you come looking here, I just sent you an email with the directions. If you have any questions, let me/us know.

If anyone who sees this can/wants to car pool with Jen, her email address is public on her bio page!

Its gonna be chilly, everyone! Heres a link to NOAA/Castle Rock! Dress warmly and water proofly!

See you all soon,

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laura_42(4b-5a Colorado)

I mentioned this in another thread, but just in case --

I was sadly unable to make it to the swap (family emergency) but wanted to say "sorry" to those who were looking forward to getting mint, etc. :(

Please PM me and perhaps we can still figure something out...

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