Problem with my Plumeria

Zell75October 8, 2013

I bought it just about a year ago now. When I got it, it was in a small pot, and the roots were growing out of it like crazy. So as soon as I could, I re-potted it into a larger pot so that it would fit. Over the last year it has gone up and down in foloage, but all the leaves eventually either shrivel up and turn brown and fall off, or they would turn yellow and fall off.

I only water it once the soil is dry to touch, then i give it a couple days. It is indoors, and will be for the winter months, and outside in the summer months when it is warm enough up here in Vermont.

I would say that it may be dormant, but there is new growth. It is in mostly sun light with a lot of filtered light every day.

If you have any suggestions, please I want it to be beautiful. I first saw these flowers when I was in Hawaii. They are beautiful, and I would love to have them growing in my home, if possible.

Thanks again guys!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Plumeria are deciduous. Losing leaves in the winter is normal. Also losing leavings in the summer is not a cause for concern as long as it is the older leaves. Yours is probably just fine.


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Be real careful with watering it if it has gone dormant and lost it's leaves. I only water mine 1/2 cup for a 1 gallon pot once a month during the winter when they are inside. The fastest way to kill it is keeping it too wet. Even though the top of the soil is dry the bottom my still be wet. Good luck with your plant and let us know how it does. Welcome to the group.

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Zell, unfortunately your plant will suffer from the longer indoor winters in Vermont. They only need 2-3 months of winter rest and as much sun as possible the rest of the year to be at their best.

Can you give it some supplemental lighting to keep the dormancy period shorter? This will give you a better chance of blooms as the plant matures.

Good luck!

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