Looking For Pink & White Striped Mini

alameda/zone 8February 25, 2009

I recently bought a pink and white striped mini from Lowes during their valentines flower specials. There was no name. Its doing so well and such a pretty bloom I would like to have another but they are sold out. I cant find a pink/white striped mini in my seaches and was wondering if anyone can suggest some. I have seen Earthquake, Hurdy Gurdy, etc. but cant find any pink/white stripes. Thanks!


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Charlie Brown is a pink-stripe but doubtful that you picked that one up at a Lowe's. Possibly a Poulsen. The name may not be available even on the website. I've never located my Palace Queen anywhere but I still have the tags. Never found Tantau, either, although I saw the tag. I still grow these roses after 10+ years.

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alameda/zone 8

I found Chick A Dee on Nor East website....that looked pink/white. Otherwise, I cant find anything else close. Charlie Brown looked like a darker pink or reddish color. I am going back to Lowes today - they had a few raggedey looking ones left, I wasnt going to pay full price, but the lady who can discount will be there today. I might pick up the couple that are left and see if I can make them grow. Just dont seem to be many in this color to choose from.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Probably from Poulsen, maybe Olivia Parade. There aren't many striped roses, mini or otherwise, so your mini is quite a find. Enjoy.

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Chick A Dee is a very nice mini, unfortuneatly it didn't survive the first summer I had it. My fault, it was in a pot and I forgot to water it. Beautiful pure pink and white though. Wish I'd replaced it when I had a chance to from Sequoia Nursery. 2nd time I'd grown it, first time was when we'd lived here before, it does very well in the heat, like I said, my fault for not getting it planted in the ground before summer hit.

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Chick-a-Dee or Joan Austin, if you can find them. The latter is especially sweet and very tiny.


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aroidgardener(9b/central FL)

Hi Judith,

I bought 2 pink striped minis at Lowe's and mine had the tag. They are from Parade Roses and it's called "Nicola".


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alameda/zone 8

Martina - that's it! Thank you so much! Unfortunately.....its not sold anywhere I can find. I should have bought more of them at Lowes...maybe they will have them in for Easter. At least I now know the name! I did order Chick A Dee.......and my Nicola is doing well in a pot. Thanks so much!!

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Nicola (or Nicola Parade) is a Poulsen rose. Poulsen in Denmark develops many pot minis and sells millions of them every year around the world.

The sale of these roses in so many places is one of the contributing factors to many American miniature rose producers going out of business. That isn't to knock the Poulsen roses, since many of them are very good roses, but it is a sad fact of life.

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gnabonnand(Zone 8 Texas)

Judith, I saw a 'Stars-N-Stripes' stiped miniature rose at Wal-Mart of all places late last fall and almost bought it. Kind of wish I did ... it looked very good and had very few thorns. They were selling it in large 2 gallon containers.


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