Need a laugh :-) Pepper stories

habjolokiaAugust 27, 2011

Love to make hotsauce especially with the Bhut Jolokia.

My first time making hotsauce I used Habanero's. Not knowing much at the time I thought leaving the skin on would not be good in the sauce, so I threw them on the grill to dry the skin so I could separate from the pepper wall, I found out quickly how thinned walled they are. I proceeded to peal about 2 dozen by hand without gloves figuring it would not be so bad as long as I washed my hands afterwards, I was sadly mistaken my hands burned so bad I could not sleep, ended up filling up freezer bags with ice placing my hands in to releave the pain. Lasted about 2 days, needless to say I now leave the skin on when making hotsauce!

What's your noob or wild pepper stories!

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I posted this on the chilehead thread - I think I killed it!

Here is a link that might be useful: chilehead thread

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In a moment of brain fade, on the request of a buddy, made a couple batches of salsa fresca to take to his daughter's wedding reception. Unfortunately, for one batch I used a handful of Bhuts rather than the red Habs I intended to use (I usually keep a quart size container of mixed peppers ready to grab in the fridge during harvest season).

Didn't taste it as I make a batch or two pretty much every week and I could do this in my sleep. fast forward to the backyard reception....His wife was bragging to guests on how good my salsa's were when the complaints started coming in. I will admit that it was hotter than even I would normally want to eat (and that's saying something!).

Ahh well.

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Mine: When I bought a "banana pepper" seedling, and anxiously waited for it to give me some nice, sweet peppers to eat. I was so excited when I clipped off my first one, that I took a nice big bite out of it (I love eating raw sweet peppers). Turns out it was not marked right when I bought it, and was a hot hungarian wax pepper plant. Boy was I surprised, and that was only surprise #1. I then took my peppers inside, and cleaned the guts out to take some of the heat away, so I could snack on it. Well, I forgot to wash my hands afterwards, and proceeded to take care of an itch just inside my nostril. My nose started burning, but it didn't dawn on me why until I went to the bathroom to go #1........


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I had processed 3 dozen jalapenos for drying, all without gloves. I started rinsing them before going into the smoker. Got my hands wet, and had to go to the bathroom. Unzipped and relief, but just then a burning pain I will never forget! I bought gloves the next day!

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Many years ago when I was a stupid teenager, my friends and I were going to go all out on April Fool's one year. I was going to show them all, I bought lots of jalapenos and habaneros from the grocery store and was going to juice them to spike lunch with.

So, being a stupid teenager, I just happily threw all this stuff in the juicer and turned it on.

Picture for a moment, if you will, a juicer. The kind that turns anything you put into it into a fine mushy paste that gets flung to the sides of the top container while the juice runs down into a cup. Now picture habaneros being gleefully aerosolized in it.

I maced the entire freaking kitchen, while I was in it.

Guess the joke was on me! =P

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