Scented Mini roses?

georgefromvtFebruary 12, 2009

Looking to plant some scented mini roses. Any suggestions? Are there any scented mini roses?

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rosesnpots(z8 Tidewater area VA)

There are some minis that have scent. The ones that come to mind that I have have see on HMF are Starina, Scentsational, Red Scentsation and others in that have the 'Scentsation' in their name. There are some online nurseries that list if the rose is scented. I know Nor'East has a large list of scented minis. That is how I found many of the 'Scentsation' minis. I will be ordering from Nor'East this month as a friend of mine has been please with their roses.

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Hi George,

I'm not very experienced with miniature roses but can definitely vouch for Red Scentsation and Pacesetter as having good fragrance in my garden. Though I've never seen it in person, Sweet Chariot is also supposed to be one of the most fragrant. You can view a selection of fragrant minis on the Nor'East site, as Rosesnpots said. That's how I picked mine out. Good luck!

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Sunglow is a lemony scented Mfl. It blooms a double-single yellow bloom in clusters. I have had it for a year now, and I really like it. It can very impressive in a large pot with several planted together.

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mike_in_new_orleans(9a/ coastal LA)

As mentioned, all the "Scentstation" series roses are strongly fragrant. So is Jennifer, Double Gold, and Sweet Chariot. Other less fragrant but still fragrant roses include Pinstripe, which is really sweetly scented, some of the lavender minis such as Vista, Always a Lady, and Dolores Marie.

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Very fragrant is Sweet Arlene, it's a mini flora, tops in my book and the strongest scented of all the minis in my garden. I put it's fragrance as strong as Angel Face. I do have Vista, Always A Lady and Sweet Chariot among others.

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i would definately go with sweet chariot- it is a proven bulletproof mini with loads of fragrance. also, the scentsational is excellent as well.
as far as mini climbers go, gloriana 97, chewpearl(pearl), laura ford and warm welcome are all great fragrant roses if you have a little more space. i grow them all.

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Overnight Scentsation is one of the most fragrant mini floras. Large pink flowers. Also the first rose in outer space. On the Nor'east web site.

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mike_in_new_orleans(9a/ coastal LA)

I just called Nor'east today to enquire about some of their minis. They have a new one this year called "Electric Lady," which the rep told me is "off-the-chart" super-fragrant. He said it is easily more fragrant than the Scentsation series roses. That's a little hard for me to imagine, but it sounds promising. Really interesting coloring, too, a hot-pink with orangy-apricot center. I ordered it and will hopefully have it within the next 3 weeks.

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gnabonnand(Zone 8 Texas)

'Pacific Serenade', a yellow mini hybridized by Nor'East, is nicely scented.
Unfortunately, with Nor'East halting their retail operation, this rose may become impossible to find going forward.
So glad I have 3 of them.


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i agree with new orleans mike- scentsational is very hard to beat for potency in site of its size. you can smell one or two blooms from five feet away- imagine what the first flush of a few hundred will be like

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I can vouch for the great fragrance of Winter Magic and Sweet Arlene. I am hoping Violet Mist has similar fragrance.

Stan the Roseman

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I just recently received Scentsation and Seattle Scentsation, and I was blown away by the potency of their fragrance. Amazing that something so small can have such a big scent! I was so impressed, I ordered 2 more of the Scentsation lines...Moonlight Scentsation and Red Scentsation. Hope they're as nice. Does anyone know if any of them set hips?

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One that I've personally smelled is Lavender Crystal; I was impressed by it, but I have no experience with the Scentsational series to compare it to!


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