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We're having a bout of cabin fever here, and so bought a lovely miniflora that is labeled Andromeda. The flower shape seems to match the picture on Helpmefind of Andromeda Hit, and the breeder is right. My question is, does anyone grow this rose? There's only one picture of it on helpmefind, and I'd like to know what its flowers are supposed to look like; when we bought it the outer layer of petals on all of the blooms was a light but very noticable green; the rest of the petals were peachy cream.

Can anyone comment on this? I'm wondering if that green wasn't some sort of rebellion against being forced to bloom in January under fluorescent lights, and not its natural state. I wish I had a picture, but I promptly chopped off all its flowers to reduce its stress level. I guess I'll find out what its supposed to look like in the summer, but I'm so very impatient!

Thanks, Lara

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Sure. The Hit (actually PatioHit) series is from Poulsen Roser in Denmark (click on "English" in the middle of the page, then "Products" at the top of the page, then "Roses" on the left side then "Patio Hit" on the left side.

Many roses, especially white roses, have green or greenish tints to their "guard petals". the outer rose of petals. The color on the Poulsen site is indeed a creamy white.

Take a look at the "How to save a potted gift rose" thread here on the mini forum. You'll have to work to keep it alive inside for the next few months, but these make nice outdoor plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Andromeda Hit

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For years I've had one of these and never knew the name of it. Thank you for this site! I now know the rose I have in the garden is the Oriental Palace. A very lovely rose that is about 4½ feet tall, dark glossy leaves and always in bloom. Husband had gotten it for me for Valentine's Day in 1998 and I kept it under growth lights until it was time to harden it off and move it outside. When I built my current home, I moved this rose along with about 20 was just to pretty to leave behind. I haven't seen it since either.

It is prone to black spot so be careful to spray yours. But it is strong and hardy.

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Thank you, Diane, for the info! The thing had a Palace Rose tag stuck in it, and I scoured those roses looking for it; I only found its name by chance, printed on the side of the pot, and didn't realize that Patio Hit was another category. Thanks!
I have repotted it, and it's sitting under a grow light with another mini waiting for May. I'm rather trigger happy with the spray bottle, as the spider mites love our dry house, but it seems happy. I've also had to cover it in fruit tree netting to keep the !@#$% cat off of it; turns out he'll eat ANY part of a rose.
I certainly won't let it bloom indoors, but once outside is there anyting I can do to encourage those guard petals to be green?


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diane_nj 6b/7a

Getting green guard petals is one of those things that either happens all of the time or only happens in cooler weather. It isn't something that you can "train" the rose to do (sorry).

Glad to be of help!

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