St. Pats Sowing?!

Crab-Grass(5)March 7, 2014

I have been seeing a lot of info/ folklore recommending sowing peas and onions and other "cold tolerant" veggies around st Patrick's day. Has anyone here in the Denver area ever done this with any success? Or is it too early for us with our wild weather patterns? I know certain veggies can tolerate a bit of folder weather and even a touch of frost but not sure much of anything would survive a random 3 feet of snow. Thanks!

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I usually plant peas on, or close to, St Patrick's day.
If they don't make it I just replant later.
I find they do better if I can get them going before the heat hits.
I'm in Colo Spgs

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Peas can be tricky here because to be productive they need to be started around St Paddy's day but we can get late freezes. Last year most of my peas died in the April cold snaps

It's important especially with clay soils that soil temps are high enough that the pea seed doesn't rot before germinating.

Snow usually isn't bad for cold weather veges because it can act as an insulator.

I started my peas in a tunnel and they seem to be doing ok.

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On a walk in Central Denver yesterday I saw a house with a wall of old rusty bed headboards in newly worked soil and a proud "Peas" sign staked at the end; someone has decided to go ahead. What have you got to lose?

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