Pic of Dwarf Deciduous in bloom under grow lights

arctictropical(Z4)November 9, 2011

Since I'm in zone 4 with a short growing season, my plummies don't bloom until I stick them under grow lights in the Fall. Now I've got several plants in bud and one in bloom, Dwarf Deciduous. It's a beauty!

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Wow, it looks really nice and healthy! Even my growing season is a little to short to get the best out of plumerias (unless they make their inflos before July, then they usually manage to finish blooming before going indoors). Looking forward to seeing some more pics!

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Beautiful bloom! Congratulations on getting it to bloom under lights in the greenhouse. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Alex & ljune. They are actually growing in a basement room with no light but what comes from the grow lights. I've also got buds on Jungle Jack's Mini-white, and Penang Peach. Others should start sending out inflos. soon.

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Nothing like a little tropical jungle to brighten up your cold winters, eh? The rest of us will be looking at sticks all winter!

The DD is a beautifully shaped flower. Is it big? Fragrant? Your foliage looks great, too.


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Beautiful! But the foliage is so perfect that it nearly steals the show!

Congrats on your success.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,


Congratulations on the beautiful blooms!!!!

Always love to see what your growing !! The palms look awesome too! : )

Do you have the spidermite problem with the lights? What kind of set up do you have for your Plumies?

I remember seeing a pic of the basement, but i cant remember how many set of lights you have.

Thank you for showing us your beautiful trees and blooms!!!

Only in UTAH!!! : )

Way to go!!!

Laura in VB

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Thanks Jen, Greg & Laura. The flowers are huge and mildly fragrant. They are my largest plumeria flower so far. I do have a spider mite problem but Neem oil seems to keep them under control. They are blooming under T-5 high intensity florescent lights. I have two fixtures. One has 8 light bulbs, the other 6. The light fixtures totally heat the basement room. In fact, I have to leave the door to the room open or the temperature gets up to 85 degrees without any furnace heat.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thanks Kevin,

They all look beautiful!!!

I have T-5 lights as well...I wish that i had more sets, but i think that i would be pushing it!!! LOL..

Thanks for the info on the Neem Oil.. I have used the Bayer 3 in 1 and it does pretty well. I may try the neem oil inside.

Take care Kevin!!!

Laura in VB

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Hi Laura. Thanks! The Neem oil I use is also a 3 in 1. The brand I am using is "ferti-lome" Triple Action plus. It has insecticide, miticide and fungicide. But the "active ingredient" is Clarified Hydrophobic Neem Oil. I do have to spray now and then for new outbreaks of mites, but it does a lot better than ordinary insecticides. All of my plumeria are growing like mad under the T-5 lights. They seem to be healthy, happy and aren't showing any signs of dormancy. The leaves are nice and green. My Jungle Jack's Mini-White is now in bloom. Here's a pic.

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