are Hilde and Moon River fragrant to your nose?

rross(NSW Aust)March 3, 2013

Last year I bought Hilde and Moon River, touted by both HMF and the nursery selling them, as having strongly fragrant flowers. So far I don't detect any fragrance from either of them. Neither does anyone else who's gone near them.

I now wonder whether they'll develop some fragrance as they get more established.

Does anyone in this forum have a difference (better) experience with them? By the way, I'm in the equivalent of Zone 10 and the garden gets all-day full sun.

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seil zone 6b MI

You know, I have several minis that are supposed to very fragrant and for the life of me I can't smell a thing on them. I don't know if that's because my nose is lousy or if the flowers are just too small to have mush scent.

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rross(NSW Aust)

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping to plant these two in window boxes for an upstairs room, but given that I have a Sweet Chariot with a noticeable fragrance and a nice growth habit, maybe I'll concentrate on it and give away Hilde and Moon River to someone who doesn't care about fragrance. In any case, they are quite big plants here.

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