black spot

woodhavenacademyMarch 4, 2008

I am just starting to garden with roses, and minis are my favorite. Much to my dismay, I have developed what is probably blackspot and I don't know what to do! How do I make it go away and stop it from happening again?

Taffy in Southwest Florida

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I'm justgetting ready to order my first Mini's but have been growing large roses for a couple of years. I was told to treat them the same. I use 'Bayer ALL IN ONE' every 5-6 weeks because I don't like to spray. I add to water & water around the base of the plant. Its a fertilizer, insect & disease control all in one. So far it seems to do the trick. Maybe not 100%, but pretty good. I do supplement feedings though. Good luck.

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I will try it! Thank you very much. I like Bayer's products.. they make a wonderfull Red Ant killer. Sounds to reason that the Bayer ALL IN ONE will work wonderful as well.

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For someone just getting started and with just a few roses the Bayer product is the perfect solution.

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cattjovi(GA 8b)

Try putting corn meal around the base of your roses that have black spot. Works great.

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