The Pain, the Agony

harmonypMarch 13, 2013

Green (and redish) leaves everywhere. Wonderful, intense foliage preparing for that which I can hardly await any longer. A few daffodils here, a few poppies and anenome there, camellias (my saving grace for the past few months) are losing their last blooms now), and ... aside from the Carolina Jasmine exploding in yellow, the garden is just ... foliage.

This past weekend I spread my tiny handfuls of continuous release granule fertilizer around all the roses. I should have mulched already, but know I'll catch a time break in a weekend(s) soon.

Excitement for the week (season!) is a new lawn mower - my first ever self propelled, with 190cc engine. Holy moley, what a difference a self propelled lawn mower makes. My acreage with knee high foxtails doesn't look so ominous now.

Right now, the garden holds so much hope. So much promise. I'm so impatient.

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seil zone 6b MI

Yes, we're waiting to see those early California blooms too! It will be a few months here before we see any roses so do post photos asap!

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

I hear you.
I sometimes want to go mad with wanting spring to come.
I think to myself - why do I have a passion for something I can only do for a few short months of the year. Why do I do this to myself. But......what can we do? Roses are sooooo worth it.

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My pain and agony has been from gardening, not so much anticipation. I am in northern Cal too. I have been fertilizing the roses, scratching it in (ooh, my back, my knee!), putting down some mulch. Roses are easy compared to digging up and putting in new daylilies. I am amending the holes really well. I only have one spot left for a daylily so I have been busy for sure.
The roses are budding well, lots of new growth, and we got RAIN last night. What more could you ask for? The drought has been really scaring me. Who knows, we might even have a real spring this year as the last two were destroyed by rain, unseasonal cold, lots of fungus.
I have three new roses I am excited about. I have two I should sp but haven't yet (ooh, my back again!). This is the time of the year I walk around the garden many times a day pretending to watch it grow. Fun, really. And I do enjoy the daffodils, freesias, wallflowers.

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peachymomo(Ca 8)

I've been channeling that frustrated energy into weeding, fertilizing, mulching, and pruning, as well as adding a couple of new flower beds and prepping them for planting. This rain was perfect, it came just when I finished topdressing my fruit trees, vines, and rose bed, and it gives me a good excuse to take some time off and rest. But I can feel the nagging urge to get out and do something, anything, to at least feel like I'm helping things along faster.

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Too,too cold here. Can`t do a thing. I have enjoyed reading all of your activities and can`t wait to get out there and weed,feed,mulch,prune and plant! Lesley

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Same here... Cold! It stayed in the 20's all day... :(

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shillanorth Z4 AB

I couldn`t help myself - I guess it`s all relative. It will be some time before we see any foliage let alone rose blossoms. Yes, I hear you, sometimes the waiting can be excruciating! This is Winnipeg Parks in a holding pattern.


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