Survival of minis?

copernicus_paMarch 21, 2007

I purchased some Mini's from NorEast last spring (Jeanne Lajoie and Climbing Rainbows End). I planted them in the ground and they were doing well. Once fall arrived I noticed that the rabbits had eaten some of them to the ground. I can barley see the stem now. I was wondering if they survived or do I need to repurchase them and build a barrier around them. If they did survive is thier anything I need to do with them. If it helps I left them in the ground over winter and they are covered with snow as of today. Any help would be appreciated.


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It's possible, if you want them to have any chance at all though I think you need to figure out a barrier for them to keep the rabbits from getting at them again.

I had my dog lay on top of my 4 foot tall climber and break it off to the ground and was going to replace it in April and I noticed the other day it's actually growing, and growing thicker and stronger. It's only about 3" tall and I'm starting all over and I could just kill the dog but...

Still the rose didn't go through the winter like yours and the snow, but your roses are own root roses and I believe there is a good possiblility they will grow again. As soon as spring hits and it warms up watch for new growth before you rush out to replace them. Still with new plants you'd have a bit of a head start, but you're battling rabbits for territory anyways.

And maybe someone in your own zone will offer up better advice.

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Thanks for the quick reply, I will build a wall around them using chicken wire. I just hate having to do this as it won't look all that pretty in my garden. It seems to only affect to mini's in the back yard. Maybe I could move them if they survive to the front yard.

Thanks again

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Is the bit of visible stem green? If so, it should sprout up new canes when the ground warms up. I planted a Rainbows End band in late Summer and it overwintered, despite being tiny. Also planted a JLJ, and it's no bigger than a twig, but it's green and I expect it will bounce forth in Spring.

Hope your minis do the same! The squirrels have been wreaking havok on my coldframe plants. It's is NOT a salad bar! Geesh!


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I agree chicken wire is ugly but not having any roses is uglier, I went mostly without alot of years. Still say you can spray paint the chicken wire green and it'll blend in with the leaves at least and not be so... out there noticeable once the plants get going.

On mine I had two green chewed stems and one brown stem. Interestingly enough I got the new growth also from that brown stem coming up apparently from the root on that one regenerating itself. That's why I suggested that may not all be lost.

Hey Michelle, there's someone over on that old thread about "which minis do you grow how many" He's tacked on at the end a whole new subject. I left him a note to start a new thread. If you feel like it you might go over and see if you can help him out. He's zone 9 but just asking a basic can you really grow minis in a pot question and how. With my headaches I don't easily tell people how. I'm still getting it down right myslef. My potted roses made it through the winter, I was surprised, that was a first for me:) Anyways, if you get a chance you might see if you can help him out. Thanks, I hate to see someone asking.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

The minis are on their own roots. It is possible that they survived, you'll just have to keep watch to see if there is new growth from the roots or new growth from the remaining stems.

A friend gets wire fencing from HD that is green in color, and blends in well with the rose foliage. It helps keep the rabbits out of her mini beds.

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