Who grows Pink Poodle??

debnfla8bMarch 22, 2004

I ordered one from Uncommon Rose last spring. It was very slow to grow but has popped several new basals in the last couple weeks.

I fell totally in love with the pictures of the rose. The real blooms look just like the pictures for me!! Old Blush is a parent of this rose so it should do great in Florida. I notice only a mild scent to the blooms, but I am hoping it is just because it is so new. I have it in a 20 gallon pot and right now it seems very happy. I notice it likes more fertilizer than other roses and loves lots of water. But that's okay, I'll do anything for those blooms. And it seems to be a little blooming machine!

So far, I am very happy with this rose. The shading of the blooms just melt my heart. I can't wait to see what it will do this year. Right now it is perhaps a foot tall and narrow. I hope it grows taller and wider.


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I bought Pink Poodle last August and replanted it in one gallon container. It did not do anything last year, but after pruning this year it is going crazy. It has buds all over getting ready to bloom.
In fact it is doing so well that I would like to move it to a larger container, but don't want to disturb the bloom cycle. Maybe I'll transplant it after the first bloom cycle.

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richard(inland CA, 9a)

Mine's a couple years old, two feet tall and wide, and is a bloom machine. Great rose.

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drasaid(zone 8)

A sop to my sister, who wanted peonies (no way in New Orleans.)
I thought it would do fine in the little Chinese glazed pot it is in, but you folks have convinced me I'm gonna have to go for a bigger one. Dang.
It is a must have, for sure.

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I just bought this one this year from Just Joey's -- I'm glad to see all the positive comments. Mine is growing like a maniac, but hasn't bloomed yet. It's still settling in, though, so I'm not worried.

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suzanne_ladyred(z10 So Cal)

Just a heads up for folks in the Los Angeles area:

A sizeable plant of Pink Poodle will be available in the Los Angeles Rose Society Auction at Descanso Gardens this Sunday, January 16, 2005 at Noon. Lots of other great minis and roses of all types. Minis and minifloras I have donated (all in 5 gallon containers) are as follows:

Pink Poodle
Glamour Girl
Tiffany Lite
Anna Marie
My Sunshine
Miss Charleston
Double Gold
Liberty Bell
Sam Trivitt
Neon Cowboy
Ring of Fire

There are lots more donated by others. Check it out!

Suzanne Horn

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