Pepper ID, Bhut or some weird Habanero

BGMayagiAugust 25, 2011

I started growing these plants since last fall, they are suppose to be Ghost Chili's and I took the seeds from some dehydrated chili's my uncle purchased online. They started outside and were inside for the winter(I live in Mass.). They lost all there leaves at one point after a bad aphid infestation and took off really good this spring. These pictures were taken a month ago and the only difference is that some of the peppers have purplish coloring at the top, some what in streaks while other peppers are turning gradually orangish but still very light green. They are all from the same batch of chili's and have been maturing very SLOWLY. They don't look quite habaneroish as they're pointier and not as smooth but not quite the typical Bhut either and I'm aware alot of sites are selling Habs. as Bhuts. That's All the facts and Im wondering what's the verdict on these plants?

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not bhut's- peppers your uncle got had been cross-pollinated by lord knows what (although likely a hab from the looks of it), this is why not to save pepper seed from peppers of unknown origin... they cross-pollinate like mad.

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Looks like a hab. But i enjoy saving peppers from open pods. I think it is cool if you grow or create your own special pepper. You can always buy or trade for pure seeds. And your plant looks awesome!

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I agree, looks like a hab-bhut cross... it will be interesting to see how much heat on your peppers, which look very healthy.

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