Swap What are you bringing? What do you want?

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoApril 10, 2010

Ok, heres something to whet everyones appetite!

This is the first batch of stuff I potted up for the swap on March 22nd!

Theyre now starting to grow and lookin good, and I spent most of the afternoon today potting up some more, so heres the list of what I have so far. The number before the name and description is how many I have available of each, and the description is the same information youd find on a plant tag if you were buying them at a garden center. Click on the pics for larger pictures!

4 Ajuga Chocolate Chip

Ajuga reptans Chocolate Chip 3-4" X 18"+ Sun or shade Lavender May-Jun z3

Miniature bugleweed, evergreen, will continue to spread if in contact with soil, spreads on surface so controllable. Bronzy-green foliagecolor deepens with more sun. Smallest variety of Ajuga.

3 Alcea Hollyhock

Alcea rosea - mixed colors, single hollyhock 60" X 24" Full sun mixed Jun-Sep z4

This is technically a biennial, but mine always develop new plants at the base that bloom the next year. Reseeds very easily.

17 Anemone sylvestris

Anemone sylvestris, Snowdrop Anemone 12 X 24 Shade to sun white May-Jun z4

Wonderful long lasting cutflowers. Spreads by underground runners, but near the surface, so easy to control.

6 Aquilegia chrysantha

Aquilegia chrysantha, Columbine 24" X 15" Part sun yellow Jun-Aug z4

VERY fragrant yellow flowersput them somewhere where you can easily bend over and sniff them on the way by, long blooming, comes true from seed, Colorado native. Reseeds prolifically!

4 Campanula persicifolia

Campanula persicifolia, Peachleaf Bellflower 24-36" X 18" Full sun to part shade lavender Jun-Jul z3

Will bloom for a LONG time if individual flowers are deadheaded (time consuming job!)

7 Chrysanthemum Sheffield

Chrysanthemum Hillside Pink Sheffield 36" X 36" Sun salmon pink Sep-Oct z5

(previously Dentranthema grandiflora)

Blooms late, may need protection from early freezes, attracts butter flies, spreads easily but near the surface so can be controlled by removing new shoots

13 Chrysanthemum maximum Becky

Chrysanthemum maximum Becky 36" X 24"+ Sun white Jun-Aug z4

The best tall shasta daisy, very strong upright stems with large, perfect looking flowers

Blooms a long time with deadheading

3 Dianthus simulans

Im not absolutely certain these three are going to "take," but if they do, its a pretty unique plant. It forms a mat of tiny foliageI refer to it as a "hedgehog plant" since the foliage makes me think of hedgehogsand the flowers are tiny, tiny.

11 Geranium Compact Rose

Geranium dalmaticum Compact Rose, Dwarf Cranesbill 6" X 12" Part shade to sun light pink Jun-Jul z4

Bronzy-red fall foliage (dependant on weather)

8 Geranium Biokovo

Geranium cantabrigiense "Biokovo, Cranesbill 8" X 18"+ Part shade to sun white with pink center

May-Jul z4

Red fall foliage (dependant on weather.) Cut down after blooming for fresh foliage, can be invasive

3 Zauschneria

Zauschneria californica or garrettii (not sure which species), Hummingbird Flower

12" X 18"+ Full sun orange-red Jul-Sep z5

Xeric, spreads rapidly, great late summer color

1 Sedum album

Sedum album Coral Carpet or Murale 3" X 10"+ Full sun white July z3

Evergreen, xeric, pink to bronze winter foliage color

Can be aggressive, even the tiniest pieces will root where they fall

This isnt a great picture, but its the best I have for right now! This is the winter color!

6 Sedum pachyclados

Sedum pachyclados 4" X 12"+ Full sun white July z4

Evergreen, xeric, if stems get too bare looking, cut all the way down and wait for new growth

Sempervivum - sizes vary widely Full sun z3

Individual hens bloom sometimes, flowers range from white to pink to green, individual rosette dies after blooming, evergreen, xeric, winter color is usually dramatically different from summer color.

NOTE: Because I dont know the variety names, the letter designates which variety this is of the several different varieties I have. If you get some, please make a note of the letter designation so I can provide you with different ones in the future rather than duplicate ones youve already received!

2 D

Spring color!

3 E

Winter color!

Spring color!

4 Icicle

Sempervivum Icicle, Hen and Chicks 3" X 12"+ Full sun z3

Evergreen, xeric, frosty looking foliage when full grown

Ill be potting up more varieties of the hen & chicks and will post pics when I know which ones Ill have.

As I said on the swap thread, we DO allow "earmarking" of plants before the swap, so if you see something youd like to have, post here to let me know!

If you dont request it "ahead" here on the forum, you need to wait for the "picking of the plants" on the day of the swap and keep your fingers crossed that somebody else doesnt pick it first! Theres no "early picking" on the actual day of the swap. Everything that isnt earmarked for somebody before the swap goes into the pool and gets picked starting with the first two rounds.

If you already know some of the things youll be bringing, please post a list here. You dont need to have pictures, and with veggie seedlings we dont need pictures anyway! Since I do almost all perennials, I have the pics from my yard! And we all understand if you say youll be bringing something and then you cant bring it after all! Theyre plants! Things happen!

Please post info here about the plants youre bringing and the plants you wantand post other swap info on the actual swap thread. It helps keep it all separate!

And if you plan to come, please be sure you post that on the swap thread! Thats where we get the list of names from. So if you request something here and havent posted on the swap thread that youre coming, please go there next to "officially" sign in! Link to Spring Swap 2010 thread below!

What do you want?

What are you bringing?


P.S. Here are the two flats of plants pictured at the beginning of this postthe morning after they were planted! I dont usually cover things up after I plant them, but, uhhSnow Storm!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

If I am able to make it, I would love some of your Zauschneria, Skybird!

I am also in the market for any type of mint - chocolate, orange, spearmint, peppermint, pineapple, etc., since I mangage to kill ALL of mine AGAIN!!! It makes me laugh when people talk about how invasive it is, and it probably would be for me too, if I put it in the ground, but I can't figure out how to successfully overwinter it in a container. Anyway, if anyone has some, I'd love some cuttings.

The other thing I am looking for is an upright sedum with purple foliage. Yes, Skybird, I have that one 'Postman's Pride' and it looks great, but one of my 'Lynda Windsor's didn't make it this winter. Oh, there is one other thing that looks like it didn't overwinter. If anyone happens to have a green-eyed Rudbeckia, such as 'Irish Eyes' or 'Prairie Sun', I'd love one.

As far as what I am bringing, I'm not 100% sure yet. Most of my perennials are just now coming up, so I need to see which ones need to be divided. I should be able to bring some groundcover sedums, some Delosperma congestum, and I can always bring a chunk of any of the Achilleas if anyone wants some. I have Anthea, Paprika, Terra Cotta, and Walter Funke'. I'm not digging them though, unless someone says they are interested. Also, out of the dozen daylilies you brought me this fall, Skybird, I got nine of them planted, so there are three left, that survived the winter in the pots they were in, so I may bring those as well, if I can't find a spot for them.

I'll probably have some wintersown sprouts, though they might not be very big, since everything is a little behind this year. When it gets a little closer, I'll have a better idea, and will post more specifics.


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I would like some of your Dianthus simulans and Zauschneria please.

I'm not sure what I'll be bringing yet, most likely vegetable starts but I may end up being able to bring some perennials too.

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Wow, Skybird, you put the rest of us to shame! I think we should have a "garden party" in the middle of summer so we can see your full yard in all its glory!

I would love some of your Dianthus Simulans, if there will be enough.

As far as what I'll be bringing to swap, as mentioned in other posts, it will be tomatoes and peppers. We'll have to see what comes up from my wintersowing stuff (nothing's up yet--grr) but I have quite a few from my indoor-sown stuff. It's quite likely that I'll have some extra Cherokee Purples--they ALL came up, as did the Red Brandywines.

Oh, I'm so excited for the swap now! Do we really have to wait? Oh yeah... it's not time to plant out anyway. I am so looking forward to summer--it's been a long cold winter, to me.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Youre down for a Zauschneria, Bonnie, but I want to be sure you and anybody who gets one understands that from what I can see so far, this stuff could wind up being invasive. Its the first time Ive grown itgot a small one at the Spring Swap 08and its starting to GO! As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago I discovered its coming out from between the two railroad ties that front my perennial bed, so its going at least 8" deep to get there! That really surprised me! Mine are very small, like my plants always are, but Im guessing in a couple years itll take off for (ON) you too! I figured youd like that colorbut be prepared!

And, speaking of invasive, one of the mint cuttings I got at the last Fall Swap turned out to not be chocolate. Im not sure what it isjust mintbut Ive been growing it all winter and it, or part of it, is yours! (Ill probably divide it to share the wealth!) And, Ill also take some cuttings from the chocolate mint I have and bring them along. One of those is earmarked for you!

ANDno promises on this one, but I just went out and snipped a stem off of my Purple Emperor for you! Mine is small yet, so only one stem, but it was long enough to cut it in half, so Ill stick them and, assuming they root, youll have two cuttings in the potactually since one of them is a stem cutting, itll probably wind up looking like more than two! I dont know if the Postmans Pride you gave me when I was out there last September is gonna come back or not! Not seeing anything yet, but Ill let you know!

Greenbean, I have you down for a Zauschneriathe same warning above applies to you!and a Dianthus simulans. The Dianthus is the one Im not really sure yet is going to root out ok, so keep your fingers crossed for it!

And, Mayberry, I have you down for one of the D. simulans too, but the same thingkeep your fingers crossed for it! I always wind up bringing a bunch of stuff, Mayberry! Since I have a small yard, when things start coming up "too big" in spring, I keep pulling out the spreading shoots and potting them upI really hate to just throw away plantsso Im delighted to have an opportunity to give them to somebody who wants them.

And, uhh, yes, we have to wait, Mayberry! I have some more things I need to rip out and put into pots! ;-)

Summer garden party! Hmmm! If Im still off work, Id be up for that, but I dont know how many people would be interested in coming is it wasnt actually a swap! Just dont know if it would work or not! I could always redo the propagation demo or something! But, actually, since perennials bloom at different times, there really isnt much mid-summer glory! The pics I take are of each individual plant when its at its own best. Wouldnt it be glorious if they were all in perfect bloom at the same timebut then there wouldnt be anything the rest of the year, and that really is the great thing about perennials after all! And besides that, I spent last year taking out more than I put in, and plan to do more taking out this year, so I have some "holes" out there right now! On the other hand, some of the things Ive gotten at swaps are starting to grow up, so those things will be looking good this year! Yeah, I guess that sums up perennial gardening in a nut shell!

Heres an UPDATE on the things Ill have:

Theres one Zauschneria still available.

Theres one Dianthus simulans still available.

I found one Acanthus seedling coming up today that Ill be potting up.
Acanthus hungaricus (balcanicus), Bears Breeches
24-36" X 24" Sun or shade Lavender Jul-Aug z5
Thistle-like foliage is soft to the touch, but flower spikes have sharp spines. Reseeds some.

And I saw one tiny Belamcanda seedling out there.
Belamcanda chinensis, Blackberry Lily 30 X 24 Sun orange with red spots Jul-Aug z4
Flowers are followed by 1/8" black seed clusters


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Skybird, put me down for Ajuga Chocolate Chip. Have not done much with flowers but they look lovely.

Bonnie, I will bring you some mint. Peppermint for sure and maybe chocolate. You are welcome to come to my house on Saturday for a sleepover and we can go to swap on Sunday? (oops just read mayberries post, so now you have to decide)

If someone wants rhubarb, I can divide some. Also have some Heritage raspberries for the asking.

Looking like I will have lots of pepper starts: Banana Yellow sweet, Jimmy Nardello Red sweet, Chinese sweet red and Ace F1. They won't be very large but should be in 3 1/2" pots.

Food wish: not sure. Still have frozen pie cherries, snap beans, zuchinni for muffins or butternut squash puree for soup. I guess I will wait to see what others are bring and decide then. bonnie

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Skybird i like the Dianthus simulans but i'm not sure it'll do well here. also i like your photographic skills ;^)

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I'm not sure what I'll have yet but I suspect I'll have some veggie starts that I'll not have room for. I'll post all that later as things grow.

I know there will be more of those Campanula punctata 'cherry bells" because I've seen zillions of them already starting. And, as Skybird warned me, I'll warn anyone who wants one or more that they spread, spread, spread! You should also know that I absolutely love them!

Skybird, I would go cuckoo for the Belamcanda Chinensis if it isn't spoken for yet. Oh, so pretty! I think I'd put it right next to my Asiatic lily I got at a swap.

I think, Bonnie, that I should have some pineapple mint for you if it comes back. I suspect it will since it came back after last winter, I just like to worry while I wait for things to reappear. I'm happy to pot some up for you.

Oh, so excited!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I have you down for the Chocolate Chip, Lucky! Wadaya mean, "have not done much with flowers?" How about a shasta daisy? A WONDERFULLY scented columbine? Some white snowdrop anemones? Come on! Theres gotta be something else youd like to try! Ill probably be potting up more of the Chocolate Chip so Ill save 2 or 3 for you if I domy plants are all "styrofoam cup size"a/k/a small! And Ill probably also be potting up some Royalty Ajuga, with "normal" size leaves, and some Arboretum Giant Ajuga, the biggest variety, if you want to try all the different "sizes!" Let me know when I post them if you want to try them too!

Do you want me to hold the last Dianthus simulans for you SerpentMoon, or were you just window shopping? I couldnt tell for sure. If they do root, that would probably be the hardest to grow of the things I have, but let me know if you want to give it a try, or if theres something else youd like to try.

Jennifer, I have you down for the one blackberry lily, but remember, its a tiny seedling! Its just now visible above my mulch! If I get it into a pot soon, it should be big enough to see by swap time! ;-)

Is the pineapple mint you have one of the ones I kept over winter when it was left here after the Fall Swap 08, that I divided and brought back to the Spring Swap 09? If so it should be spreading by now, and I bet if you potted up some small starts for the swap theyd go fast! Mint usually does! I just stuck a bunch of cuttings from my plain and chocolate mints into water today, and when they root a little bit Ill put them in pots for the swapa couple for HighAlt, and Im sure the rest will go too! The pineapple mint is cool because of the variegated leaves!

And, anybody whos considering Jennifers Cherry Bells Campanula, heed her warning! Its INVASIVEbut pretty!


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Skybird I would love it if you put me down for a campanula persicifolia and anemone sylvestris. They are both so beautiful.
Most likely I will have only tomatoes to bring to the swap. All the seed I saved from last year came up well when I potted it. So I will have red fig tomatoes, beams yellow pear tomatoes, and sugery tomatoes to bring. I am not sure on the count...more are still coming up.

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nope just window shopping. :( but IF nobody else wants it (the chances of which are probably very slim) then i will take it but... we have voracious forest animals like bunnies and so it would probably be eaten the first night i put it out :( (which would make me very sad)

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I would like the last Zauschneria, but only if no one else does.

I'd also like a start of the variegated pineapple mint. I do have some pineapple mint from last year, but I don't know if it's the same thing. It's still struggling after a near-death experience this winter (the mint's NDE, not mine).

I may have chocolate mint for the fall swap, but probably not this spring.

Last year, a few of you shared tomato seedlings with me. I saved seed and will be planting it soon. I'll probably have seedlings of Black Cherry, Sun Cherry, and Riesentraube cherry tomatoes.

I also found some very old seed that I had saved years ago. I'll try it to see if I can get anything to germinate. If it does, I'll have seedlings of Costoluto Fiorentino tomato (similar to Costoluto Genovese) and Merida Market tomatillo. My original source for the Fiorentino was Sementi, an Italian seed company. The Merida Market was from Seed Savers Exchange. But we'll see if the seed still germinates...

I'm looking for a few more tomatoes, though I'm not sure what. Since they'll be grown in marginal conditions, ones that are fairly small-fruited and fairly early would probably do best. I'll make an exception for Brandywine or Cherokee Purple, though! I'm also looking for a pepper or two, preferably small and/or hot.

If anyone has a rose that suckers, such as one of the rugosas or another heirloom type, I would love to get a start.

As always, I like houseplants. I can bring some if people want any, and I'm often looking for new ones to bring home.

Does anyone want a start or two of a coleus? I have a couple of different no-name varieties. They can be grown indoors as a houseplant or outdoors as a tender shade-tolerant annual.

I'm also going to try and root a few starts of my variegated lemon-scented geranium. If anyone wants starts of Euphorbia trigona (African Milk Tree), I can supply any number of them.

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I'll have to see exactly what I have room for and what I don't by then, but I suspect I will have some Heirloom Eggplants (i have 3 types to try: black champion, diamond,& black beauty), some Jalapeno (heirloom Tam, regular), and bell peppers... (heirloom giant bell, and regular California bell) I've just started the tomatoes so I'm not sure how prolific they're going to be this year, but I've planted 5 types, all heirloom: Lady Lucy, carbon (purple), Amish paste (red), big mouth (red), and gold medal (stripe)

Will be starting herbs inside between now and then as well, and probably will have extras of those too! (I kinda like to overdo things sometimes... hahaha)

Attaching the video walk through I did yesterday, the peppers and eggplants can be seen at the beginning of the video if you don't want to watch all of it. :)

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Skybird, I'd love to try some campanula, sounds lovely!
I have tons of Hollyhock seeds and have quite a variety of colors should anyone want any.
I will have a couple of black pearl tomatoes to share as well as container cucumber plants.

I may have one or two ancho peppers to share as well. They're only now germinating, definitely taking their time...

I have a lot of Shasta daisy seedlings which have germinated from old seeds I found which are a pleasant surprise should anyone want some of those...

I also have some spider plant babies if anyone wants any potted up...

I'm certain there will be other things I will want but I'm trying to restrain myself until I see what's coming up...

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

ProvoGirl, I have you down for a Campanula and an Anemone.

Polygonum, the last Zauschneria is yours!

Bekajoi, you definitely do overdo some things! LOL! I watched your video! If you have herb starts to bring, I think theyll go fast! Most people bring tomatoes and peppers to the Spring Swap. I was thinking of starting a few basils to bring too!

Karen, youre on the list for a Campanula. And, just an FYIassuming your hollyhocks were all grown close to each other, chances are that the seed from your plants will not come true to the color of the original plantthey cross pollinate. Thats why I stopped collecting seed from my black one after I got the others, and just called any I did collect after that "mixed."

Lucky, I meant to comment on this last time I posted, but forgot it! Zucchini muffins sound SO good! And I dont remember anybody ever bringing muffins to a swap before. I vote for muffins!

UPDATE: The Zauschneria and Belamcanda are gone! I still have everything else on my list!

Ill be adding a few more soon!


P.S. Moon, If you have rabbits, you dont want Dianthusits like candy to them! But there are some things on my list that are "said to be" rabbit resistantshasta daisy, Ajuga, sedum, Anemone sylvestris, Aquilegia chrysantha. I think Id still keep them protected with wire or something till they start to grow up, but if you want to try any of them, let me know.

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ok, i'll think about it, and thanks! (ps i can't wait until the swap) :^)

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

bekajoi, I would LOVE it if you would please earmark one of your Amish pastes for me.

Also, if anyone will be bringing raspberries, I would be interested... Gonna go make me some paper pots now, cuz my plastic ones blew all over the yard over the weekend and then got melted (!!!) in the sun on Sunday--what irony.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Ok, heres the next installment!

9 - Ajuga Royalty
Ajuga reptans Royalty, Bugleweed - 4-6" X 24"+ - Sun or shade - Lavender - May-Jun - z3
Evergreen to semi-evergreen, will continue to spread if in contact with soil, spreads near surface so controllable. Ruffled bronze/burgundy foliagecolor deepens with more sun.

4 - Ajuga Arboretum Giant
Ajuga reptans Arboretum Giant, Bugleweed
12" X 24"+ - Sun or shade - Lavender - May-Jun - z3
Evergreen to semi-evergreen, will continue to spread if in contact with soil, spreads near surface so controllable. Large leaves with a very narrow purple margin when in enough sun, mostly plain green in shade. Largest variety of Ajuga.
I dont have a good pic of the bigger leaves on this one, but here are the flowers, which are the largest Ajuga flowers.

4 - Delosperma White Nugget
Delosperma basuticum White Nugget, Iceplant - 2" X 12"+ - Full sun - White - May-Jun - z4
Sparkling white flowers. Evergreen, xeric, patented. More compact than and spreads more slowly than many other iceplants.

7 - Sweet Woodruff
Galium odoratum, Sweet Woodruff - 10" X 24"+ - Shade or sun - white - May-Jun - z3
Fragrant, vanilla/hay scented foliage, groundcover. Spreads a LOTcan be invasive!
I love the scent of this one, so I want to have some around, but it's planted in my escape-proof garden! I dug some up to bring to this swap because it's getting dangerously close to the only "open" end of the not-totally-escape-proof garden, and I don't want to take any chances!

4 - Hen & Chicks, A
This is my first hen & chicksand the most "common" one I have. Its plain green in summer, but does get pinkish over winter.

If youd like any of these, or any of the others Ive posted above, just let me know.


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Mayberry, will keep that in mind and set one aside for you as long as I have a couple for myself! Nothing is sprouted well yet but it's been less than a week so there is hope. :) The seed came from Baker Creek if you want to stare at pics and drool in the meantime. :)

Skybird, is the ground cover one (7) ok in both sun and shade? I have an odd area out front that bakes and gets too little sun, but it shifts so sometimes the shaded spot is the baking spot and vice versa. The grass keeps dying and I'd love love LOVE vanilla scented groundcover! (Trying to seed dutch white clover out there but not holding my breath at this point!)

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Bekajoi, the Sweet Woodruff can take almost any light conditions as near as I can figure! Its often considered to be xeric after its established, but if its in a hot spot, I think its gonna probably need at least one good (deep) watering at least every week to week and a half. The one I have at this house is in mostly shade because its in an 18" wide spot between the fence and the shedits watered pretty "intermittently," but I do try to water it really deeply when I happen to remember to water that area! Its most often sold as a shade plant, so in the sun or a hot spot, Im sure it would need more water to keep it looking goodand to keep it spreading as fast as possible if thats what you want.

NowI think you havent been to a swap before, have you? The plants I bring are LITTLE! Theyre just enough to give you a start! So this would be enough to get you started, but it would be a couple years before youd have enough to start digging up "plugs" of it to move here and there to cover very much. I say that because I did look at your videoand its looks to me like you have a LOT to "cover!" If youre looking for ground cover things, any/all of the three Ajugas are ground covers, sun or shade, also often considered xeric when established, but will need more moisture if in sun, and will look better and spread faster if watered deeply every one to two weeks. And any of the sedums and/or hen & chicks I bringand Ill be listing morewould be good hot dry area groundcovers. They, too, would spread more quickly and usually look better if watered well every couple weeks. So if you want to try a few different things, this would be a good "free" time to do it! You could put in some really nice looking succulent gardens that would be very easy to maintain after a year of so.

The number in front of each variety I have is how many I have of that one, so I have seven of the Sweet Woodruff, so theres a pretty good chance there will be enough left over after people get dibs on stuff for you to get a couple more on the day of the swapand I think I may have more starts at the Fall Swap if it keeps "heading for the door!"

I used white clover one time to fill in a place where the grass had been decimated, and it worked very well, but youll need to keep the surface damp to wet all the time until its coming up. If it dries out completely right after it germinates, its dead! With the warm weatherand the wind weve been having, you may need to go out with a hose two or three times a day for a little bit, just to wet down the surface. Once you can see the plants, the roots should be deep enough to survive a little bit of surface drying.

Let me know for sure if you want me to put you down for one of the Sweet Woodruffs, and if you want to try anything else.


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With the clover, I've been out 1-3 times a day, checking it to be sure it's moist but not swimming. Joys of being home all day I guess, at least I've been able to be out there and hopefully it will start popping. I can still see the seed in places and it isn't trying to do much of anything~ might be too chilly out front for it to germinate just yet.

Not looking to cover the entire yard or anything, but maybe adding a little something by the front flower bed couldn't hurt. The brilliant thing is that we don't yard share with anyone at all so it couldn't possibly become a problem with the invasive issue. :)

So yeah, I'd be happy to find a place for the Sweet Woodruffs, but not expecting them to cover up the yard by any means. ;)

If you could put me down for Ajuga Royalty as well that one is quite pretty too! :) If it wouldn't stand up to foot traffic (kids in yard on occasion) I'll just put that one out of the way somewhere. :)

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treebarb Z5 Denver

If things go as planned I will be bringing one or two plants of each.
Tomatoes - Beefsteak, Cherokee Purple, Heirloom Rainbow and Sweet Baby Girl.
Peppers - Anaheim, Sweet Banana and Big Jim.
I also have some Oriental lilies and pink Dahlias to pot up.
Skybird, I would love a Anemone Sylvestris Snowdrop, a Becky Chrysanthemum and a Campanela Persicifolia (Peachleaf) if you could spare them. I'm looking forward to the swap!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

LOL! Yes, Barb, I can spare them! Im always amazed by how shy everybody is to ask for things at the swaps! At that first swap I really was starting to think it might not work at all when we got to the "picking" part. Nobody wanted to say what they wantedor even IF they wanted anything at all! When we finally got people saying anything at all, everybody started out with: Well, if nobody else wants it......!

So, yes! I can definitely spare them! Thats what Im potting them up for! And if theres anything else youd like, dont be afraid to say so. And, anybody else who wants somethingmine or anybody elsesspeak up. For as long as they last, you can all have one of each of mine if you want them! The advantage of getting dibs on things before the swap is that when I get the plants ready for everybody the day before the swap, I pick the best ones of the ones I have for the people who have dibs on thingsand I kind of suspect everybody else does the same thing! And then whats left is what goes into the pool for the day of the swap. Im sure there will be plenty, not only of mine, but with all the tomatoes and other veggies everybody else is posting!

Im interested in your Oriental lilies! What color are they? And Id like one of the dahlias too! Just curious, but are they short ones or tall ones?

Bekajoi, I have you down for a sweet woodruff and a Royalty. The Ajuga will definitely tolerate some occasional foot traffic, and the styrofoam cups I have them in should be overflowing by the swap! I dug a bunch out in the one spot where it was going too far, so I stuck 3 or 4 in each cupand some of them will probably even be blooming at the swap! Just FYIthe sweet woodruff is taller, and you wouldnt hurt it by walking on it, but it would get squashed down. But then youd get that WONDERFUL scent while you were squashing it down! :-)

Any other takers around herefor my stuff or anybody elses?


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Skybird: "Im always amazed by how shy everybody is to ask for things at the swaps"

Me too, and I'm even amazed at my own shyness. Cracks me up!

I want it all, yep, I'll take everything. I do like to let others ask first though because there are often posters who don't get online as often and if I keep checking, I'd have dibs on everything! Also, lots of people show up to the swaps that weren't sure if they could make it so they might not have requested anything in case they couldn't make it. And, Many people bring guests and kids so I like to give them a chance too. Last but not least, my mommy taught be to be polite, patient and not to rush in. Hee, hee, I still want it all!

If I had my way, I'd take home allllll the Asiatic lilies, all the maroon flowers, all the yellow flowers, all the orange flowers and all the house plants, except for spider plants because mine keep making babies and I'm getting crowded!

I like watching people pick out there plants, even when they pick the one I wanted but didn't ask for. Not sure why that is, I guess it is just fun knowing that everyone is having fun and bringing goodies and surprises home.

I just remembered another reason, not everything does well up here and I've lost a few items from each swap to, who knows, altitude, cold, wind? I'll try a few here and there and keep trying new things a few at a time.

It is kind of funny though when I read the swap posts as it gets closer to the date. I start out asking for one tiny thing at a time and after I've read the whole list, I've asked for quite a bit!

For those who don't know, you can ask for whatever you want, even if someone hasn't posted that they have it. You never know who has an extra something you want. I asked for an african violet and got two! People ask for plastic pots and other things too so feel free to dig deep and ask away.

In the spirit of the above paragraph, Any rose starts that are hardy to zone 4 are very wanted!

Now I'll have to go back and see what is on your wish list, Skybird!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Well now, Jennifer, Im up to 127 plantsand counting! Would have done more today, but that wind was NASTYand I had to do my tax! Kinda glad it WAS windy, or I woulda put the tax off again, and I was running out of puttin-it-off time! So, anyway, as of right now, everybody could ask for 6.68 of the plants Im bringing for them to all be goneand they still wouldnt all be gone since Im definitely going to pot up more! So, assuming not everybody is gonna ask for 6.68 of my plants, and that some people arent gonna ask for ANY of my plants, some people could ask for a dozen or more of my plants and it would still all work out!

And, yeah, we all lose some of the things we put inwhether we paid for them or we got them free, and thats one of the reasons the swap is so great! You can try things FREE, and hopefully theyll make it, but if they dont, at least you didnt spend a fortune on them. This time Im getting my stuff in early enough that it will be rooted out better than it was last time, so hopefully theyll all take for everybody. So, Ms. Polite Shy, if theres anything else you want, say so! (Did your Geraniums make it last time? I have lots again this time if they didnt!) There will still be plenty of picking-people-watching to do!

And Jennifer made another good point that I dont think I ever made very clearly here! Its always a good idea to post things you might be looking for! You might not get thembut you might get them too! You never know what somebody could have in their yard that theyd be glad to dig up a little division of! Last year I never got around to posting a wish list, but just today I started putting one together and will be posting it in the next couple days. One of the things I really need right now isnt a plant! I have seven flats full of plants already, and Im running out of the black trays I transport them in! I want to take a picture of them to post so people know for sure what Im looking for, so I need to do that and download it before I post that request! Might post my plant wish list first! Im trying to think if theres anything else I want to add to it before I post it! (Actually, I did just think of something!)

So if theres something that absolutely makes you drool when you think about it, but you dont have it yet, tell us what it is and maybe somebody can make your wish come true! Just consider this the FreeCycle of Plants! You can give things awayand you can ask for things you want!

And dont be shy about asking for something if you see something you want to try!


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treebarb Z5 Denver

Skybird, thanks! I guess we don't want to appear greedy to our gardening buddies here! The lilies are white, fushia, and white tips with speckled fushia centers. They aren't up yet, so don't know which are which. These are the tall ones, should get to 3 ft on both the lilies and dahlias, although probably not this year. The dahlias are a deep pink. I'll pot some of each for you. JC, I'll earmark some lilies for you. These aren't the spiky asiatics.

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If someone is bringing herbs, I wouldn't mind a basil plant or two.

Yes, I'm shy about asking. Our gardening area is so marginal that it's often a death sentence for plants. The indoor things do much better and even those can be iffy. It seems better to let other people get the plants they want, since others will have better success.

Our local deer, rabbits, and rodents have not read the list of things that they're not supposed to enjoy eating. Or maybe they can't resist tasting, and by the time each critter has decided it doesn't like the plant, there's nothing left. I keep trying; eventually we'll come up with a set of things that does well here with our local conditions.

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Barb, thank you!! I'm excited about finding out what kind of lilies they are when they bloom. Last year, the two I had bloomed and it was such a surprise. I can see one of them just barely peaking out of the ground.

Skybird, I'd love another Shasta and sadly another geranium. Neither came back. Although, I guess they still could show up? The shasta never took off. I'd also like some sweet woodruff! How pretty that will look...somewhere!

I killed my second attempt at a peony. The first one was from a swap and never came back, the second one was from a shop and slowly died away. I thought I did everything right, but maybe I picked the wrong kind. I'll ask my neighbor which one she has and maybe give it a try. So easy for things not to take!!

Funny, I used to be horrible at indoor plants but with all the sun we get, they all seem happy. One of the coleuses I got from Polygonum has bloomed four times! Long, pretty spikes of indeterminate and teensy lavender blooms in whorls. So cute.

Speaking of which, Polygonum, I don't have any roses that sucker but if you are good at getting cuttings to start, I'd be happy to clip one for you. I have Canadians, Morden blush--pale pink and Winnepeg parks--bright red/deep pink. The others are kind of small still to cut.

What else, hmm, I'd like to have the chocolate cake that someone brought the last time we were at Charlene's. It was home made and, yikes, really good. I'm with Skybird, I'd like less desserts and more savory foods. I'll probably bring fruit and some kind of dish like cold pasta salad or maybe I'll make something wild like a baked dish? I dunno but I'd better have dinner soon, I'm hungry!

Thrilled about the swap,

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Alright, Jennifer & Skybird--you two have me laughing out loud! Yes, polite like Mama taught, but underneath it all, still greedy as all get out!

Question for you: I got some Hollyhocks at last year's swap, and they're up and rarin' to go already, but I don't know how to divide them? I'm afraid I'll kill the whole thing (which I don't want) if I just start after it with a shovel/spade. It is in a lasagna garden, so will be a cinch to get out of the ground, but not so much to break up. I'd welcome your hints!

BTW, Skybird: I think everyone can get an idea of the trays you'd love to have a gajillion of in your very first pic at the beginning of this thread. I remember them from last year, but I don't even see them at the nurseries that I (try not to but fail miserably) frequent. Did you get them at the nursery where you used to work? Maybe some of us could go there and beg on your behalf...

If anyone is bringing gypsy peppers, I'd love to have a pair. Also looking for something to replace my raspberries and blackberries... preferring something of a thornless variety.

AND, I have (as last year) more of that purple wandering jew, but will only plan on that if someone specifically wants some.

GEEZ, May 23rd is still well over a month away--how am I gonna make it 'til then!?!

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My huge issue is not knowing what I want! I walk through greenhouses and pet everything just wondering where it could go, but never buying much. I have quite the seed collection and am trying EVERYTHING possible...

I do lean toward "useful" things, so if they happen to be edible and are pretty, PERFECT! If they make an amazing companion plant to an apple but do nothing else, great!

I'd be down with seed swapping somewhat too! Some things I've got going won't transplant well, or they can't be started inside (warty pumpkins of awesomeness, for example), but I'd be happy to bring some seed to share if anyone wants something in my list:

Broccoli x3 (early, late, purple)
spinach x2 (typical, heat loving)
tomato x5 (paste, slicing, cooking, gold medal, lady lucy)
pumpkin x2 (warty baking, smooth traditional pie)
asparagus x 1
artichoke x 1
beans x2 (purple, soy)
beets x1 (red, basic)
brussel sprouts x1
carrots x4 (basic, short sweet, short/fat, )
corn x2 (white, sweet white & yellow)
eggplant x 3 (standard old, diamond, black champion)
Mustard Greens
Collard Greens
Kale x 2 (typical, dwarf)
rocky top lettuce mix
european lettuce mix
charentais melon (looks like cantaloupe)
honeydew melon
onions x3 (brown, red, yellow)
radish x2 (cherry belle, scarlet)
peas (wando garden, sugar snow)
jalapeno (hot, not so hot)
giant emerald bell pepper
basic bell pepper
yellow star pepper (hot?)
yellow crookneck squash
zucchini squash
rainbow chard
turnip (purple top)
watermelon (golden midget)
strawberry spinach
garden huckleberry
sunflower x2 (mix, edible mammoth seed)

herbs: basil (genovese), thai basil, borage, bee balm lemon, catnip, caraway, chives, cilantro/coriander, cumin, dill, echinacea, feverfew, fenugreek, greek mullein, chamomile, hyssop blue, lavender, marjoram, oregano, parsley, savory, tarragon, thyme, toothache plant, fennel

Marigolds (for companion planting with tomatoes)
Yeti (white) nasturtiums (bug attracting for other plants)
Scarlet Flax (flowers for the front bed)

And I can get more detailed on something if you want, I just will have to dig up the packet to get official names and tell you if it's heirloom or not, etc. ;)

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Now youve got me laughing out loud again, Mayberry! Hey, maybe deep down were ALL as greedy as all get outand nows the perfect time to let it all hang out! On the other hand, is it really greedy to be asking for something when somebody is saying, take it, take it, take it! Either way, heres everybodys chance to GO FOR IT without having to admit theyre greedy!

Ms. Polite Shy, uh, I mean, Jennifer, I have you down for a Becky, and there will probably still be enough left for the free-for-all that you can grab a couple more (the shastas last year were one of the things that werent well rooted out and I suspect a bunch of people planted them out to quickly and lost them!) And Ill put you down for one of each of the Geraniumstho yours could easily still come upand then youd have two of each of them! Also one of the sweet woodruffs! And the Berlandiera you asked for earlier gets you up to 5 plantsso youre still not up to your allocated 6.68 plants! ;-)

Peonies shouldnt be that hard, Jennifer, and possibly yours will still come back. Mines starting to come up down here, but youre considerably colder up there. Otherwise we can talk when we see each other and maybe figure out what went wrong. I dont want to drag a bunch of stuff along to the swap for a demonstration, but Im thinking of doing a Q & A session if folks are interested. It sure would be easier to answer peoples questions in person than it is to type the answers out here online!

Polygonum, if you want to try a few things like the Ajugas or sedums, just let me know. I always have them at every swap! Since theyre so tiny, I would recommend securing a little chicken wire "cage" over them for the first few months till they can have a chance to dig in their heels, though.

Mayberry, I dont recommend trying to divide the hollyhocks you got last year. Theyre tap rooted, and you could possibly kill the whole thing. Maybe not, but....... When theyre still real small, like the seedlings I dig up, it works, but once theyve been in the ground for a whole year, youd be taking a chance. Having said that, being in a lasagna garden, you might possibly be able to get it out of the "soil" and pull it apart if the roots havent gone too deeply into the soil below the "lasagna." But I also discovered when I dug mine up last year, that there can be several crowns attached to the same root, and if thats what youve got, theres no way to separate the crowns. BUTI do have three more seedlings that I dug up for this swap, and nobody has asked for any of them yet! Want me to hold one for you, and I bet youd be able to snag another one on the day of the swap! The seedlings Im bringing this year are second year seedlings, so theyll probably even bloom a little bit this year! And Ill be listing hollyhock seed again when I list my seeds, so if you stick some of that in this summer, theyd bloom next year for you! Im trying really hard to get some good healthy greed going around here! ;-) (This will probably be the last time I have hollyhock seedlings at a swap since I dug mine up last fall and replaced them with the daylilies and iris I got at that swap!)

And, some of the trays I use I did get when I was working at Paulinos, but when you get plants there, they sometimes have a stack of trays out for the customers to put them in, and if you get a whole tray full, or close to a tray full, you get to take them home in the tray! So it depends on where youre getting your plants, but wherever it is (except the big box stores), look around to see what they have for you to collect your plants in, and if theres a choice between a black tray or a cardboard flat, pick the black tray! But, uh, no begging on my behalf required! ;-)

Bekajoi, Ill be listing seeds within the next couple weeks too, and anybody else with extra seeds theyre willing to share, list them here and see if you get any takers!

TreeBarb, if you know which is which and we get a choice, I love speckled flowers, so the speckled lily sounds great! If you dont know which is which, they all sound pretty anyway! So Id like one of them! And a dark pink dahlia sounds wonderful too. I might even dig that and try to store it over winter!

Nows the time for GREED, folks! Whos willing to step up to the plate?


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OK, I can do that.

In another thread, someone mentioned a heart-leaf philodendron. I'd like a cutting or two, please.

I have some variegated wandering jew; is that different from the purple one? If so, I'd like a cutting or two of the purple one, too, please.

Someone else (in yet a different thread) mentioned that they grew cacti, and, one presumes, other interesting succulents? Do you have any starts/cuttings to share, mostly the indoor things? I already have a few things, but would love to add to my small collection.

Basil -- Genovese and Thai, please, either plants or seeds or both.

Rose cuttings -- I'm willing to try! Sometimes we get lucky, sometimes I forget to stick them in dirt/water until it's too late.

Hollyhocks -- yes, please. Plants or seeds or both. I don't know if the ones I planted last year will come back this year, but I still would like to add more genetics to the mix.

Sedums and ajugas from Skybird -- I can try them if others don't want them. I'm not sure how well they'll do here. I can protect small plants for the summer, but after that, they're on their own! Serpent Moon wouldn't mind trying the ajuga, I know.

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mcfaroff(z5/6 NM)

I must say that I am very envious of you all. I would love to participate in your swap but I live 5 hours away in New Mexico. I don't know if anyone is closer to me, ie in New Mexico, but at least for this year I get to drool over all the plants being offered. Still I am thrilled with the information I get from people who have experience in zone 5 plus or minus. Gloria

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Skybird As always, you rock with the sharing. I would like a few things (which I believe are still available): Ajuga Chocolate Chip, Anemone sylvestris, Chrysanthemum maximum Becky, Sedum album, and Ajuga Royalty.

Bonnie Sounds like folks are bringing you mint already, but I would be happy to add some spearmint to your stash. Just let me know. Might also be able to bring some apple mint.

polygonum_tinctorium I can bring "black" hollyhock seeds (Alcea rosea Nigra).

Im not sure yet what Ill have for the swap this year. Probably some catmint, as Ive got lots of volunteers coming up.

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i want the Ajuga Royalty but if you're giving one to poylgonum then i don't need one ...

also, what plants do well in a warm-hot, dry, with not very good soil, place?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Time to get caught up here again!

Polygonum and SerpentMoon, Ill put you down for one of the hollyhocks, one of each of the three Ajugas, and a few different kinds of sedum. Ill let you bargain between yourselves as to who gets which! ;-) Moon, I dont have any of these, but Russian sage, Agastache, and yarrow all do well in hot, dry areas. (I think Bonnie posted yarrow.)

H Geist, youre good to go with a Chocolate Chip, a Royalty, a Becky, an anemone, and a Sedum album.

Gloria, sorry youre not a little bit closer! If you ever decide to drive up to "the big city," wed love to have you at one of the swaps.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Ok, I finally got it done! Heres my Wish List! I know a lot of them are long shots, but you never know if you dont try! If anybody does have any of these, Im only looking for small starts. I prefer to start with small plantsand watch them grow up. If nobody has any of themthat works too! Some day Ill get them all! (After digging out other things so I have enough room! LOL)

Columbine - long spurred (thats the "regular" kind!), red, pink, blue

Delphinium - any height, any color

Chocolate flower, Berlandiera lyrata plant or seeds

Any Penstemon EXCEPT Rocky Mountain (P. strictus) or "threadleaf" (P. pinifolius)

Any Dianthus alpinus - chinensis - deltoides - gratianopolitanis - any species, any variety! (have avernensis - the blue one!)!

Hosta - yellow and green variegated, or any "unique" varieties whatever that means!

Campanula - any of these in any color
carpatica Blue Clips or White Clips, Carpathian Harebell
cochleariifolia, Fairy Thimbles
garganica, Adriatic Bellflower
portenschlagiana, Dalmatian Bellflower
poscharskyana, Serbian Bellflower
(No latifolia, medium, or punctatathats you, Jennifer!)

Any Colchicum - autumn crocus (not Crocus zonatus got that last year)

Any Ferns (already have Japanese Painted and Autumn Fern)

Any blue Corydalis, Corydalis flexuosa (i.e. Blue Panda China Blue)

Any color Eremurus, foxtail lily/desert candle (this comes in orange and gold, Bonnie!)

Any double Geraniums

Geranium cinereum Ballerina pretty little Geranium with dark veined flowers that I love!

Dark purple DWARF German Iris or pink

Any color Stokes Aster, Stokesia laevis

Thalictrum delavayi, Chinese Meadow Rue (looking for that particular species)

Thanks for checking the list, everyone, and remember, if theres something youd like to have, POST IT!


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Thank's Skybird!

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ok, (i know this IS kinda greedy but.... ) i really want :

Lemon mint
Pear mint
Ginger mint
Mojito mint

and any other mints (that people are offering)

if anybody is offering any of those of course ;^)

but if you are giving one to Polygonum then i don't need one

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We have yarrow growing wild in that area, skybird. Russian sage is not sufficiently unappealing to hungry mammals -- it rarely lasts more than a week here. Next time, I'll try to protect it for a few months to give it a head start. Agastache is something I'd been thinking about, if anyone has any to share. I'm planning on putting the Zauschneria you're sharing in that spot, too.

It's a nice spot for a low-growing rose, possibly, depending on the variety.

The spot isn't as exposed as Serpent Moon thinks; it gets shade for part of the day and is often snow covered for much of the winter.

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Azura(z5 CO)

I will be bringing some heirloom tomatoes and some divisions of perennials, I will get a list together when I get organized.
Skybird, I was hoping to get one of your Hen & Chicks 'Icicle' #4 and Delosperma White Nugget if you have any left for my son Tommy who will be coming with me to the swap. Please and thank you once again for your generosity!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

An Icicle and a White Nugget are yours, Azura. Is that all you want??? Glad to hear youll be able to comeand be sure you go over to the actual swap thread and post there that youre coming so Angel gets you down on her list send her your email address so she has it when she sends out her address.

Just a heads up for everyone! Some of you have been asking for the things I have by the number thats in front of them. Thats not a plant number, its how many of that plant I had to start with! Nobody needs to keep track of whether theres any left or not, it was just something to give you an idea of if I had a couple or a lot of each! If you ask for something thats gone, Ill tell you so! Ive finally come up with a pretty good system for keeping track of what I have and whos getting what!

And to anybody who finds this thread and requests something, REMEMBER, you need to sign in on the Spring Swap - 2010 thread to be officially put on the list of attendees! If you dont post there and then send Angel your email address, you wont be on the email list to get the "address email" shortly before the swap.

Five weeks!

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

I'm not sure if I will have any plants or seeds to bring, but I'll see as it gets closer. I'll try to bring something, even if it's leftover packaged seeds!

I would love to have mint - any kind. Also Rosemary.

Skybird - I love to have some of your Delosperma White Nugget, Ajuga Royalty, and Hollyhock - if you still any available.

Also, I hear that Huckleberries grow mainly in the mountains, but if anyone happens to have seeds or cuttings for this, I'd like to see if I could get it to grow in my yard.


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OOh yes, I'd love a perennial Huckleberry if anyone has some to share! I am doing garden ones this year but I hear they are not the same at all. :*(

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Hi, my husband and I are planning on coming. I'm a rookie at all of this but have been growing Mexican Sunflowers, Africa Daisies, candytuff and snap dragons from seed. I'll bring these even tho they may not be of the caliber of rest of the offerings.

Mostly we want to talk gardens because ours is non-existent. This is the year we are hoping to change that. But we would love plants too!

We are in Longmont. I assume that we will find out where the exchange is going to be at some point. May 23rd at 11:00 right?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

PowerMuffin, when you have a chance, go over to the original Spring Swap thread (linked below) and post there that the two of you are coming. Thats where we take the list of whos coming from, and youll find lots more info about the swap on that thread. Then go to AngelinaGardens bio page and either send her a PM (personal message) or email her your email address. Thats how shell send her address to everyone a few days before the swap. We dont post anybodys actual address here online. I was going to PM you this info, but when I checked, you dont have private messaging enabled on GW. If youd enable it, it would ensure that we could contact you if necessary for anythingotherwise only Angel will have your email address when you send it to her. If you enable PMing, nobody will see your email address unless you respond to a message somebody sends you, or you send somebody a message. You can also choose to make your actual email address visible, like Angel did, but you dont need to do that! When you contact Angel, be sure to include your screen name so she knows who you are!

Then come back to this thread and let us know if I or anybody else has posted anything you for sure want to get, and whoever is bringing it will earmark it for you.

Whatever you bring is going to be wonderful! We get all kinds of plants at the swapbig ones, little ones, and everything in between! At the Spring Swap a lot of people bring seedlings, and Im sure yours will be as good as everybody elses!

If youre looking for ideas for your yard, start a separate thread with your questions, and Im sure lots of people will try to answer them or offer suggestions.

MstyWoods, I have you down for a mintwhich I think is peppermint!a chocolate mint, a White Nugget, a Royalty, and one of the hollyhocks.


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I would love to have mint and basil, especially Thai basil, if anyone has extra. A start of bougianvillea, hibiscus or mandeville would be heavenly!

I have started my scarlet runner bean and eveningglory seeds and if any make it I will bring a few of those to have something to share. (Also some Thai food, hope people like spicy....)


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I'd love some candytuft!! I think it would be perfect amongst the pansies at the base of the roses.

I'm getting excited about all the new people that will be joining the swap this year!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Here are a couple more things I got potted up today. The number in front of each is how many I have available.

6 - Helianthus maximilianii
Helianthus maximilianii, Maximilian/Southwest perennial sunflower
72" X 36" - full sun - yellow - Sep-Oct - z5
Xeric, Colorado native, needs FULL sun to look good!
I got mine at a swap in 08 and its starting to spread more than I expectedfirst time Ive actually grown itbut it looks like it will be easy to contain by pulling out unwanted shoots, which spread near the surface (so far), in spring as it starts to grow.

I dont have a good picture of the plant of this one because mine isnt in enough sun so it flops all over the place and looks awful! Im keeping it tho, because I like it, and if I ever get rid of the rock mulch in my sunny spot in the front yard, Ill move it there where itll do and look great. I did get this pic of one flower last year! Best I have!

7 - Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm
Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm, Black Eyed Susan
28" X 18" - Full sun - gold with brown center - Jul-Sep - z4
This is the Rudbeckia thats reliably hardyunlike R. hirta!

This is another one that Im growing for the first time, and it surprised me! I got it at the 07 Fall Swap. It was tiny and didnt get much bigger or do much of anything in 08. Last year it started to spread a little bit, but I wanted it bigger, so I was glad! This spring its coming up 8-10" away from the original plant, and when I dug up the new plantlets today I discovered it spreads by some fairly thick roots a couple inches down, which means its harder to remove the new shoots than the other things I have that I describe as spreading "near the surface." It can still be done to contain it, but it would take a little more work than just pulling them out like I do with other things! I like it, and I plan to keep itbut I think I may have starts at future swaps from here on out! (I was expecting the plant to get bigger every year, but not for it to spread underground like it is!)

3 - Sempervivum, hen & chicks B

This is it with its spring color!


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Skybird, if you have any left, unpromised, I would love:
Sempervivum 3E, blackberry lily, Delosperma, and hens and chicks.

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I'm frustrated because I carefully studied skybird's lovely posts and composed my plea, and it isn't here. IIRC:

I'm in desperate need of flowering xeric groundcover for about 20 feet of curving bed ready to plant. skybird, if you have any delosperma or ajuga left please put me down. (Not red sedum, I have a bunch of that. Maybe I'll grab some the morning of if anyone wants some.) Maybe a few hens and chicks.If anyone else has any nice groundcover to spare, I'm in the market big time.

Also if anyone feels the need to divide some irises and wants to get rid of some corms, especially flashy ones, you can never have too many irises in my book.

I'll be bringing a few tomatoes, heirloom and not: mortgage lifter, cherokee purple, roma and yellow pear, a few peppers and some basil. Two of my peppers never did germinate, so I'm looking for a couple more mild peppers, bekajoi, maybe your giant bells?

Looking forward to it.

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I'd like a start of the Rudbeckia, skybird.

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I cannot wait for the swap!!! It will be fun to put faces and names together. I am finding it hard to keep up with all the posts of free plants. There is just so much to choose from.. and I don't wan't to be too greedy, with that said.
Skybird, I would love to have a Sheffield Hillside Pink Chrysanthemum. The yellow columbine sounds like it would be a good fit in my backyard. I have columbine seeds I collected 2 years ago and just got a few to germinate (took FOREVER). They are a long spurred purple, red and white mixture. I will bring them to the swap if you want some. I don't think I can help you with anything else on your wish list...I haven't even heard of half the plants you want!
Polygonium, I would love to have some coleus if there is any left. Also if any Costoluto Fiorentino Tomatoes germinated I would love one too! I have some genovese and thai basil seeds I will be bringing to the swap if your still looking. (Cyndigo- I will have some thai basil seeds for you too and anyone else looking basil).
Luckybottom, can I please get some heritage raspberries and some rhubarb.
Anyone who is bringing ANY kind of mint I am starting a mint garden! I would love any and all mint anyone is willing to part with. I also would give a loving home to anyone willing to part with any herbs.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Muffin, I have you down for semps E and A, and a White Nugget. The only blackberry lily I had this spring is already gone, but Ill bring you some seeds if you want to give them a try!

AD, I totally understand your frustration with GW! Thats why I always type my replies onto a Word document and then copy them into the box to post them. If it doesnt work, I can try again. This antique site can be frustrating beyond belief at times!

I have you down for a White Nugget (think Bonnie may be bringing some yellow iceplant if you want to ask her for sometho shes doing her pepper swap thingie right now, so she might not be back this way for a while!), and one of each of the three different Ajugas. By "the red sedum," do you mean Dragons Blood? I have a bunch of different ones, and I can bring you starts of all but that one. Ive been planning to pot up a few starts of each anywayjust havent gotten it done yet! Watch for pics of them as I get them doneand Ill have you down for one of each unless I hear differently from you. And Ill put you down for one of each of the different hen & chicks Im bringing this time. I LOVE to get people addicted to semps!

Keep in mind that my plants are small starts, so youre not gonna be filling up any 20' with them real soon! :-)

Polygonum, Ive added a Goldsturm for you.

ProvoGirl, I have you down for a Sheffields and a yellow columbineI guarantee you wont have any trouble getting that one to germinate! As a matter of fact, once it blooms youll have it coming up all over the place (easy to pull out when small!) And I know you have a big empty yard to fill! Are you sure you dont want to get dibs on something else? The only thing Im out of so far is the blackberry lily! AndId LOVE to have you earmark one of your columbines for me. Thank you.

And I think youre probably not the only one who hasnt heard of half of the things I posted, so dont feel bad! Sometimes Im hesitant to post a list, but, like Ive told others, you never know what somebody might have, so I decided to go for it this time. I tried to keep it pretty simple this timehonest! And over the last few years, I really have been able to cross a bunch of things off of my gotta-have list! Thank you everyone whos helped me with that list!

I just bought more styrofoam cups today!

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I would love some hens and chicks - any type, and would love if I could find a lavender plant - z4.


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Ugh! there is so much i would like to ask for but i would feel bad if i did and then I couldn't come if it turns out i need surgery!
I am really loving the icicle hens and chicks, and some of the "becky" and any color of hollyhock i can get. I just wish i knew what was going on...

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Just an FYI post:

Bexay6211, you shouldn't feel bad if you can't make it because someone would wind up with the plants you asked for or they'd just go home with the person who brought them only to be offered again next time! Plus, surgery is more important than a few plants!! You should ask for anything you'd like...

Lindsey in Evergreen, just so you know, I'm in kind of a cross between zone 4 and 5 and the Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead' works well for me. This is the second spring it has returned for me. I had two but one never came back the first time. I think it is because the dogs peed on it all winter! That was my fault for thinking I could reclaim an area that I'd already designated as a dog pee spot. It seems to be taking its time getting any bigger but as long as it blooms, I'm not sure I care.


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treebarb Z5 Denver

Tomato update: the Cherokee Purple's got pretty battered in the wind today before I got to them. I don't think they are swap material anymore. So far, so good on the rest.

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I would like to request a black cherry (or similar) tomato if anyone has surplus. Mine just don't seem to be growing this year.

I'm still not sure what I'll be bringing - it will depend how well things survive my upcoming trip out of town.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi GreenBean,

Jennifer is here with me now-----

and she says she'll have one for you!

She just told me to say WHICH Jennifer!

It's JCLepine!



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Thanks Jennifer!

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I can't make it up to the swap (we're having a big party for my parent's 40th anniv), but I would love to get some of the Arjuga Royalty and the Chrysantemum Sheffield. Any chance someone from CSprings can pick some up for me and I can pick them up from you on Monday? Or if Skybird can set some aside from me I can come up the weekend before or the weekend after and get them? If not that's ok, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask =) If I come up before I could drop off some tomato plants for the swap.. I have 20 growing (Razzleberry, Juliet, Early Girl and Celebrity) and have room for maybe 6 in my garden. I have a couple people at work that want some, but I'm still going to have some extra that would like a good home - assuming they all make it through the hardening off process when the time comes.


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I can grab things for people in the springs. In theory. I need to make a list so I don't forget!! :)

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ginnytrcka(z5 CO)

Coming with a friend from the Springs. I will have chives, thyme (2 types--don't know their names. One is tiny leaves and makes a good spreading ground cover. The other is more culinary.) I also saw orange mint just coming back so will have some cuttings. Possibly some chocolate mint.

I live in Black forest and we have wild roses if that is the type someone is looking for. They have pretty hips all winter long, single pink flowers, lots of thorns and will spread, but not hard to control (other than dealing with the thorns when pulling).

I could also bring some pretty moss that makes a soft carpet. I usually put sheets of it on top of potted plants like amarylis or something else upright on my deck all summer, then overwinter it outside on the ground.

We have lots of wild geraniums...at least I think that's what they are. Can try to id and pot some from the forest if anyone interested.

I also have "Snow in Summer" which will grow and spread anywhere--just be warned. LOVE it in my rock garden, though. Will pot up some if anybody wants it.

We are still mostly working on the hardscape of our garden, but things I would love to get if they are still available:

sweet woodruff--I know they're small, but I'm dreaming of eventually having large drifts of it!
lemon-scented geranium
spider plant
shasta daisy
I think someone mentioned apple mint--would love it!
More types of thyme

hmmm...really always love anything I leave with! Favorite from the fall swap was the staghorn fern and iris just peeping up. Dream of having an asparagus patch. Anyone know of (sp. name) or have a woodland type of fern that does well?

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ginnytrcka(z5 CO)

Serpentmoon...I will save some orange mint for you.

Skybird...looking back over your list, if the following aren't spoken for would love to share in your bounty!

Anemone sylvestris
Aquilegia chrysantha
Sempervivum Icicle,
Ajuga Royalty

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ginnytrcka- thank you!

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gorgeous pictures - this is going to be so much fun! Just to confirm with everyone, the swap will be on Saturday, May 23, in Longmont. There have been a few requests to change the time to 11 instead of 10 a.m., which is just fine with me. Does that work for everyone else too? That should make it easier for those people who are driving in for the swap. So unless there is mass clamoring for an earlier time, we will make it 11 a.m.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Time to get caught up again!

Lindsey, I have you down for one each of the five hen & chicks Im bringing, and if I pot up any more different varieties, Ill save one of each for you. And I dont have any lavender plants, but I do have seed, and Ill plan to bring a pack for you.

Bexay, as Jennifer has already said, its no problem at all holding some things for you in the hopes that youll be able to make it. If it turns out you cant make it, just post by the day before the swap and the plants can go back into the "pot!" ORI could hold them for you if youre in the metro area and would be able to pick them up laterIm at 128th and Colorado Blvd. So for now I have you down for an Icicle, a Becky shasta, and the last hollyhock. Good luck with your knee, and fingers crossed that you can come!

Tobaira, Im holding an Ajuga Royalty and a Sheffields for you. Id be glad to hold them for you here until you can get them, but my plants are small (styrofoam cup size) and I really dont think it would be worth driving all the way up here to pick them up unless youre planning to come up to Denver for some other reason. Bekajoi has volunteered to bring them back down to the COS area if you want to go that way. Why dont you PM her to see if you can work out satisfactory plans for that? If she doesn't have PM'ing enabled, post a message here for her. Just let me know how you want to do it. Ill send directions to my house if youre gonna be up this wayThornton.

Ginnytrcka, I have a sweet woodruff, a Becky, an Anemone, an Aquilegia, an Icicle, and an Ajuga Royalty for you. Ill stick in a pack of the lavender seed for you too, in case there arent any plants at the swap. And Id love a couple starts of the orange mint if you have enough. Ive been trying to start one for two years now, and every time I get one going I manage to do something to kill it! Gonna just keep trying!

I potted up a few more things today, and will be posting them, but the weather is supposed to be too nice to be inside tomorrow, so it probably wont be until Thursday!


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Hi guys! I don't have a list yet of what I'll be bringing. It's still too early for me to know for sure on the wintersown sprouts, but I wanted to comment on the groundcover that Skybird mentioned earlier.

My Delosperma basuticum 'White Nugget' has grown very slowly, but looks healthy. I could bring a small chunk if Skybird doesn't have enough to meet all of the requests. However, the Delosperma kelaidis 'Mesa Verde', and the Delosperma congestum (yellow iceplant) did not fair well this winter. Both grew much faster than the white one, but only the outer edge of the clumps are showing any green at all. Probably 95% of the original plant appears to have died. I may pull the whole clump out, throw out the dead portion, and replant the part that is still alive back in the original spot, but it doesn't look like there will be enough to bring this year.

I can bring cuttings of the following if anyone is interested:
Sedum kamtschaticum 'Variegatum'
Sedum spurium 'Dragon's Blood'
Sedum hybridum

Since this post is getting long, thought I would repeat the things I am looking for:
Sedums with purple foliage, or the variegated one with white flowers, sorry can't remember the name.
Mints other than spearmint - Chocolate, Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Mojito, etc.

Rudbeckia 'Irish Eyes' or 'Prairie Sun'

Sage, Golden

Geum 'Blazing Sunset' - mine don't appear to be coming back, and I didn't wintersow any this year.

Perennial poppies - orange or red, not the short California one, those have reseeded all over my garden, which is great, saves me the trouble of planting more!

... and if my Brown Berry doesn't germinate soon, I'll take a Black Cherry tomato too.


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kvenkat(5a Colo)

There's a lot of plants listed here that I would love to have. But I will be freshly moved to Colorado and living in an apartment which means no yard. So I think I will limit myself to a couple of tomato plants that can be grown in containers. I'd like one or 2 to be cherry types.

I have some seed packets to trade but no plants (due to moving). I can bring snacks or picnic supplies etc. Just holler!

See you all soon!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

GinnyTrcka I didnt have time to respond to your fern question in my last post, but Im going to start a separate thread with a little basic info about hardy fernswhich I LOVE! This thread is getting long already, so I dont want to add it here! I can give you info on the ones I have and which ones youll often find available at local garden centers. So keep an eye out for a FERN thread!

Bonnie, so far I have enough of the White Nugget for everyone whos asked, but Ill let you know if I get past my limit! What you said about the White Nugget is why I like it so much! It forms a nice tight mound of foliage and doesnt spread too quickly. Some day I want to get a Gold Nugget (also Delosperma basuticum) which has the same habit. I love the dense foliage which really is thick enough to keep out most weeds, and for me, with my small yard, the slow growth factor is a real plus. For those who want to cover as much area as quickly as possible, the standard yellow, D. nubigenum, which, as near as I can tell is the one you have (I got some from you last year), is a better bet, as you found out! D. congestum was the original name for Gold Nugget, but it was changed to D. basuticum around the time the first white sport was found and named White Nugget (by Kelly Grummons/Timberline, who was still at Paulinos at the time, so they got the patent on it!) So Im virtually certain you have the standard yellow, D. nubigenum, andif anybody ever has a start of D. basuticum a/k/a congestum, Id love a start! One more thing! Its not really that unusual for the ice plants to have a "major die off" like you described, so youre probably right that much of it is dead, and replanting with the "edges" is probably a good idea. From my experience, the basuticums are less likely to die off than the "original" ice plants.

And my Mesa Verde, now "properly" referred to this way Delosperma Kelaidis Mesa Verde Ice Plant (Panayoti Kelaidis from DBG discovered it at DBG in 97), still isnt doing enough to take any cuttings either. The only one I have was planted immediately after I moved in here, and its still in BAD clay, so it aint goin nowhere! I started a second plant of the White Nugget last year (originally planted next to the Mesa Verde) which is now taking off, and I hope to get a second Mesa Verde planted somewhere better this year so Ill have some starts of that for next years swaps.

And do you remember the golden-orange Iceland poppy I posted a pic of last year? Well I forgot to bring you the seed last fall, but I ran into it again, so Ill bring it along to the swap! There wont be many seeds, but should be enough for a start. But, remember, Iceland poppies cross, so I cant absolutely promise itll come true to color! As far as I know there were no other Iceland poppies blooming around here when they were bloomingIm pretty much the only one around here who does any significant flower gardening! You might want to wait to winter sow them next winter since they like cold!

And a comment! Have you ever seen the upright variegated sedum bloomingin person? I thought it sounded really nice when I first heard about it, but then I saw one blooming, and I was pretty disappointed with how the white flowers seemed to "disappear" against the variegated foliage! Just an FYI before you decide to spend money on it! (And, dont give up on your Geum yet!)

Kat dont worry about getting anything but yourself to the swap. Youre going to have plenty of other things to keep you busy with your move! Im sure youll find plenty of tomatoes at the swap, and if you look down the posts and see some tomato varieties or anything else you for sure want to try, post here to get dibs on it! And remember, youll need a lot of sun to successfully grow tomatoes, so be sure your balcony or patio or whatever you wind up with doesnt face north!

Ok, heres the things I got potted up on Tuesday! Again, the number in front of each is how many I have available of that plant!

I finally got some more sedums started, and between Bonnie and I, you all can pretty much get all the different kinds I have. Quite a coincidence, Bonnie, that you happened to offer the ones I didnt pot up this year! Ill post pictures of the ones Bonnie will have cuttings of so you all can see what they look like.

The ones Ill have are:

6 - Sedum Angelina
Sedum Angelina
5" X 10"+ - Full sun - yellow - Jun-Jul - z3
Evergreen, xeric, patented, drapes nicely in a full sun hanging basket, over rocks, or over a wall.
Yellow foliage color in summer, turns pinkish-orangey in winter.

5 - Sedum spurium Tricolor
Sedum spurium Tricolor
4" X12"+ - Full sun - pink - Jun-Jul - z4
Evergreen, xeric, remove any new growth that has reverted back to plain green.
Pink, white and green in summer, mostly pink in winter

5 - Sedum reflexum Blue Spruce
Sedum reflexum Blue Spruce
6" X 12"+ - Full sun - yellow - July - z3
Evergreen, xeric, will drape over a full sun hanging basket, over rocks, or over a wall.
Can become "unruly" looking cut down to ground and wait for new growth for thick, compact appearance.

4 more - Sedum album the dangerous one! I posted a picture above in my first post of this one!

And a couple weeks ago I clipped the tops off of the chocolate and "plain" mints I have and they were rooting well enough to put into pots, so Ill have some potted starts of each. I started a "kinda" list of the people who were asking for mint, but I know I didnt get everybody, so Ill list the people I think might want one, but if youre name isnt down and you want dibs on one or both, post here! And if your name IS down and you DONT want one, let me know!

7 - Chocolate mint
Cyndi, do you want one?

8 - Plain mint! Im not sure exactly what this is! At one of the swaps last year I got cuttings of chocolate mint, and a couple of them werent chocolate! They just smell "minty" to me, so I guess theyre peppermint! Two or three of these will be divisions of the plant I grew over the winter from the cuttings I got, and the rest will be the cuttings I just started!
Same people!
Cyndi, do you want one?

Who else was looking for plain or chocolate mint?

And here are pics of the Sedums Bonnie will be glad to bring cuttings of for anybody who wants some. (And I have a sheet explaining how to start your cuttings if anybody needs one!) ASK BONNIE for these if you want some!

Sedum kamtschaticum Variegatum (Request this one from Bonnie!)
6" X 18"+ - Full sun - yellow - Jun-Jul - z4
Not evergreen, xeric

Sedum spurium Dragons Blood (Request this one from Bonnie!)
4" X 18"+ - Full sun - pink - Jun-Jul - z3
Evergreen, xeric, red/burgundy winter foliage green summer foliage

In this pic: Dragons Blood winter color on left (was cut back in early fall), with Angelina winter color on right (also cut all the way down in fall).

Sedum hybridum (Request this one from Bonnie!)
3" X 12"+ - Full sun - pale yellow - May-Jun - z4
Evergreen, xeric, red winter foliage color

Thats all for now!

For those of you that posted what youre bringing, be sure you keep an eye out for people who may have requested something youre bringing! Its a good idea to respond to those people so they know for sure you saw their request.

EVERYBODY, be sure you keep checking the Swap thread for ongoing information, and we still need volunteers to bring a few things. Check over there to see the list!


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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Ooh, NOTHING came up wintersown this year... bummer. On that note, though, I did start a ton of (veggie garden) stuff inside (well, it's a ton for me. I'm no Bonnie with her pepper madness, though!), and they've all been spending their days in the sun until about 3, and if it's above 50, they've even stayed outside at night (otherwise in the garage). So, everything should be good and hardened off by the swap, but may need to be acclimated a bit depending upon where you take them.

Also, I had mentioned it way back but hadn't heard from anyone, so if anyone has some raspberries or blackberries, I'd love it if a few could be earmarked for me.

YAY, we're getting closer and closer!

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laura_42(4b-5a Colorado)

I think I forgot to post in this thread!


Varigated spider plants
Heart leaf philodendron
English ivy (fine toothed, non-varigated)
African Violets (Mystery cultivars -- White frilly flowers, Small deep violet flowers)
Lemon Balm
Pineapple Mint -- if it survives.

I can also bring a few cuttings of Java Fern and Anubias nana if someone has an aquarium setup with enough light to sustain them. Otherwise they just turn into algae factories.


Munstead Lavender
Chocolate mint
Any tomatoes or peppers that are hardy
Any small plants that grow well in rock crevices
Any purple/blue flowered perennials
Any cool houseplant that I don't already have


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Hey Bekajoi, can you pm me with your info so we can figure something out? I updated my profile so you can click on my name and email me directly

On a side note, a neighbor gave me some of the tricolor stuff last year and I love how it looks. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about getting some from Sky =)

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Laura, Ive posted a couple of the things youre looking for, if you want to go back and check out my lists to let me know which, if any, youd like earmarked for you. And any of the sedums or hen & chicks would do well in cracks if you want to check out the different ones of those that Ive posted and let me know which you like.

I dont have lavender plants, but I do have seeds if youre interested in those?

And, Xmas cactus seem pretty common to me, but do you consider them cooldo you already have them?are you interested in some? Ive had some cuttings laying around here for a couple months that Ive never gotten stuck, but I can easily pot some up to bring along if youor anybody elsewants some!

And a little ways back up this thread somebody asked for spider plants, and I think further up near the top somebody was looking for philodendron, and somebody was posting about pineapple mint too somewhere, if you want to check those out and earmark them for the folks that were looking for them.

Mayberry, we usually get two or three people posting that theyll be bringing raspberries, at least, to the swaps, so Im surprised nobody has posted any yettho two or three people have requested them. My guess is that some will show uptho I doubt theyll be the thornless kind, which I know somebody was looking for. For those of you that may have small fruit, its really easy to bring some! You dont even need to pot them up! Just cut them down most of the way, dig them up, wrap the roots in wet newspaper, and stick them in a plastic bag. Its easier than dragging pots of soil around, and works just fine for the small fruits!

EVERYBODY Remember to check the list to see if somebodys requested some of the things youve posted, and let them know if youve earmarked something for them.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Tobaira,

Ive been stalking! I followed you over to the seed forum and found your tomato problem thread. Im not sure whats wrong with them, but I recommend leaving them dry out almost the whole way (even if they start wilting a LITTLE bit, it wont hurt them), and then completely saturate the soiland leave DRY again, and.......

Why dont you start a thread and post your pics over here on RMG? There are some really good tomato people over here, and maybe youll get some good advice! I checked out several of the threads over there, and some of those folks make things way too complicated! My theory with seeds is: Dirt, seeds, and water! Thats how they grow in nature! I think youll find the folks over here are a little morewelldown to earth about it all!


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laura_42(4b-5a Colorado)

Skybird -- Thanks for your generous offers! I already have lavender seed and a couple of baby Christmas cacti from a family member, but I would be very interested in getting some hens and chicks. How cool would that be, having them nestled in the rocks? :)

I'll try to go back over the thread and earmark my plants for those who have made requests....

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sherri09(5 CO)

Hi everyone. I haven't gotten organized enough yet to post my have list, but I've been watching people's want lists & I have a few things for some of you.

Skybird: I have Dwarf delphinium (purple)& Dianthus - Artic fire. Both of these were started indoors this year. Plus some wintersown pink columbine that is just coming up now, I think it was a Songbird variety but I can't recall the exact name. It's pink with white spurs. I also have lots of hosta babies grown indoors this year. We won't know the varigation on these for a while since I know they don't come true from seed, but I could bring some from yellow/green varigated parents & you may get lucky?

Jclepin: I have some Dwarf Fairy Candytuft if you want some more. They are supposed to be 6", but mine are a little taller & have buds on them now so they will flower this year.

Provogirl & Ginntrcka: I will be bringing at least a dozen or more coleus so there will be plenty for anyone else who wants some. These were rainbox florist mix.

Lindseyinevergreen: I have one extra true lavendar, so can bring this for you.

Ginntrcka: I have more shasta daisy if you want another one. If I find another lavendar, I can bring that too.

And last, but not least Bonnie: I have your Geum Blazing sunset! My wintersown ones are just getting their true leaves. It's my first year trying these, so glad this was a match!

For the people I listed above, let me know if you're still interested & I'll earmark them for you and make sure the inside ones get hardened off in time.

I should be able to post the rest of what I have in about a week once I finish my planning. I'll be bringing lots & lots of flowers. I went a little crazy this year with my seed starting and have at least double what I can fit in my garden. I'm so glad there are a few people coming without plants!! I'm coming mostly to give away my extras & to chat with everyone. I can't allow myself to bring home more than maybe a couple of things, my house & deck is already overrun with seedlings waiting to be planted!

Just a few more weeks....
- Sherri

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Sherri, Yeah!! Thank you, I'd love more candy tuft! It is so cute and would be a nice filler for my still empty spaces in one of the beds.

I can hardly express how thrilled I am. This looks like it will be a good swap!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Oh, YES, Sherri! I want them ALL! LOL Ive never had Arctic Fire and would love to try one, And Id love a pink columbineIm getting a columbine from ProvoGirl, but not sure what color its gonna wind up being. And I definitely want the delphinium! There are different kinds of "dwarf" delphinium, so can you tell me is yours the kind that gets 3' tallor the kind that gets 18" tall? Anything you know about the species or variety if you still have the package or tag, would be great. Thank you for ALL of them!

And if you happen to wind up with an extra Geum Blazing Sunset that isnt for you or Bonnie, Id love to try one of those! I was never that wild about Geum until I started some Lychnis seed one yearand it turned out to be Mrs. Bradshaw Geum! Its not growing in optimum conditions (since I thought it was Lychnis!!!), but its doing fairly well, and I think its really prettyand it DOES bloom a long time!!

Ill pass on the hostas for now. Maybe at the Fall Swap! As of a couple days ago Im planning a road trip (sightseeing!) thru Nebraska back to Illinois for my 53-year grade school reunion! Ill be leaving just a few days after the swap, and Im not gonna have much time to get stuff in the ground before I leaveso I wont be bringing too many things home with mebut if its something Ive been looking for Im gonna go for it!

Laura, I have you down for one each of five different kinds of hen & chicksif I get around to potting up any more different varieties, Ill add them to the list! And I posted a little ways up that I had potted up the chocolate mint cuttings I had, and Ive put you down for one of thoselet me know if youre getting one from somebody else.

And Im gonna keep repeating this!

EVERYBODY Remember to check the list to see if somebodys requested some of the things youve posted or that you know youll have, and let them know if youve earmarked something for them.

Only THREE weeks!


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sherri09(5 CO)

Skybird, I found the package for the delphs. The variety is Magic Fountains, Mixed Colors (Dwarf). Height is 2-1/2 to 3 feet, spacing 18in. I hadn't realized they were mixed colors, since I just had purple in my notes, but they range from white to lavendar & blue. 120 days to bloom & they were started on 2/14, so maybe this year? They are about 4 inches high now. And that's a good idea about the fall swap, I always forget about that one. I can hold my really small perennials until then & make room in my car for the bigger ones & annuals now. I'll also put you down for the dianthus, columbine & geum (I do have another one).

BTW - the sedums you gave me last year are doing great! I have 3 different varieties growing under my tulips & I must say they look wonderful. They all spread about 1-2 feet each from just the cuttings last year. They do grow fast! Thank you:)

Jclepine - I've got you marked down for the candytuft.

- Sherri

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Sherri, I'd love to have the Geum 'Blazing Sunset' as there is still no sign of the ones I planted last year.

There is a thread on the Perennials forum right now, and someone on there mentioned that the chiloense type of Geum, which is what 'Blazing Sunset' is, does not seem as hardy as some of the other types. My other two Geums, 'Mango Lassi' and 'Fireball' have come back every year, but I'm not sure what type of Geum they are.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Magic Fountains is WONDERFUL, Sherri! And I dont care at all what color it is! I love them all! I already have grandiflora type, the 18" tall ones, and I love it and would have been glad to have more, but I was hoping it would be an elatum species type for something different. I love them all! Had a Magic Fountains right after I moved in here, but it didnt make it after the second winterit was in my wonderful clay! This time I have compost to work with, and itll be put into much improved soil! Id be surprised if it bloomed this year, but if it does, hey, that works for me! :-)

I dont remember which sedums you got last year, but are there any different ones that youd like this year? I always have enough of the sedums for anybody who wants them! Just let me know if you do!


P.S. Bonnie, the Mrs. Bradshaw Geum I have is a chiloense, and its in terrible soil without enough sun and totally neglectedand its growing well. Floppy from not enough sun, and not getting a lot bigger every year because of the clay, but it comes up early every year and the plant is healthy. Mrs. Bradshaw, the red one, and Lady Stratheden, the yellow one are the two that have been around FOREVER, and I think the problem may actually be the newer hybrids that they keep coming up with. The same thing is apparently true with all the new hybrid Echinaceas that have sprung up in the last several years. At least some of them seem to be less hardy than the "old standbys!" The hybridizers are constantly pushing new things to market because everybody "wants the latest thing," and may or may not know for sure how hardy/stable/vigorous they are when they start marketing themthey just want to start selling them to make money! (My brother used to hybridize mums, and it takes many years to determine if you have a stable new variety worthy of marketing.) So if yours really dont come back, Id chalk it up to the variety, and not the species. Itll be interesting to see how the Blazing Sunset Im getting will compare to the Mrs. Bradshaw.

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Sky, you are so right, I have been remiss in letting others know that their names are on a few things. We got over a foot of small hail and I was waiting to see what is strong enough to commit to dividing and bringing...

Provogirl: Your name is on some raspberries and rhubarb.

Mayberry: You will also have some raspberries with your name on them.

I would love to wish for a new grape vine. It doesnt look like our 7 year old vine wintered. Also, does anyone have a suggestion for something white in a south facing flower bed that is shaded by trees? The phlox does great but can not seem to get daisies to go.


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Well I failed to read the packs of asparagus I bought, 8 crowns to a bag, so I have 2 extra packs of 8 (little--one-year old maybe?) asparagus crowns, if anyone wants to get started on asparagus to eat 3 years from now.

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treebarb Z5 Denver

ginnytrcka, I'd love a start of your wild rose. Thanks!

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Hi guys - just saw your email, Skybird, and I won't be able to make the swap this year. Sundays will almost never work for me so I'll just start earmarking things for the fall swap. If anyone wants 'May Night' salvia or catmint (nepeta 'Walker's Low' - and yes, I really have them this time!!!) right away, maybe Cyndi K. is willing to haul my stuff if she's going?? I'm happy to pot some things up and send them along with her, or people can swing by c-470 and Broadway and dig up my yard. :)

Happy swapping!

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laura_42(4b-5a Colorado)

Finally had some time to sit down and go over the thread properly. :)


Bonnie, Cyndigo, Provogirl, Mistywoods -- various mint cuttings are yours! So far, the pineapple mint is still struggling, but others might make it.

Serpent Moon -- Is lemon mint the same as lemon balm? If so, I can bring some for ya.

Polygonum -- a heart-leaf philodendron is on the way.

Ginnytrka -- spider plant(s), ready to go.


Skybird -- I'm looking forward to having my own set of hens and chicks. Thanks so much. I might be interested in some sweet woodruff, as well, but am not sure if I would be able to contain it. Does it do OK in pots?

MulberryGardener -- Some purple wandering Jew clippings would be great!

Polygonum tinctoium -- I'd overlooked that you had lemon scented geraniums. Would some still be available?

Bonnie -- I'd love to have some Archilleas, esp. the Paprika. Walter Funke sounds neat, too.

Luckybottom -- If there are any heritage raspberries left, I would be happy to add one to my collection.

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Luckybottom, thanks for earmarking the raspberries!

Laura, I'll definitely bring some of the purple wandering jew. It's a great houseplant, but I actually used it in my flowers last year as an accent, and OH MY, it was wonderful. All that from a few measly, unrooted clippings. Wish I had a pic to post (lost it in the Great Computer Crash of 2010)

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I have mint and chives to share, and I would love hollyhocks, columbines, and hardy succulents, if those end up being available. I am excited to see everyone!

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(to laura_42) i am not sure if lemon mint is the same as lemon balm... but i'd like it anyway ;^D

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laura_42(4b-5a Colorado)

Serpent Moon -- I think they're the same. "Melissa officinalis", right? Here's a pic I just took:

Angelina -- Yay, more mint! :)

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ok, well i would like anyway ;^) and thank you :)

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I think I finally managed to get together my final list of things Ill be bringing!

I dug up 3 of the little purple violas that I have growing all over the place! These things reseed easily, but I enjoy having them here and there among my perennials, and theyre easy to pull out if you wind up with more than you want.

I have 4 of the forget-me-nots. These, too, reseed a lotand I love them!

And I found some sweet violets (Viola odorata) that escaped from my escape-proof garden, so I stuck them in potshave 4 of them. Theyll be pink or purple, dont know which! These things literally shoot their seeds several feet, so youll have them coming up all over the place if you start them! Not as easy to pull out as the violas or forget-me-nots!

I also got my blue fescue, Festuca glauca Elijahs Blue, dug up to divide it, and I have 10 of these available.

And I found one honeysuckle bush SEEDLING coming up and potted it up. No picture, but its a honeysuckle bushbigeventually!

And if anybodys interested, I have 2 seedling oaks coming up in my perennial bed again! Since these were planted by squirrels, and theyre not talking, I dont positively know what these are, but the oak most commonly found in this area is gamble oak, Quercus gambelii, so thats probably what it is! If somebody wants these Ill dig them up and stick them in pots. If nobody wants them this year, Im gonna cut them off!

And I have a request! At last years Spring Swap, and the one before that, I gave away a bunch of different mums. When I did it last spring, I dug up the whole plants, divided them, gave most of them away, but kept a couple pots of each to replant. I never got them replanted, and, for the first time ever, all the things I tried to keep in pots over winter died! There was one mum I really wanted to keep, so if anybody who got it could dig up a small start to get me going again, Id really appreciate it! The one I really, really want to get again is the quill onethe one where each petal looks like a tiny straw! If anybody can help me with this, Id really appreciate it!

And, as usual, if anybody has any flats they dont want anymore, I can always use them! And any square pots, 5" or smalleror any pots at all 4" or smaller. Heres a pic of the kind of flats Im talking about. The "solid" black ones with no holes in the bottom are especially useful when Im growing things, and the "open" ones are what I use to carry them in when I bring everything to the swaps.


Its only a couple weeks now till the swap, so if you havent gotten the email from Angel with her address, go to her bio page and email YOUR email address to her. BE SURE to include your screen name so she knows who you are! If you dont send your email address to her, you WILL NOT get her address for the swap! (And if you sent your address already but didnt get the email from her, send it again!)

And we still need a couple/few more people volunteering to bring something to drink! If youre willing to do this, go over to the main swap thread and post that youll do it. Also chairs and a couple folding tables! If you have a few folding chairs or a table you can bring, post it on the main swap thread!

Ill be updating the main swap thread again in the next couple days.

Not long now,

P.S. Almost forgot this!

Laura I have you down for 5 different hen & chicks, and chocolate mint (not sure, I might be duplicating the mintwe can figure that out at the swap!)

Angel I have you down for one of the columbines. All three of my hollyhocks are already promised, but I have lots of seed if youd like some? And if you want to look over the pics Ive posted and let me know which of the sedums and hen & chicks you like the best, Ill earmark them for you. (And there will be lots left for the free-for-all too!)

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treebarb Z5 Denver

I'm glad you asked for flats. It reminded me I need to clear out my garden shed and get organized. I will bring you flats and small pots, at least a couple of each. I would love the oak seedlings if no one else wants them. I always have room for more trees!

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Skybird,i might be able to take the honeysuckle bush seedling, but i have to check on some things so i might not be able to take it.....

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Yes, serpent moon, if Skybird still has the honeysuckle bush seedling, we'd be happy to take it. I know just the spot for it... I'd also love a few forget-me-nots if they're still available. We'll see if they can thrive and reseed here!

I'll be taking cuttings of coleus and the variegated-leaf lemon scented geranium. I'll stick them in dirt to bring to the swap. The coleus roots very easily. The geranium -- well, I'm not sure how easy this one will be. I'll bring some extra fresh-clipped cuttings on the day in case you'd like some for back-up.

I planted tomatoes and a few tomatillos for the swap last week. They're still not up yet! I'm giving them a stern talking-to. We don't have an easy way to provide bottom heat. A sunny window will have to do. We plant everything late because we'll still be getting freezes and snow into June.

Yes, please, to all who have offered mint cuttings. (Serpent Moon and I share a household/garden, so either one of us will do.)

We're looking forward to this! I've told a few friends who might be joining us, too.

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Hi Skybird! I would love to have a chocolate chip ajuga, an anemone silvestris, and an aquilegia chrysantha. Thank you!

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Polygonium, I had the same troubles with my tomatillos this year, so if you have an extra one ever show its face, I'd love an earmark on one of them. We love love LOVE tomatillos in our regular (lacto-fermented) salsa, and hubby likes plain green tomatillo salsa, so we can never seem to have enough of those suckers around.

Have you misted with weak chamomile to ward off any possible damping off? Works almost every time for me! (ALMOST... as mentioned, my tomatillos didn't even sprout with bottom-heat this year; DH has made me put away the seed nursery for the season)

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Checking back in with this thread! :)

Skybird~ After some thought, I think I might have some room for hens & chicks, but I can wait to see what people wanted and take what's left on those. I'm not particular on varieties. I'll be putting them around the base of a blue spruce to add some color and variety to the front yard, if we do end up with any extras.

ginnytrcka~ I'd love some of your sprawling ground cover thyme! And "Snow in Summer" sounds fun! :) I don't mind sprawling things at all, I've got a contained front yard in which to plant such things.

Tobira, I shot you another email! :)

I've got earmarked for others:

Mayberrygardener: Amish paste tomato

polygonum_tinctorium: I should have a couple basils, they're not sprouted yet, but I seeded extras. I've got Genovese and Thai. Worst case, I'll bring seed.

cyndigo: I'll put you down for a Thai basil if they all do well! :)

autodidact: Giant bell or three ;)

I think that was everything, if you wanted something off my list just let me know! I'll be bringing a lot of stuff and just need to know if something is earmarked is all. :)

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Azura(z5 CO)


I have portenschlagiana, Dalmatian Bellflower for you!!!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

WOW! Thank you, Azura!

That was an unexpected surprise when I checked in here to see what was going on!

I don't have time right now, but I'll be back to verify the things that have been requested since I last posted!

Thank you again, Azura,

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Specimen garden thoughts... Okay, so I don't do in-ground gardening at my house, and so don't do all the darling hens and chicks and other things that are so popular. However, we went to the Botanic Gardens last week, and I was inspired by some what I call "Sample Gardens" that were in containers--about 2 X 3 feet or so, and usually on a raised bench of some sort (think "someone put a concrete box on my concrete garden bench"), that had some small examples of some of the native varieties, including mosses, some itty-bitty hens and chicks (Mamas were 1 inch across!), and other small-scale examples, including some sedums.

If anyone has anything appropriate to a miniaturized rock garden to bring to the swap (OMG it's NEXT WEEK! YAY!!!), I have a 2-ft diameter clay pot (yes, with a drainage hole) which I am hoping to use for this. First tenant in my new garden pot is going to be the dianthus simulans from Skybird. I am also open to suggestions, but that might be topic for another thread... Unfortunately, the Botanic Gardens--while very beautiful and we enjoyed our visit--isn't stellar at name-tagging specimens.

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redley_gardener(5 - Golden CO)

Darn the military taking me away from the gardenweb!!!
Well, I'm back (again) and can't wait for the swap!

I will have to look at my wintersowing jugs to see what I have to bring, and will have to trudge thru the many many posts to see what people still have to offer.

I'm looking to bring acai berry iced tea and some tabouli (wish i could put some garden fresh cucumbers and tomatoes in it, but that's gotta wait till later in the season). If it's still chilly like today, we can always warm it up.

I'm looking for a few things, so not sure what you all may have:
-Peppers: casabella peppers (or any small pepper), poblano, serrano. I didn't get to plant pepper or tomato seeds prior to my annual training :(
- Yellow pear tomato
- Grape tomato
-(2) eggplants
-Herbs: anise, chamomile, sage, pineapple sage, summer savory, winter savory, lemon verbena, marjoram, any mints would be helpful too
- Horehound (seeds would be great - can't find any)
- Anise hyssop (seeds ok, why can't i find simple seeds!)
- French marigold
- Angelica
- Red Kale
- Tumeric
- Purslane
- I'll be looking over any perennial flowers that are on the forum and still available. I just got a very large area that I can't wait to plant a perennial flower bed in :)

Wow, I guess that's a bit more than a few. Imagine, that's only about 1/16 of my veggie/herb garden.
See you soon!

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redley_gardener, I'm bringing extra eggplants and peppers, but the smallest I have are jalapenos. I've got a typical heat one and a mild one. Eggplants I have are Diamond, Black Champion, and Black Beauty, all from Baker Creek if you want to take a peek at them. Just let me know which you'd like and I'll earmark them for you. :)

I have hyssop blue, but not anise... maybe extra turmeric (definitely have seeds though)... Kale, I have blue curled scotch, and dwarf siberian, also from Baker creek, no red though. Also seed on that one.

So yeah, just let me know what you'd like and I can set you up with a couple things. :)

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I will be bringing a couple of poblano/ancho seedlings, redley_gardener. I'm confused now as to whether the swap is Saturday or Sunday next weekend. Needing help and feeling old...I would also be happy to bring some fluids...

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Sunday, 11am next weekend. :) If it were Saturday I absolutely couldn't have made it, so I'm sure. :)

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skybird- I would love a forget-me-not if you have any unclaimed.

I am also hoping to find some tallish white and purple or blue bellflowers if anyone has any.

I still haven't read through the whole post to see what everyone else is bringing, but some things I potted up and will be bringing for sure are:

Agastache 'Desert Sunrise' (Hummingbird Mint) seedlings
Russian Sage seedling

I also have some blue flax I could dig up and some apple blossom yarrow I could divide if anyone is interested. I also have LOTS of cosmos volunteers (mixed colors in pink and white) if anyone is interested. Also Creeping Jenny. I'll look through the list and see if I have anything else anyone is interested in.

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Hi again,

I scanned all of the posts in this thread, and here are some additional things I thought of that I can dig up and some things I would like.

skybird- I have both white and blue clips campanula carpatica and both have some volunteers so I can dig up at least one of each for you and put your name on them. They are in the same bed, so I might not be 100% sure of the color, but if you don't get one of each I can try again in the fall when they are blooming.

I have lots of raspberry volunteers, so if anyone is interested and doesn't already have a source, let me know.

I also have some Salvia May Night volunteers I can pot up if anyone would like them.

If anyone wants soapwart, I've got a big patch I can divide.

Here are some things people listed that I would like if there are any unclaimed:
- Campanula persicifolia
- Anemone sylvestris
- Aquilegia chrysantha
- Dianthus simulans
- geraniums (compact rose and/or biokova)
- sweet woodruff
- hens and chicks (any kind)
- violas
- sedum (spurium and or angelina)
- bugleweed

Some other things on my wish list are:
- red pincushion flowers
- lambs ear (something that grows to be wide)
- ferns (any kind)
- hosta (any kind)

I will check back before the swap and pot up anything else I might have on anyone else's wish lists. Looking forward to meeting you all!

~ almond

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redley_gardener - I'm sending up some tomato plants with Bekajoi, will mark one of the Juliet tomatoes for you


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skybird- I would love a forget-me-not if you have any unclaimed.

I am also hoping to find some tallish white and purple or blue bellflowers if anyone has any.

I still haven't read through the whole post to see what everyone else is bringing, but some things I potted up and will be bringing for sure are:

Agastache 'Desert Sunrise' (Hummingbird Mint) seedlings
Russian Sage seedling

I also have some blue flax I could dig up and some apple blossom yarrow I could divide if anyone is interested. I also have LOTS of cosmos volunteers (mixed colors in pink and white) if anyone is interested. Also Creeping Jenny. I'll look through the list and see if I have anything else anyone is interested in.

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Okay, I scanned all of the posts in this thread, and here are some additional things I thought of that I can dig up and some things I would like.

skybird- I have both white and blue clips campanula carpatica and both have some volunteers so I can dig up at least one of each for you and will put your name on them. They are in the same bed, so I might not be 100% sure of the color, but if you don't get one of each I can try again in the fall when they are blooming.

I have lots of raspberry volunteers (I don't know the exact variety), so if anyone is interested and doesn't already have a source, let me know.

I also have some Salvia May Night volunteers I can pot up if anyone would like them.

If anyone wants soapwart, I've got a patch I can divide.

Here are some things people listed that I would love if there are any unclaimed:
- forget-me-not
- Campanula persicifolia
- Anemone sylvestris
- Aquilegia chrysantha
- Dianthus simulans
- geraniums (compact rose and/or biokova)
- sweet woodruff
- hens and chicks (any kind)
- violas
- sedum (spurium and or angelina)
- bugleweed

Some other things on my long shot wish list are:
- red pincushion flowers
- lambs ear (preferably a kind with large foliage)
- ferns (any kind)
- hosta (any kind)

I will check back before the swap and pot up anything else I might have on anyone else's wish lists. Looking forward to meeting you all!

~ almond

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Wow! How many times is GardenWeb going to repost your replies, Almond? Ive had that happen to me on this antique site before too, but never to two different posts duplicated on the same thread! Itll be interesting to see if they get repeated AGAIN!

Ok, let me try to get caught up here again!

First for those of youGreenBean, Mayberry, and Almondwho have asked for a Dianthus simulans, Ive had trouble starting this stuff before, and its the same this time! The first ones I potted up are looking feeble at best! One has definitely died and the other two arestruggling! I potted up a few more today! This time theyre bigger pieces with longer "stems" to try to root. I dont know if it will work or not, but if you want one to give it a try, Ill bring one for each of you. Theyre going to need very special care, probably for 2 or 3 monthsin the pots theyre in! A wet to almost completely dry watering cycle, and Id suggest bright, indirect light. Im not sure if inside or outside would make any difference, as long as youre watching thembut not enough to spook them too much! ;-)

I was planning to dig the whole thing up to divide it and replant it in better soil than the clay its now growing in, but I havent gotten it done yet. (Im hoping it will bloom better if I get it in good soil!) I had figured that if I did that Id be able to get some small pieces that were "obviously" rooted already, but this stuff is kind of strange! It spreads out over the soil, but even though Ive had it pressed down against damp soilfor a couple years nowit doesnt seem to root like most things would! So I dont know for sure yet how to get starts of this one! Im still working on it!

I have the new ones I potted up today! Let me know if youre game to try one of them!

Here are the things Ive earmarked for people since I last posted. Let me know if I got anything wrong!

TREEBARB 2 oak trees!

POLYGONUM/SERPENTMOON honeysuckle bush, Myosotis, plain mint, chocolate mint.

The honeysuckle bush will probably need to be grown in a chicken wire cage for the first few years. It just seems to me like the kind of thing that would be delicious for your "wildlife!" Its TINY now, but once it gets bigger, I think you could just call the nibbling, "pinching"and even it out a little bit with your pruners!!! The forget-me-not will probably need protection at least this year too, but once you get seedlings starting to come up, they wont eat them all!

BUTTERCUP Aquilegia, Anemone, Ajuga Chocolate Chip

BEKAJOI Semps A, D, E, Icicle

MAYBERRY Here are a couple things Ill earmark for you that should work with what youre doing! I have a Delosperma White Nugget which is a VERY compact type of iceplant, and Ill bring you a Sedum album, which is the "dangerous" one that spreads all over the place, but if youre not growing stuff in the ground, hopefully itll be ok. Will there be "ground" around the pot where these are? If so, it might start to appear here and there, but you can pull it out! And also Sedum pachyclados. Both of those can get straggly looking, but if you cut them all the way down to the soil once or twice a summer, they come back looking really compact and pretty! You just need to wait for them to grow back! AND, I also potted up a "special" hen-&-chicks for you! Its Cobweb, the smallest one I haveand a really cute one! I dont have enough yet to be potting them up for "general distribution," but I have enough for one pot!

Also, the size of most hen & chicks is somewhat determined by the space they have to grow in! Icicle can get quite big, but mine are all crammed in a corner right now, and theyre staying quite small, so you might want to consider branching out to some other varieties after you get this thing going! And a suggestion! A strawberry potwith all the little side pocketscan look really cool for the kind of thing youre doing too!

REDLEY Plain mint, chocolate mint, Agastache foeniculum seed (anise mint!)

ALMOND Myosotis, Campanula persicifolia, Anemone, Aquilegia, Geranium Compact Rose and Biokovo, Sweet Woodruff, Sedum spurium Tricolor, Sedum Angelina, Ajugaone of each (3), Hen & chicks A, D, E, Icicle

A Question! Do you want the little purple viola (like a Johnny-jump up but a little bit bigger), or the sweet violetthe one that "shoots" its seeds all over the place and will be coming up all over in a couple yearsdangerous! Or do you want both of them?

Dianthus simulans has been a problemagain! See separate note about it above and let me know if you want to try it!

If the red pincushion flower youre looking for is Knautia, I could bring you some seed! Its OLD seed, collected when I was still at Paulinos, so I dont know if its still viable or not, but if you want to try..... I love the stuff, but Ive always been afraid to plant it since its another one of those "dangerous" plants that reseeds EVERYWHEREand I have a SMALL yard! Let me know!

AND, Id like one of your Desert Sunrise-es!

And if you pot up a couple of your May Nights and soapwort (Saponaria?) and stick a few of your (bare root) raspberry bushes in plastic bags with the roots wrapped in wet newspaper, Im SURE there will be some takers at the swap! The blue flax, yarrow, and Im sure the cosmos too, since a lot of people are looking for annuals at the Spring Swap. Its all the kind of things people will definitely be interested ineven if theyre not asking to have it earmarked here!

One more thing! I have the flowerless lambs eargot it at a swapbut its not big enough yet to be "spreading the wealth." The flowerless one is nice because all you get is the big fuzzy leaves, without the (I think kinda ugly) flower spikes. Im thinkin that by the Fall Swap, or next years Spring Swap for sure, itll be getting out of hand and Ill be bringing divisionsjust in case you dont get any this time.

Just a few more days now!


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Random last minute plea for a plant... my peppermint died. :( If anyone has true peppermint (or another one that's close and is good as a tea) I'd love one! It's a bit late yet, just thought I'd toss it out there in case! :)

Less than a week!

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Just a quick summary of what I'll bring to the swap. I don't have exact numbers yet because I haven't potted them all up yet, and of the things I have potted up, some don't look like they'll make it.
- Agastache Desert Sunrise (one earmarked for Skybird)
- Salvia May Night
- Russian Sage
- Soapwort (Saponaria)
- Raspberry bushes
- Blue flax
- Appleblossom Yarrow
- Cosmos
- Campanula Carpatica blue and white clips (for Skybird)

Looking forward to meeting you all on Sunday!


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kvenkat(5a Colo)

I can bring a 5 ft table. As far as chairs go, I have 2 folding lawn chairs.

I can also bring some food or snack items. I'll try to decide on something today.

Further up the thread I had inquired about putting dibs on a couple tomato plants but I might have to give up on that. My apartment balcony gets shade most of the day except for a sliver of sun in the afternoon. I was hoping we would have a house and a yard by now, but not yet...

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almondstriations- i would like some soapwart, some Salvia May Night, some Apple Blossom Yarrow, and some Creeping Jenny, and some Blue Flax

thanks! :^)

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Skybird, I have Penstemon barbatus 'Coccineus' and it appears to have reseeded a bit, which is odd, since I tried to harvest the seeds last fall, but couldn't find any in the seed pods. Anyway, I can dig the sprouts up, or dig a chunk of the plant up if you are interested in it.

Laura_42, as soon as the weather calms down, I'll dig up a chunk of the 'Paprika' and 'Walter Funke' Achillea for you. Just let it recover for a few days before you try to plant it out.

Other things that I am bringing include a couple of rhubarb 'Victoria' seedlings, one clump of thyme seedlings, one clump of sage seedlings, and a couple of daylilies.

My offer for Sedum 'Dragon's Blood', Sedum kamtschaticum 'Variegatum', and Sedum hybridum cuttings is still open, just let me know if you are interested. I can also bring some spider plant babies if anyone wants them. Other things that I could dig up a chunk of are chives, French tarragon, and Solidago 'Fireworks', but I'm only digging those if someone requests them, as this week is very busy with end of the school year activities for all of the kids.

I had hoped to bring some tomato and pepper seedlings, but they are still so tiny, I'm not sure anyone would want them. As a matter of fact, a couple of tomatoes just sprouted this past week, and the wintersown containers of basil are just now starting to sprout. Things are soooo behind this year!

Wish I had more to offer.


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My genovese basil is JUST starting to come up, not sure if it will be worth bringing. :( And the thai basil isn't up at all yet. Blah.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Bonnie, I would absolutely LOVE to have one of the Penstemons! A RED penstemon! Eeeee-hah! And barbatus is generally the one with the biggest flowers! Eeeee-hah! Hope I can find somewhere with enough sun to plant it! (Is it REALLY red, or is it more orange? Just curious! I want it anyway!) Dont know why you couldnt find seed. Penstemon is usually pretty easy to collect seed from. Might it have all dropped alreadywith your wind? If the seedlings are big enough to get into a pot, that works for me! If theres enough to put more than one seedling in the pot, the odds of success will be better.

If you have time, you might want to make up a couple paper bags with a dozen or so cuttings of each the Variegatum and the hybridum. There are a few people who seem to be looking for as many different succulents as they can find, and both of those are getting ready to bloom for me already, so cuttings from mine would be questionable. If you decide to put them in plastic bags, be sure to leave the tops wide open. Ill be bringing a few of the "how to root sedum" sheets along for anybody who needs one!

Thanks for the penstemon,

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

You're welcome!

It is definitely not an orange-red. If anything, it leans slightly to the pink side, but it is mostly red.

I must have just missed a couple of seed pods, because the ones I cut off were brown, but still closed, so they couldn't have already dropped. I've harvested seeds from my Penstemon pinifolius, so I thought I knew what the seeds should look like, but I didn't find anything like that inside.

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Bonnie, I would love the Sedum kamtschaticum "variegatum" and the Sedum hybridum! I've got tons of the dragons blood and think the yellows might balance out the reds/pinks. Thanks!


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sherri09(5 CO)

OK, Here's what I'm bringing. The numbers are rough quantities of what I have ready. Most of these were started from seed this year. I can't believe it's this weekend!

-Salvia Park's Whopper Lighthouse (4): Red, Any Sun
-Osteospermum Asti Purple (2): Purple, Full Sun
-Verbena Imagination (3): Purple, Full Sun
-Begonia Pizzazz Deep Rose Hybrid(3): Rose, Full/part sun
-Coleus Rainbow Florist Mix (12): Mixed Colors, Part Sun
-Daybreak Gazania - Pink Shades (3): Pink/Rose, Full Sun
-Sweetpeas (3): 1 each Pink, Red, Purple, Full Sun
-4 o'clocks - Tea Time Rose (2): Pink, Full Sun

-Pasque flower-Heiler-Hybrids Mixed (2): Full Sun
-Balloon Flower (2): Purple/Blue, Full Sun
-Blue Sage-Salvia Farinacea (6): Purple, Full/Part Sun
-Dianthus-Artic fire (2): White/Fushia, Full Sun

Perennials Wintersown Last Year should be ready to bloom:
-Painted Daisy-Robinson's Blend(3): White/Pink/Red,Full Sun
-Rocky Mountain Penstemon(3): Purple/Blue, Full/Part Sun

Perennials Wintersown this year:
-KENILWORTH IVY (3): Lavender Blooms, Shade
-Oenothera longifolia 'Lemon Sunset' (3): Yellow, Full Sun
-GRASSES, LUCIUS SNOWY WOOD RUSH (3): White plumes, Part Shade

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Sherri, I would love one of the Gaillardia 'Yellow Queen'. One of my Gaillardia 'Oranges & Lemons' didn't return this year, so I have an empty spot.

I remembered one other thing I am bringing, cauliflower sprouts. I know it is a little late for putting them in, but they are from a 'Chef's Choice' seed mix, so they could have white, green, or purple heads on them.


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Serpent Moon- I will put you down for soapwart, salvia, yarrow, creeping Jenny, and flax. I need to get digging this week!

Sherri09- I would love one of your Clematis Radar Love, Rocky Mtn Penstemon, Kenilworth Ivy, and Balloon Flower.


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highalttransplant- I would love to try any of the sedums you have. Thanks!

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Sherri I would love to have a balloon flower dianthus and clamantis if you wouldn't mind.. ive never planted clamantis and i was worried until i read the thread on controling it!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Sherri,

Id love to add a couple more things to my list! Id like one of the Heiler-hybrids pasque flowers, and one of the snowy wood rushes, which is a new one on me! Never heard of it before, but it looks really interesting!

And if the painted daisies arent all requested by others, Id love to have another one! I got one from you last year at the Spring Swapit was a tiny seedling, and its just starting to bloom now, 7 buds so far, a pretty dark pink! Ive loved them since I was a kid, and maybe Ill get a different color if I get another one. And, its growing well under my upright juniperwhere Ive had trouble growing things!

And just an FYI! The Salvia farinacea is grown as an annual around here. I think it may reseed easily, but not positive.

I dont have you down yet for any of the things Im bringing! Are you sure you dont want to pre-snag something?

This must be Christmas!


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I would like the following if they're available:

Pasque flower
Balloon Flower
Dianthus-Artic fire
LUCIUS SNOWY WOOD RUSH (3): White plumes, Part Shade

I may have missed a count in the earlier postings, I know you only have a couple of some of these, so if they're gone already that's ok! Thanks!!

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thank you almondstriations! :^)

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I don't mind taking home tiny seedlings for those of you who are wondering whether to bring just-sprouted things.

I'll be one of the tiny-seedling crowd. Most of my tomatoes just came up this week! Some are still sprouting.

The good news, for me, is that my Costoluto Fiorentino tomato seeds still germinate. If anyone is interested, I can share some of the seed. I think I planted 3-4 seeds per pot, and got about one seedling from the pot (so far).

I don't know if I have enough of the Black Cherry seedlings for everyone who asked. I'll bring some seeds for that, fresh collected this past winter. It's not too late to start tomatoes, and the germination on these seems quite reasonable.

My tomatillo seeds haven't done anything yet. It's possible that the soil isn't warm enough yet, and that they'll come up if I'm patient.

Because Life has been Too Busy, I didn't have time to start cuttings for folks. I will bring fresh-clipped cuttings on Sunday, wrapped in damp paper towels and/or in baggies. Coleus is very, very easy to start -- stick the cutting in dirt. I don't know how easy the variegated lemon-scented geranium will be to root, but I'll make sure you have more than one cutting in order to improve your chances.

I'm looking forward to all this! So is Serpent Moon. I hope we have room in the car for all the things she wants to bring home...

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I have tons of yellow anthemis
single hollyhocks in the most gorgeous colors
a wild gooseberry
a 3' madagascar palm
couple of pixwell gooseberries
passion vines
several varieties of hens & chicks
crown-of-thorns cuttings
golden currant,....I'm not sure how much will fit in my car...

I'm looking for cactusy, succulenty things for my rock garden. Also I'd like to try jupiters beard
ladies mantel
upright and trailing veronica
rugosa roses
pink currants

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

almondstriations and amserelda, I would love some raspberries, please! If you have enough to mark some for me, I would be so grateful.

Also, if anyone has an Amish Paste tomato, my wintersowing efforts were a complete failure this year, and I would love to have one.

Skybird--I knew you would have some suggestions for my smaller specimen garden, and I actually have seen the "cobweb" hens & chicks--and I love it! Thanks so much for giving me a special selection; I can't wait to get started on this little project. I have a spot that is on a river rock bed, so if anything roots where it's shouldn't, it gets ripped out pretty easily and regularly, so no worries there. I love the idea for a strawberry pot, but--silly me, I put strawberries in my strawberry pot! Oh, and I absolutely will give my hand to the dianthus simulans, and thanks for the "hire a babysitter" heads up!

As far as specifics that I'll be bringing, I know I'll have:
-clippings of purple wandering jew (some promised)
-heart-leaf philodendron (some promised)
-several Red Brandywine tomato starts
-a few Cherokee Purple tomato starts
-a few "oh, jeez; did I just plant Black Krim or something else?" tomato plant starts (I hate it when I can't keep track as I'm planting!)
-several sunflowers--I don't know the variety as they are volunteers from one I got from last year's swap. They are not the single-flower variety; the ONE plant that I had last year had a spread of 5 feet and grew about 6 feet tall with at least 100 flower heads on it at any one time. Needless to say, it went to seed, and while the birdies loved it, they didn't get 'em all!

I do have a six-pack of dwarf okra marked for Bonnie, but the rest of my okra never came up after what I had planted, so... no extras there

I'll probably have a few more selections for the swap, but won't know until Saturday when I map out my containers. Woo hoo! Just a few days now!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Amserelda,

The only potted sedums I have left are Angelina, Blue Spruce, and Tricolor, if you dont already have those. And I can bring you cuttings of S. pachyclados and S. album if youd like (I assume you already have Dragons Blood). And all the hen & chicks I potted up are already promised, but I can bring you starts of a few different varieties if you want to start them yourself.

And I dont know if you read my "private" thread or not, but yesterday I cut a pad off of my Opuntia cactus, and nobody has claimed it yet, so if youd like it, its yours. I dont know what color the flowers are! Id be glad to cut off a couple more pads if youd like. Just let me know.

Id like a start of your prettiest and/or most unusual hen & chicks (I already have Oddity). If you happen to know the variety name, great, if not, that works too!

Also, Angel was looking for a hollyhock, and I had already promised all of mine, so you might want to earmark one of yours for her.

Check the rest of the "What are you bringing" thread and let people know if you see something you want earmarked.


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sherri09(5 CO)

So here's what I reserved for folks on the new stuff:

Bonnie: Gaillardia 'Yellow Queen' & the Geum 'Blazing Sunset'. I don't think I replied to you on that one. BTW, I picked up a tiny Mrs. Bradshaw at the local garden club sale, so I can compare them also!

LindseyinEvergreen: I found my lavendar, so put aside one for you. They look remarkably similiar to the Rosemary seedlings, so I was getting them mixed up...

Bexay6211: Balloon flower, Dianthus & Clematis Radar Love

Skybird: Pasque flower, Snowy wood rush & a painted daisy. I have way plenty of these, I just hadn't dug them all up yet. And mine are getting buds too!! I tried to peek into them, but can't tell the colors. And thanks for letting me know about the Blue Sage - that one had me stumped. The package said Perennial, but when I checked online I kept getting conflicting information...

Almond: Clematis Radar Love, Rocky Mtn Penstemon, Kenilworth Ivy, Balloon Flower

Greenbean08: Pasque flower, Balloon Flower, Dianthus-Artic fire, CLEMATIS, GOLDEN--RADAR LOVE & LUCIUS SNOWY WOOD RUSH. Don't worry about the counts too much - these are just a guess, since I put aside some extras for my neighbors too. But they can have more or less of whatever I have leftover. They are just happy when I come over with flats of flowers!

So, I wasn't going to request anything since I have alot of planting out to do already, but I'm giving in to my obsession & read back through the list. There are a few things I'd like, if it's not too late...:)

Skybird - I'd like to try the following if you have them: an Ajuga reptans Royalty Bugleweed, Geranium Biokovo, Delosperma White Nugget & a sweet violet (I'd love it if they popped up everywhere).

Almond - Can I request a Creeping Jenny & a Salvia May Night?

Thanks all!!!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Mayberry, I have an extra Amish Paste tomato for you! I wasn't going to bring any tomato seedlings, because they are still so small, but if that's okay with you, I'll put your name on it. On the okra, I probably only need two or three plants, so if there is someone that wants to split the six pack, I'm okay with that.


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laura_42(4b-5a Colorado)

Ack! This thread is growing like bindweed! I'll need to go over it again this afternoon when I have a little more time. :)

I just wanted to mention that I have a long table I can bring, if another one is needed.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Laura, I dug up some of the Achilleas for you the other day, and they are sulking. I'd definitely let them stay in their containers until they perk up a bit.

Jclepine, I will get some cuttings from the Sedum kamtschaticum 'Variegatum' and Sedum hybridum tomorrow evening, so hopefully they will still be in good shape on Sunday. I've mailed Sedum cuttings before, and they survived just fine, so they are pretty durable.

Powermuffin, if you happen to see this, I'd love to have one of the Mexican sunflowers (Tithonia?) that you mentioned way back on this thread.


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amserelda- can i have:
a yellow anthemis
a passion vine
a crown-of-thorns cutting
a small piece of golden currant

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I know this is a late followup but I am going to try and make it.
I have: mint (highalttransplant wants some)
'lambs ear'
purple irises
holly hocks and seeds
didn't have time to read all the links above but-
skybird if you haveany of your aquilegia chrysantha, campanulapersifolia, german 'compact rose' or zauschneria left I would love them

this does include potluck lunch like last year right?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Sunflower, yes, its a potluck. All the basic swap info is on the Spring Swap - 2010 thread at my May 11 post. And if you can bring chairs or an extra table, please do. Check out the Spring Swap Food thread for more info on the things we need. Its a much shorter thread!

I do still have a columbine and a Compact Rose for you. I was out of the Zauschneria, but I just went out and dug up a few more little starts and stuck them in a pot. Very few to no roots, so whether or not it makes it will depend on watering. Let it dry almost all the way, then saturate itand repeat until rooted to bottom of pot. Since its Zauschneria, Id predict itll make it for you! Im out of the Campanula, and theres no chance one of those would make it if I started one nowI have trouble with them every time I try to start them! Will probably have a few more at next years spring swap!

Sherri, I put you down for the four things above. I was out of the White Nugget, but stuck a few starts in a pot. Leave it dry all the way between thorough waterings, and it should root for you in about a month.


P.S. Bonnie, if you cut off all but the couple smallest leaves on the yarrow, it'll make it much easier for it to get going. Laura if Bonnieor youcut all the foliage off, leave it dry 95% between waterings and itll be just fine.

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Could I have a Pixwell Gooseberry & a Golden Currant (two if you have enough, would be wonderful).

I have Jostaberry bushes that I planted last year. I think they're big enough to snip a couple cuttings for you if someone could give me a little guidance on how big the cuttings need to be :-)

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sherri09(5 CO)

Thank you Skybird. You didn't have to pot up more of the White nugget - but I appreciate it! Tomorrow will be a busy day getting ready & I'm so glad we're going to have nice weather!!

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Amserelda: I'd like some hens and chicks, please, to add to my collection. I'm not picky -- anything will do!

Serpent Moon and I appreciate the Crown of Thorns cuttings -- she has already requested it for us.

Would you like a cutting of Euphorbia trigona?

Skybird: We already have some sedums from you, from the fall swap. I'm not sure what Serpent Moon has requested, but I'm fine with you giving some of them to others who request them.


The tomatoes I planted a few weeks ago are still sprouting. I take back whatever I said about the potentially low germination of the Costoluto Fiorentino tomato seeds. Even though I saved the seeds over a decade ago, they are still in good shape. I have 3-4 seedlings per pot, of the 3-4 seeds planted per pot. If you are careful, you might be able to separate out the seedlings and pot them up separately. I don't think any have their first set of true leaves yet.

If anyone wants seeds for them, please let me know and I'll package up some for you. Ditto for the seeds from the cherry tomatoes I grew last year from Plant Swap plants -- Black Cherry, Sun Cherry, and Riesentraub. All seem to be germinating well this spring.

Costoluto Fiorentino looks a lot like Costoluto Genovese, for those who are wondering. It's a medium to large sized tomato with lots of ribs, rather like an accordion. They're a booger to peel if you're making sauce. The flavor is quite reasonable, and they grew well in my Oregon garden (coolish dry summers, fairly short season). The original seed came from Sementi, a gift from a friend who had visited Italy.

I'll go through the thread this evening to write down names of people who've requested specific things. I'll make coleus and geranium cuttings tomorrow, plus maybe a few Euphorbia trigona cuttings in case anyone wants a thorny but vigorous succulent as a houseplant.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Thanks for that, Polygonum. Ive cancelled the sedums and they can go to somebody who was only going to get cuttings now. If theres a Fall Swap and you decide you need more of any of them to fill in somewhereI always have sedum starts and/or cuttings, so just let me know then.


Im going to put this at the bottom of each thread to try to be sure as many people as possible see it!

Angel has changed the location of the swap. If you dont already know about it, go to her "IMPORTANT - location change for Sundays Spring Swap" thread and post or email if you have any questions, and Ive posted possible directions on my "Final Spring Swap 2010 Information Thread," which Ill be trying to follow today to help if anybody has questions!


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I know it's a little last minute, but I finally worked out what I'm bringing to the swap. If you reply before midnight tonight, I'll tag for you but I won't get to check in the morning.

6 Broccoli
2 very very tiny cauliflower
3 Carmen Pepper (red, sweet)
3 Pimiento Pepper (seeds were mixed colors, sweet pepper)
4 Italian Parsley
1 Galinas Gold Cherry Tomato

The location of the swap has changed. Be sure to read the "IMPORTANT - location change for Sundays Spring Swap" thread for new directions.

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I have a few more requests, if it's not too late.

almondstriations: Do you still have any agastache available? If so, I'd love a start.

sherri09: I'd love to add a few more coleus to my random collection of coleus. If there's something interesting and different from what I already have, may I have one of the starts? I'd also like a 4-o'clock if you have any left.

Amserelda: Madagascar palm? That seems very intriguing... If no one else wants it, I'd be happy to give it a home.

Here's what I've earmarked by request. Please let me know if I've accidentally overlooked someone:

provogirl: coleus cuttings (if you want cuttings rather than sherri09's starts), Costoluto Fiorentino seedling (it's actually 3-4 seedlings, all very small, if you want to try your luck at separating them before the roots get too entangled)

ginnytrcka - cuttings of variegated-leaf lemon-scented geranium and coleus

laura 42-- cuttings of the same scented-leaf geranium

hightransplant -- black cherry tomato seedling unless you're getting one from someone else. (Greenbean 08 -- do you already have a black cherry tomato from someone else?)

Other than that, I'll be bringing a few more of my itty-bitty tomato starts, plus a few cuttings of things such as coleus, the variegated lemon scented-leaf geranium, and maybe Euphorbia trigona

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Greanbean!! I totally would love an Italian parsley!! It is only 10:22 but you could have fallen asleep. I'd lob a tomato at you to wake you up but I don't know where you live! I can't believe you are staying up so late before a swap. I'm getting up early because pasta is icky-ish when it sits in the fridge overnight. So, up early, to bed early.

I'm not bringing anything other than me, my guy and some food and utensils. I was hoping my pineapple mint would come back but it hasn't even shown a peep of green this year. Someone wanted some early on in this thread but, nope, mine is not alive. :(

No one wanted my cherry bells campanula, awww. That is okay, maybe in the fall or next spring someone will want one.

Oh, and I'm also bringing lots of sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat and a rain jacket. Yep, you never know when it might rain.

No dog(s) this time but Pablo Honey sends his love to all the ladies who held him last year.

See you all soon!


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Polygonum, I thought Jennifer was bringing me a black cherry but perhaps she's not (from the post above...). Would you tag one for me and if Jennifer brings me one, we can put it back up for grabs?

Jennifer, I'll mark one of the Parsleys for you. They're just tiny but seem to grow easily. I've pretty much got everything all together so I don't have to get up super early to do it. :-)

See you tomorrow!

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The location of the swap has changed. Be sure to read the "IMPORTANT - location change for Sundays Spring Swap" thread for new directions.

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Oh, poo!! I totally forgot about the black cherry!! I'll go back and read the posts again...so long ago I kind of forgot!!

I DO have a black cherry!



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