Is it too soon to start planning next year's plants?

cheezdoodle12(6)August 14, 2012

Is it too early to start collecting seeds for next season? I posted a few I have for trade in my profile and some I'd like to try. Nothing special this year since I played it safe with Jalepeno & Cayenne, but I have extras to share & a few others (Mini Carrots & Watermelon Radishes).. Anyone have a few extra hot pepper seeds they would like to trade?

BTW, I didn't see a lot of recent postings on the pepper seed trade forum so not sure if anyone would see if I posted there..

Thanks, Laura

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Laura, most seed exchanges are usually in the fall or winter. And interestingly enough, the seed exchange I will be taking part in this year will not be accepting Jalapeno or Cayenne because they are so popular/common. But don't worry, I could always use some good jalapeno seeds and i have some stuff you might like. If you're lucky, you'll find a few other generous folks on here too that are willing to spread their obsession, oh i mean share their seeds.

Email me:

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Thanks Peppermeister, I will email you

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How did you update your seed list. I've tried a couple of times. I'm not sure why, but it won't let me edit anything. It's as if I'm not logged in, but I am. I'm usually pretty good at this stuff, so it's embarrassing to admit I haven't figured it out. Anyway, I have several varieties of seeds as well. I'll check to see if you have an e-mail listed.


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You have mail cheezdoodle12.


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Go the bottom of this page you are on right now. look in the "Garden Web" colored bar and you will see a link for "Member Pages". Click on that. Then with the next page that comes up, click on "Edit Trade list". DO NOT CLICK ON "Edit Member Page". Make sure you click on "EDIT TRADE LIST".

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Don't feel bad peppernovice - I asked the same thing earlier this year after being here for years. I work in IT and consider myself fairly adept at tech/computers/Internet but the link to edit your trade list is pretty non-intuitive!

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homefry319(5b NE)

No its not to early, Ive been working on my list for next year for a few weeks, I keep saying Im done but I keep changing it

@peppernovice, can you shoot me a email? you dont have a email visible

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Thanks everyone.. I just figured out how to edit my trade list yesterday in fact. I kept thinking somehow it would link off of my profile link at the top, but I had to click the bottom banner.. "Member Pages" to find it.

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It's never too early! Now is the time to start picking up seeds or pods as it is pretty much harvest time for gardeners/pepper lovers.

When do you start your seeds? I'm planning on overwintering some healthy plants for next year. I also started my seeds this past February which was a little too late to get a good jump on the season.

This year, I plan on staring in January under lights in the basement.

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Thanks Bruce.....I guess I don't feel quite so bad since I wasn't the only one who didn't see it right away. It's a shame I know as much as I do about hardware,operating systems,etc. and I couldn't figure out how to update my member's page. I'm going to hide in the corner now.


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@Calcat36 .. This was my first year planting & I started them from seed in February. I'm in NY & we had some nice weather in March/April, then it's been awful since.. rain, rain, rain... Out of all of my plants, I have a few that turned out pretty nice but I'm still waiting on the peppers to ripen. It's amazing they turned out ok considering all they've been through ..frozen, drowned.. etc.. and I never used a grow light while they were indoors.

I'm also very limited on space both indoors and on my balcony.. but I'm looking forward to doing it all over again :) Not sure yet if I will try to overwinter one of them.. maybe my Jalapeno. Here's a photo of it taken just a few days ago.. waiting for it to turn red.

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I should hope not, I already have new seed waiting to get started. Had some friends growing weird stuff too, so I gave them some bhuts, douglahs, and butch t's, and I got... whatever the heck these things are.

Some sort of sweet red pepper with purple stripes, couple of ornamentals, should be fun.

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i should have some seeds in the next couple weeks will let you know what and when available .

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

From 2012, good subject :-)


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LOL.. Hey, I remember this post! Well.. since then I received a nice variety of seeds from PEPPERMEISTER1, ESOX07, & Peppernovice. I started Czech Black, Alma Paprika, Sweet Banana, Numex Twilight and overwintered my Jalapeno & Cayenne. Everything had a nice, healthy start.. but due to the crappy weather here, I only had a few plants survive and didn't produce many peppers. I'll be starting them again this year too though.. Hopefully I'll have better luck this time. Can't thank everyone enough for their generosity!!

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Good luck :-)

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Try some veggie/tomato spikes if you grow them in pots. You should get more peppers on your plants.

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