Blooms Won't Open

Lew_62March 20, 2012

I've had some minis going for about 3 years now. Much neglected. Recently, I repotted them and pruned them back. Well ... they really took off and are looking quit nice. But ...

One of them threw a bud. It sat, sat and never opened. Finally, it fell off. Never opened.

One of my other one's has thrown two buds. I wonder what's wrong, and if it will happen again.

They are inside and in a northeast window. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Roses are not indoor plants. They need sun and fresh air to grow and bloom correctly. Put it outside. If it is still freezing at night, pull it inside to keep new growth and buds from freezing. A little work but well worth it for the rewards your mini will give you.

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Thanks for the response. Appreciated. They are out on the deck in the sun and a soft breeze. I've got post-it notes stuck all over to remind me to bring my babies in, this evening.

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Oh, my gosh! I put my three miniature roses out. I checked on them in the afternoon, and the bush with the two buds? The leaves had turned almost white! The other two were just fine. I wonder what happened? In just a few hours, almost all the green had disappeared from the leaves. Thoughts? Theories?

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In a word: sunburn. Transitioning from an indoor windowsill environment to direct sun outdoors fried the leaves. These bleached leaves will drop off and new, healthy ones will follow.

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Thanks for you're feedback. You're right. Sunburn. I also think that moving them from the warm living room onto the deck was too much a a temperature change. Even though the day was really nice. Sun. Scattered clouds.

What's interesting is how individual the minis are. The other two roses did just fine. No problems at all. Hardier.

I still love my minis and think they are well worth the effort. Lessons learned, here. That's what gardening is all about.

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seil zone 6b MI

How are they doing now? All roses are different and each one will grow and react in it's own way. That's what makes them all so fascinating!

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LOL. Well, the leaves look pretty sick, but the blooms are opening! Once the bloom is spent, I'm going to prune it back, give it a little fertilizer and see what happens.

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Go easy on the fertilizer. To much will kill them.

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