Sending Fresh Peppers by Mail

saleveneAugust 22, 2014

Hey all - I was curious if anyone has tried this? Good or bad experiences? If good, any recommended way to pack the peppers? This would be a small package, like 10 habaneros... Have someone that really wants to try them! Lol

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

I had a member here send me some pods from Florida and Im in California.
He packed them in a Priority Mail flat rate box.
Arrived fresh and undamaged.


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

I've done it. I used a Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box that gets there at least as fast as First Class (a couple days). Box is free and holds lots of peppers. Cost about $6.

But you're in Colombia. Package delivery US to South America is generally considered a crapshoot if it needs to get there within a certain time. Things have a way of getting hung up in Customs for weeks. (Not CO especially, but further south for sure.)

If you want peppers from the US and have them still edible, then ship FedEx Guaranteed or USPS GXG - both incredibly expensive.

Send from CO to US I don't know about, but should be cheaper.

Sending locally, then your question is really about packaging. I basically didn't. Stuffed them in the box - some in bags to keep the varieties separate. Box didn't get squished (they handle Priority Mail very well here). I'd say that's what you should be concerned about - a box they can't or won't squish.

Let us know how your postal system does, and good luck.


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I've sent fresh and dried to Canada and Montana, and other places too.
Priority mail, bag'em, and put'em in a bubble wrap envelope.
Coming from Colombia may get you more scrutiny though...

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

I wouldn't use a bubble envelope for fresh, unless there is something unsquishable inside it.


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I ship 4 to 10 boxes of fresh peppers just about every week. The only thing I can add to what people said already, is that you do not want to put peppers in plastic bags, in the box. It is better to put them in a paper bag. Where ever you are shipping to, about 4 days is about all the time you want to take for shipping when it is hot like it is now. Priority mail the US usually works fine, but I can't tell you about your situation if you are in another country.

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I don't put the fresh In a bag, just the dried stuff. The bubble envelopes work great for small quantities of fresh. They arrive in great shape as the bubble wrap provides some insulation. Recipients let me know...

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Thanks all. I'm actually shipping inside Colombia... I'll use plastic bags for the dried and paper bags/newspaper for the fresh (and then cover in bubble wrap to protect).

I harvested yesterday and I'll keep them in fridge until I ship tomorrow morning. Shipping time should only be 1-2 days and if I package the same way as a USPS box, the peppers shouldn't get squished.

I'll keep everyone posted.

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Mecdave Zone 8/HZ 9

The reason you shouldn't wrap in plastic (or bubble wrap) is the same as for not leaving bananas or avocados in plastic bags. They will spoil faster, though not quite as fast as those two.

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If'n you put yer avocados in the fridge, they last for a week, in or out of plastic...

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Mecdave Zone 8/HZ 9

Tom, yeah but we don't have that luxury in the mail. ;-)

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