Found photo of the three that started my collection.

the_first_kms2(8/9)November 11, 2012

I happened to come across this picture of the first three Plumerias I ever bought. Two Celadines and a Pink. I think the picture was taken around April 2001. I still have all three and they prolifterated dozens of cuttings amongst friends and family.

Photographic proof of "patient zero", Nessie, bigfoot or the Yeti. Take your pick. Thought I would post it just for fun...since things have slowed down a bit on the forum.

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Aww, they look so young! Did you pick those cuttings for the inflos, and were they from Dole?

That must be the pink with very pointy leaves? Wonderful that three little sticks have given you and people you know so much enjoyment.

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Well look at em! So we have the before.... and the after? I'd love to see what time and your expert cultivation has done to them, share!!!
Aren't they cute when they are tiny?!


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Here are the two original Celadines (lit up) in early summer. You can tell by the fork in the trunk.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Wow! And the rest is history as they say..

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