Mysterious Thai Pepper!

oriley(SF Bay Area-zone 9)August 27, 2005

Hello all,

About a month ago I acquired a thai pepper plant in an admittedly unusual way. I was in my favorite Thai restaurant (Thai Stick, in Millbrae, California) and I was admiring the enormous pepper plant they have growing in the window. So I asked about it, and they told me that the owner had been depressed because she couldn't find hot enough peppers here in the U.S. so she planted a seed that she had dug out of the dried pepper flakes that they use in the kitchen, hoping it would grow. Grow it did; it is enormous and happily pumping out scads of tiny yellow peppers. I asked for one of the peppers so I could grow it in my garden. "No!" they told me. "Take the small plant in the other pot!" They looked at each other and conferred for a second in Thai. "You should dig it out, because plants like you," they said. So then they handed me a plastic spoon and a pair of kitchen gloves. I dug it out; they packaged it nicely in a plastic bag and it sat next to me all through lunch. I've planted it in a large pot in the backyard and it is doing nicely.

So this brings me to my question. It is a fiery, fiery hot little pepper, and yellow. It's the same as a Thai Hot pepper, as far as I can tell, except that the fruit is yellow. Occasionally one will turn red, but I have been watching their enormous plant as well as my smaller one and the vast majority of the peppers stay yellow. I assumed Thai Hot peppers all turned red. Am I wrong? Anyone have any experience with them? It is an absolutely wonderful little pepper, burning hot with a nice fruitiness to it. And as plants go, this one makes the best story.

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erik417(z6 K.C. MO)

Hmmph, sounds a bit familiar. One of my favorite Thai places in Springfield, Missouri is called 'Tong's', and he showed me a frozen bag of his EXTREMELY hot 'thai' chilis, and they were all varying shades of yellow, with a few orange/red ones floating around in the bag. I took some seed, and voila! It produced a Tabasco plant. It too is huge, and cranks out bundles of these little imps. It is easily the largest chili plant I have, and if I get a chance later today I will post a few pics of it. Keep in mind that tabascos are used while they are still yellow by some--like the 'Steak and Shake' resturaunt chain, who bottles them whole in vinegar, and also red by others like McIlhenny's (sp.?).

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That is interesting, the Peppers here become a very bright red. It is uncommon to see the yellow ones here in Thailand. I will be at the growers market on the weekend I will take a photo of the 20 pound bags that they are sold by.

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dmullen(Southern CA)

How large are those peppers. My wife is Thai and used to use some that were about 1/2" long and thin like a pencil lead. They really burned.

I like hot food but could not take those and was blistered once.

Can you post a picture of them?

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john47_johnf(Maine z4/5)

This is a new small one for me this year. Called Thai kee Nu

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oriley(SF Bay Area-zone 9)

Yep, the mystery peppers look just like JohnF's peppers, but they are yellow. And they pretty much refuse to turn red, except for a very, very few.

Perhaps I'll have to get a plant like dmullin was describing and specialize in weensy fiery hot peppers. I can think of worse hobbies!

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dmullen(Southern CA)

I have tried to find those peppers in local nurseries etc. but have not been successfully. She got her seeds from friends in Thailand who mailed them to her.

I don't want to eat many of them but I like to grow peppers. Right now, my first Habanero plant is producing and we have picked on pepper. More on the plant and will probably pick them sometime this week.

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Is Thai pepper and suryamukhi cluster peppers the same pepper. I am trying to locate eather plant.

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cmpman1974(Zone 6 MI)

Hi Oriley,

I e-mailed you several times regarding a trade for the thai yellow pepper seeds. I thought we were going to move forward, but I did not hear back. Can you e-mail me privately? Thanks!


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NYCPepper(z6 NYC)

Hey there. I have a pretty large thai pepper plant that i've grown from seed. It's in a south facing window in a 7-inch pot. It's about 18 inches and flowering, but the flowers die and I have yet to get any peppers. I water once every other day (just cut back from once a day). Is it too late in the season to get flowers, am I not watering enough, too much???

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john47_johnf(Maine z4/5)

I would put it in a little larger--10" pot-- and only water when the soil is dry. I have overwintered Thais that produced all winter so that should not be a problem.


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