Miniature rose 'Suzy Q'

ijklmnop(5)March 13, 2010

I am looking to purchase the miniature rose "Suzy Q". I have purchased them from Bridges Roses in the past and now they are out of business. Anyone know someone growing this little gem?

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I looked in the 2009 Combined Rose List and it was only being sold by one company in Japan. No one else had it. There may be some small nursery somewhere that doesn't list their roses with the CRL, but it doesn't look good.

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I can't help you sorry, but I have the name committed to memory .....oh Suzy Q baby I love you .... please do not stick in my ....I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk ...head! Too Late!

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I bought six of these about ten years ago and was down to my last one.
Just found rose rosette in it this evening. Was planning on ordering more because I certainly can't propagate it now~
Drat! It's a great little rose. Can't imagine why it's no longer available.

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