preventing powdery mildew??

rosie_growerMarch 15, 2007

We're getting a little June gloom early here along the coast, so I thought I better spray. I have always used a pressure pump, but while at the nursery I was introduced to the new plastic bottles that have special nozzles that allow only so much of your fungicide out with the water from your garden hose. Boy, what a run-on sentence! Anyhow, I bought it and loaded it up with Safer fungicide and turned on the water. I really liked how quickly I could spray, but my question is this.....The spray from that nozzle is not extremely fine like that of the pressure sprayers, and it looks like little raindrops on my foliage, not a real fine that okay?? Or... is it going to be harder to control the mildew without that fine coating???? Thanks for any help!

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I understand your question but I'm not sure of the answer. I wonder about coverage using the fine mist of a pump sprayer. I see the spray material bead up and wonder how much good it is doing the new growth. I've been doing this as a hobby (20+ years) and a business (16+ years) and generally I just trust that the funcide is going to work and it does.
Although you get finished with you spray job faster and easier with the hose end sprayer you are using more spray material. Just keep that in mind especially if you live in Florida where everything leaches right through our sand.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Hose-end sprayers are not as efficient in using or distributing product as pump sprayers. Also, you need some kind of spreader or spreader/sticker agent (many people use dish soap like Ivory or fancier products such as Indicate 5) to hold the spray onto the leaves.

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