Do plumerias like to be root bound to grow flowers?

meyermike_1micha(5)November 5, 2008

You know how alot of plants have to be root bound in order to put out bloom, such as christmas cactus and spider plants? Does the same hold true for plumeria? Do we have to let the pot fill in with roots, or do they like to have alot of room in pots? Does this make a difference? Do I have to wait for my plumies to be root bound before any inflos?

I know that after reading a post, it has been said that maturity has alot to do with it, more so than fertilizer or dormancy resting period.

So am I to assume that a mature plants equates to being in the same pot for a period of time, and as roots fill in pot, this forces our plumies to put out flowers?

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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

Hi, Mike, I really don't think it's a root bound thing. Bill, (who seems to be hibernating already ;o) ), regularly trims his root ball to re-pot in fresh medium. The ones I have with inflos I know for a fact are not root bound. I really think age/maturity has everything to do with it. If your plants are healthy and happy, just enjoy them till they bless you with tons of flowers. Crafty

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My plants like room to grow. Im not sure of gallon size, but I repot every year and go as big as I can find. I live in SWFL so it is easier to grow here, but I've found the bigger the pot, the more flowers. Of course, some varieties tend to bloom more, like my Aztec Gold's (in ground) are non stop as are my Miami Rose's (some in ground, some potted). Late this season I got a Key West Red and it has inflos to die for (some in ground some potted)! It's been so cool, not sure if they'll actually put out a bloom, but Im hopin' ! I put my Thai Orange in a HUGE plastic pot (35-40 gallon?) and it's still blooming like crazy. So I dont believe root bound is the way to go. I have about 125 different varieties, including about 50 seedlings..I give them all room to spread out. Just my 2 cents :)

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Agreed. They don't HAVE to be rootbound. But if they're in a HUGE 20-gallon pot, rootbound might be OK. They might still bloom because the root system is robust. If a half-gallon pot and rootbound they'll never bloom. I think the larger the root system, the better. Likewise, the larger and longer the trunk, branches, leaves (infrastructure), the better as well. They will eventually get rootbound to the point that the plant gets stressed from lack of nutrients, drying out too fast, etc. That can prevent inflo development in my view. Then it's time to root-prune or move up to a 30-gallon pot!

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a two year old cutting can bloom if given plenty of light and water. 16 hours of direct sunlight and watered almost everyday this summer, got a small cluster of about 6-8 flowers. its still young and definitely not root bound.

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I just started with plumeria this past spring with two cuttings ( about 16") off ebay and both have bloomed already this season, and not from inflos already in the cutting. Until about August I was living in Del Rio Texas where we got lots of strong sun and plenty of heat. I watered about once every three days with Miracle grow bloom booster and I have them in rather large 20 gallon (?)pots! Here are pictures of my celadine...

My Kona Cranberry is just now opening blooms and my wife is away with the camera...

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Wow..Thanks everyone....As I was reading these posts, this thought occured in my mind....They are not root bound in the ground, and they flower just fine anyways..Think I really answered my own question now...Lol

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