Best Mini Roses for OK

hardin(7 SE OK)March 2, 2008

I am getting ready to do a complete overhaul of my front flower bed. After I put in all the shrubs, I want to plant mini roses. I want to plant some that are in the red/orange colors. I'd like to find some that will grow about 1 to 1 1/2 feet, if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions that will grow well in OK? They will be in full sun all day as the garden faces the south and it gets VERY hot. Watering them is no problem and I plan to mulch. Thank you.

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are you wanting show roses or garden roses a good garden rose is denvers dream. have lots of very good roses and i'm really happy with my orders i got about 120 roses from them and they all do fine here in oklahoma let me know if you can't find what your looking for from them and i'll try to help you out!

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ok for the reds black jade, salute and starina for the oranges bambino and saluda. If your from around the okc area the Oklahoma Rose Society will be having a meeting next thursday march 13 at 7:00 at the Will Rogers garden center. 36th street east of portland. Would be glad to welcome you and answer any questions you might have. if i meet you there would be glad to show you my roses when there in bloom and you could decide which ones you might want to plant

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hardin(7 SE OK)

Thanks for the recommendations. I just received a Nor'East catalog in the mail yesterday. I also skim through and quickly circle what catches my eye, then go back and check the details. Oddly enough, I had circled Denver's Dream and Bambino. I will likely order from them. I just wish the weather would straighten up. Thank you.

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kentucky_rose zone 6

I got Denver's Dream last year and wasn't impressed, maybe it was just establishing. It could be the location? Anyway this year will be the telling year for it in my garden. It seemed a little more prone to BS than some of my other roses. I do spray preventively for fungus. Time will tell. My friend, Janis, has several Bambino's and they are hardy, have pretty bright blooms, and are producers.

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hardin(7 SE OK)

Does anyone know anything about the mini climber, Pink Above All? The catalog says it blooms all season. How long does Bambino bloom? Thanks for the replies.

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jont1(Midwest 5b/6a)

I live in Missouri just north of Kansas City. Here are a few mini/mini-floras that grow well for me:
Robin Alonso--superb dark red.
Denver's Dream--gorgeous orange that needs a year to establish itself.
Autumn Splendor--Striking yellow/red blend that grows vigorously and bushy and is loaded with wave after wave of perfectly formed blooms all year long. Great rose!!
Ricky Hendricks--very pretty dark pink/lighter red.
Camden--really nice and hardy growing purple.
Saluda--Beautiful orange melon colored blooms on a bushy bush. I counted over 85 blooms on this bush per flush last year.
Dr. John Dickman--Vigorous growing tall disease resistant bush that blooms profusely for me. My two bushes grew to 6' tall last year.
Leading Lady--For me this is more floribunda than mini-flora. Huge 5' bush with tons of white/pink center blooms that are as large/larger than any floribunda bloom in my garden.
Sassy Cindy--4 1/2' tall red blend from Bridges you would love.
Charismatic--Lovely heavy blooming bush with medium pink flowers that last for 2 weeks on the bush. Can't go wrong ordering this one!!

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