carrot variety

markmahlumApril 27, 2010

What is a good salad variety of carrot? Something short and blunt without the wrinkles and of course, flavorful. Short season would help, too (7400' here).


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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

I'm not a carrot fan but the rest of the fam is, and the 7-y.o. loves 'Short 'n' Sweet' & will go out in the garden and take her own carrot and that's the var. she usually pulls. That or smaller 'Purple Haze', which is in the ground and sprouted now. Packet sez 68 days, & I'll stagger ~ 3 weeks to keep them going.


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I like Nelson Nantes, Mark. DW thinks a carrot should be longer, her hands are a lot smaller than mine and I don't usually shave off too much skin with the peeler . . .

Trying to keep her happy, I order seed for the longer varieties each year but Nelson has been around in my garden for many years. It seems to be just a step more consistent than Nantes Half-longs - another good choice.

And yes, Skybird, I'm finally trying Royal Chantenay again after nearly 40 years. Maybe they won't split quite as easily as the Sugarsnacks. (I've also learned that fertilizing within 40 days of harvest is considered risky behavior by some who have more expertise than I do.)


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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

We have the 'Nelson' as well and they keep well and quite a bit longer in length than 'Short 'n' Sweet', and when we give some away everyone seems to like them. So, we grow 'Nelson' (65 days) , 'Short 'n' Sweet' (68 days) and 'Purple Haze' (70 days), and take all the weather that can be dished out, keep well, and get eaten. 'PH' the largest, 'SS' smallest and shortest season.

Again, I'm not a carrot fan so I can only go on what the fam and friends eat and say.


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I'm going to try Nelson and Short n' Sweet. Given the storm that's predicted, I might have to plant them with a snow shovel.


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