Could This be True

labrea_gwJune 20, 2012

Guest workers in Beaux Bridge Louisiana claim they are working in 3rd world conditions keeping head biters supplied with crawdaddies. I received a petition regarding this but I figured it couldn't be true...could it.

Seems these workers are here on temporary visas as guest workers. Again they are here hired under the federal H-2B temporary worker program ( i reiterate this to shut the illegal workers crowd up)

Here is a link that might be useful: Guest workers

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Of course it can be true... sweat shops still operate all over the globe... even though we have labor laws in place here in the US. Employers feel they can get away with these practices because the guest workers might not be aware of our laws, and they need the employment.

I think Sam Walton would turn over in his grave if he could see what has happened to his dream, his beginnings, that have become nothing more than one giant corporation of greed.

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Of course I believe it! Of course I believe this will be another one of those see no evil posts by the enlightened right minded folks.

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Who needs unions anyway.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

Of course Wal-Mart could not substantiate the claims; they didn't talk to the workers. Easy, no?

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Nothing Walmart does surprises me.

I do not go anywhere near that store.

As we say in my family, if you can afford to not shop there, you shouldn't.

I would never tell someone that cannot afford to shop somewhere else that they shouldn't give their money to Walmart. But, if you can afford to purchase your goods somewhere else at a slightly higher price, I think you should for the good of everyone. Just my opinion.

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Jill, there are other stores equally as cheap as Walmart... some even cheaper! We shop at either Meijer's or the Dollar Store here in town. We shop online quite a bit, too, and use Ebay a lot. Aldi's is decent for cheap food, as are some of the Dollar Stores.

There are alternatives to Walmart, which I don't think is that cheap anymore, when you consider the quality of items offered... you really have to watch your prices. Availability is the question... if all you have access to is Walmart, you're kind of stuck.

We're lucky in that we don't have to step foot in one if we choose not to.

I'm big on reading labels... on everything. I prefer to buy items not made elsewhere, but if I can find quality made in another country, I will buy it. It greatly depends on what it is.

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did'nt expect a single response from an of the fatuous immigration trolls & organized labor haters.

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Chirp chirp chirp

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"They threatened to beat us with shovels to make us work faster. When one worker called the police, the boss threatened our families in Mexico."

Sounds horrible. So what is being done about it? The article was pretty vague. Criminal acts are just that; no one was charged?

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There's nothing vague about any of it... all the links are there to find out about complaints filed, when, where, by whom, to whom, etc.

To find out what's being done about it, one must click the links within the article and read the information.

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As if that wasn't known.

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