Oh oh COLD temps coming! What should I do??

No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)November 5, 2012


So I have been watching the weather closely for the last month and so far so good... temps have been staying above 50s at night.

But this weekend the forecast said we will have 2 nights of 42-45 temps at night and high in the mid 60s during the day. So my question is at these low temps should I take ALL 70 plants inside for those two nights?? We have two storage closets on both balconies that I wonder if I can store the larger plants in there and bring the smaller ones inside? It won't be as warm as inside the Apartment but it will be covered and I can just leave the light on all night?

Either which way, it will be back breaking work moving them in and out. :(


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I would cover them in place with old bed sheets. Pull the covers during the day and then cover back at night. It should help protect from any cold air settling on top of them.

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42-45 should be okay, Lynn, but you can always cluster them together and throw old sheets or light blankets over them and they should be fine.

There's this stuff called frost cloth that's very lightweight and works well, plus it's usually light-filtering so it can be left on for several days at a time. Just don't use plastic.

This time of year is when our cavalier attitude about collecting catches up with us. I expected to have a maximum of 50, but somehow managed to go over 60. I don't know how that happens. :P Now I'm "playing Tetris" in my house, trying to fit them in any crevice I can find, only to take them right back out when we warm up again.

Good luck!

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Unless you're expecting frost, things should be fine. A
sheet or something will help. But unless you get frost
or freezing temps, there's no real reason for concern.

Or you can try what I did one year when frost was expected
(an unusual occurrance in Glendora).

I covered each growing tip with a sock. Yes, you read that
right...a sock...the things that go on your feet before you
put your shoes on. Worked like a charm.

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I would do nothing! They will be OK. You do not need to cover them.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Ok thank you everyone for your feedback. Seems like the consensus is that I shouldn't worry too much at those temps.

But just in case... (blame it on the mother in me) I'm going to do this:

All the larger plants will be tucked under the covered patio.

All the medium plants will go inside the storage closets.

All the baby plants will go inside the apartment.

I will buy some frost blanket just in case. Now I can sleep in peace knowing my babies are safe! Thanks again you all. :)

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Here in North Texas our temps have ranged from 40 - 60 degrees overnight and day temps 68 - 85. I have moved all plumeria & adenium under a covered patio for possible frost protection. Due to high humidity we can have frost when temps dip below 44 degrees. I also covered them with a sheet on those nights for added frost protection. I have been slowly trimming leaves for three weeks to help them into hibernation and limit the mess once moved into a back bedroom.
Predictions are for 34 degrees next Tuesday 11.13.12. I began moving them all into the bedroom last night for their four month storage.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)


When you use the sheet or frost blanket HOW do you keep that on? My plumerias are on the two balconies so I don't know how I would keep the frost blanket/sheet on them since I can't stake them on the ground?

The crazy thing is our temps fluctuate so much that I am constantly having to move them, in and out in and out again! I'm killing my back here especially the ones in the gritty mix! I just wish it would stay hot or cold and be done w/ it. :(

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Lynn, unless you know it will be under 40 in your area, I would just leave them in place, cover with a sheet and tuck the edges and corners under the pots themselves.

I also use rocks, empty clay pots, whatever's lying nearby to hold down the sheet or blanket. It doesn't have to be perfect coverage, just enough to protect the tips of younger plants from a little frost.

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Use alligator type clothes pins or clips and tuck in the edges. The Absolute best type of sheet is the fitted sheet with the elastic band. Once you tuck those in or fit around plants they hold themselves in place pretty good.

I'm watching that Monday night Cold front too. Yesterday they had the frost potential for the Northern suburbs at 80% but now I think its backed down. Accuweather says a low of 40.

I'll make the call on Sunday to move into the greenhouse. It would be two weeks earlier than last year but not abnormal.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Thank you Kms2 and Jandey! I got plenty of sheets so I just need to get some clothes pins or clips. We're looking at a few nights in the low 40's. It has been raining on and off all day today and barely reaching 60s.

So this AM I have moved all my babies (new rooted plants) inside where they will remain through this cold/wet spell. The medium sized plants are safely stored inside the two storage units on the balconies. All I have left are the larger 5-7 Gal plants... and they are all huddled under the covered portion of the balcony. I will cover them w/ a blanket... wish I had some xmas lights to warm them up though. But everything is in storage. Fingers crossed that it doesn't dip below 40!

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