Spring Swap: May 12, 2012 noon

horse1234massage(5)April 9, 2012


Spring Swap will be Saturday, May 12th noon

North of Kersey, 8 miles east of Greeley.


Lets have a pot luck. We will offer ice tea, coffee, electricity (should you need to keep something warm). Our contribution to the pot luck will be a pork roast with gravy over rice, all prepared on our open pit fire.

Please private message me with your email address and I will send out emails to everyone with directions to my home. If I don't respond to you in a day please make sure to try again.

If you don't have things to swap you can still come! There's been more than enough in the past for everyone. Getting together and putting faces to the screennames is the real fun of it! "Link to 2011 swap" . This is a great reference to skybirds swap FAQ's. Please feel free to post what it is that you'll be bringing. You can work out amongst yourselves if there's something someone really wants and would like to claim dibs on prior to the swap and hopefully that person will set aside for you.

Looking forward to it! Let the RSVP's begin below!

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Will be there, count me for 2.

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Sorry guys, I'm out. Daughter graduates the weekend after so I will be doing prep work.


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treebarb Z5 Denver

Congrats on your daughter's graduation, billie! We will miss you. Hope to see you at the fall swap!

Bonnie, I'll be there, too. I sent you an email.

At this point it looks like I'll be bringing:

Tomato and pepper plants. I started 9 kinds of each and will be starting to pot them up soon. I'll post what types closer to the swap.

Lucifer Crocosmia - since they're small bulbs I'll probably put 3-5 in each pot. I will probably bring 4 pots.

Dahlias - American Dawn - a coral/pink and Blue Bell - a lighter lavender/purple. I'll bring one of each.

Lilies - White Pixels - White with burgundy center and Midnight Mystery - very dark burgundy, almost black. I'll bring 2 of each.

I may bring a couple of conifer tree seedlings as well, but will have to see what I don't have room for after planting the next few weeks. They will probably be Pinon pine and Corkbark fir.

Can't wait!


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Barb - I've never grown dahlias but the two you have are gorgeous! I'd like to put a claim on them but it's a little early in the game to get greedy, I think... :)

I always have the usual suspects - 'Walker's Low' catmint, piles of valerian, 'May Night' salvia (and possibly 'Caradonna', they self-sowed together!), maybe a couple of 'Red Rocks' penstemon, white yarrow galore and yellow columbine. I think there are one or two callirhoe involucrata out there as well. I can also spare a lily of the valley if someone wants one. From the back border - viola labradorica, alchemilla mollis, 'Cherry Bells' campanula, fragaria 'Pink Panda' (although it might be 'Lipstick'), and POSSIBLY a division of my 'Fireball' geum. I'm also willing to dig up raspberry starts if anyone wants them.

I'll see what else I can find! Maybe I'll have hyssop babies again this year...?

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I feel a huge round of Plant Greed coming on...

I recently sowed tomatoes and stuff, so we'll see how big they are in a month. I also winter-sowed seeds from previous plant swaps. Not all have sprouted. I sowed enough to share depending on how well they are doing by plant-swap time.

Many of the plants shared with me in previous swaps have returned this spring. I am so happy! If they do well, I hope to have some starts to share by the fall swap. (I might ask for a few replacement plants for the non-survivors, if all of you aren't already tired of my begging.)

I have houseplant starts for a lot of common and easily grown houseplants.

I'm so excited!

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treebarb Z5 Denver

Maybe it was too soon to say what I was bringing! Lol! I shouldn't count my plants until they're potted up.

Since I'm bringing smaller quantities of things, I may not do "dibs" on things or at least not until I know for sure how many I'm going to be able to bring. I sure wouldn't want to disappoint anyone.

amster and poly, you're making me laugh. I'm with you, been anxiously awaiting swap time!


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Won't be able to make it to this one either :( since I have to work.

Hope everyone has a great time and happy plant swapping!

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Thanks Bonnie for hosting the swap and a pig roast Wow! I need to make sure I am there then! I am almost certain I can make it and if I do I may have about 5-6 Penstemon Red Riding Hood. I am trying to root some shoots from cleaning up the plant and pruning about a month ago. So far they look ok - they're outside under the porch. I would have rooted more but didn't think about it until the last bucket of clippings. The rest of them I had "flung" into the weed field next to our house and didn't feel like traipsing through the weeds looking for them. This is what it looks like below - This pic is from June last year. It's the only thing blooming in the picture and yes�next to our house is the weed factory!! which is in FULL bloom with dandelions now! although it looks quite pretty I might say.

I was also hoping to find some seedlings from my Origanum Herrenhausen since I was told it would self seed prolifically but I haven't seen anything that resembles the parent plant - I only see what looks like bloody dandelions!

May have some winter sown seedlings to bring if I can keep them alive!

Speaking of keeping things alive�I am beyond excited to see the plants I got at last Spring swap survived the winter Yay!

The Shasta Becky from Skybird is coming out like gangbusters! This is a pic from last October 2011 and it actually produced 2 flower stalks which got sheared at the stems by an unknown critter I suspect rabbits. Thank you Skybird! and Billie ( the dirt in this bed was amended with the buckets of BS from you! ) Congratulations on your daughter's grad and will miss you.

I also thought the Anemone Sylvestris' ( Also from Skybird )was a goner since I couldn't find them. ( I need to mark plant spots! ) but it eventually emerged and I think I see a couple of flower buds very exciting. I was also surprised that I have a clump of Snapdragons that actually survived the winter! I thought they were annuals.

About Potluck - I am thinking either quiche, maybe a nice big salad or a fruit tart? Anyone has any prefs?

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My Origanum Herrenhausen survived the winter and has sprouted again. I don't know if I have enough to share yet. But hopefully I will by the fall swap, or if not, then next spring. It's looking pretty good already.

I don't know if my cascading ornamental oregano survived. It is not showing any signs of life yet. I hope to get more from a friend if I need to; it is a very attractive plant.

Sugaralice: If you have some spare penstemon, I'd be happy to give them a home.

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singcharlene(Zone 5)

Sounds so fun but I can't make that day. :( We are hosting a concert for the Colorado Conservatory of Jazz Arts teens at 3pm.

I'll miss seeing everyone and all the plants (esp heirloom tomatoes) I get every year!!!

You all have fun!!


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I just checked my Penstemons RRH and so far 5 are looking pretty good, small but good. Poly I have you down for 1. 4 left to go. I can also take cuttings on the day of the swap if someone absolutely must have one. They really are pretty and much hardier than I thought and so far has thrived on neglect. I water it when I remember although I did frequently water it during it's 1st season. Sorry I don't have close up pics but the flowers are a brighter shade of red but still definitely red, not coral and not dark red but still red nonetheless. They get a good flush of bloom in late Spring and last for a good while and with deadheading I observed last year they would sporadically bloom the whole summer or get a second flush of blooms at the end of summer if the spent stalks gets clipped down ( I did that the previous yr - being it's 1st yr in the ground ) Below is a pic taken last October. I had left the stalks go to seed at that point in hopes that I would get some seedlings but nothing so far. We get some real whipping winds out here so that could be why I don't have anything reseeding close by!

Poly - my Herrenhausen oregano is just next to the Penstemon in the pic and this year it looks like it's finally taking off. It will be it's 3rd Spring in the ground too and is mounding out nice and full. Maybe I will have some to share by next Spring. How do you divide these anyways? I did collect the seed heads and I think I see seeds so anyone is welcome to them if they like to try seeding them.

I will post another list of some winter sown stuff in a few weeks. Like Barb, I don't want to disappoint anyone since they're small sproutlings and I could end up killing some of them! although they're just ordinary stuff LOL!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi all,

I posted over on the first thread that I was coming, but haven't had time yet to post it on this one! I'm coming!

Bonnie, thanks for giving a link to all the info on last year's swap! It sure makes it easier for me! For anybody who has any questions at all about what happens at the swap, please check out the link in Bonnie's post above and I believe you'll find answers to just about anything!

Pork and rice and gravy! That sounds more like a whole meal to me than part of a pot luck, Bonnie! Thank you! It sounds incredible! In thinking about what to bring I was thinking how apples go well with pork and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna bring some of my fruit coleslaw which has both apples and pineapple in it.

I'll also plan to bring the sign in sheet, name badges, and the numbers for our first two rounds of picking!

Actually, I had been thinking there was still a lot of time until the swap, and it wasn't until TreeBarb mentioned to me that it's not that far off that I realized I needed to get my bum in gear and pot some things up! Because of time constraints I may not be doing dibs this year! In the past I've brought up to 400 plants and a couple times I had people with dibs on almost 200 of them, and it takes a lot of time to try to keep track of it and get it all straight--and one time I DID forget somebody, and I felt really bad about it. If the number of people coming stays pretty low, like it is now, I may decide to take dibs closer to the swap, but for now I'm just going to post what I'm bringing so people can be thinking about it, but I won't be keeping track of who wants what. There are a couple people I still owe things to from past swaps, so a couple of you I'll be emailing to see if you still want what we've talked about in the past! Polygonum, I know you still want the Zauschneria, and, yes, I did dig that "stuff" up about a month ago and potted up a bunch of them! They look REALLY awful, but at least some of them are starting to grow so I'm pretty sure I can guarantee you at least a couple of them, and if most of the rest of them make it you should be able to grab a couple more in the free-for-all!

So--including the stuff I got potted up today these are the things it looks like I should have to bring along---assuming they make it! I'm up to 50 already, so I'm sure I'll have at least 100 plants to bring along to this swap again--probably more! For any Swap Newbies, my plants are all "starter" plants in 8 oz. styrofoam cups! [Equivalent to a 2 1/4" pot at a garden center!]

~ Shasta Daisy 'Becky' - looks like I'll have 6 or 7
~ Viola, Johnny-Jump-Up - at least 3 and probably more - the first 3 are yellow and purple and not sure if I'll have some of the all purple ones this time!
~ Hollyhock - at least 5 years after taking out the big ones I still found a seedling coming up!
~ Yellow columbine, Aquilegia chrysantha - have 3 now and will probably do a couple more!
~ Acanthus hungaricus - this is the one I took out last year and I figured I'd still have them coming up this year--and I was right! Have 5 of them if they all make it!
~ 'Lavender Ice' Iceplant - should have at least 8 of these!
~ Zauschneria californica - The most aggressive thing I've ever grown! Not sure how many I'll have! Mine is gone now and any that keep coming up will be Roundup-ed, so this is the only time I'll have it!
~ 'White Nugget' Iceplant - two as of now!
~ Mesa Verde Iceplant - have one and not sure if there will be more!
~ Limonium latifolium, Sea Lavender (perennial statice) - will have one if it makes it!
~ Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm', Black Eyed Susan - have one now and might be able to get a couple more!
~ Annual Larkspur (Consolida) - did 5 of them today and may add a couple more if I have time!
~ Agastache rupestris, Licorice Hyssop - I MAY have two of these--if they make it! Still waiting to see!

I'm also planning to do a half dozen or so of each of my three Ajugas, 'Chocolate Chip', 'Royalty', and 'Arboretum Giant'.

Will be doing some of whichever sedums I can get cuttings from--not sure which yet.

Will be doing a few of the Chrysanthemum (Leucanthemum) 'Hillside Pink Sheffield'

And I probably won't have many hen & chicks at all this time! I finally realized that with as many chicks as I was pulling off each year for the swaps, mine were never getting any bigger--and a couple of them actually got smaller when a bunch of the hens bloomed, so the Semps are pretty much getting put on hold for this swap at least!

I know there are some other things, but that's all I can think of right now---and I need to run out and move the sprinkler!

Really looking forward to it,

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Hey guys, I'm gonna try and come out for the swap. There is so much that I need (as I'm currently landscaping my parents house from scratch), but I don't have a whole lot to share. One thought I had is that I might bring a few containers of live red wriggler composting worms.
I do have lots of worms, so if that would interest anyone...
I'm mainly in need of xeric perenial plantings (penstemons, ice plants, etc would be great!)

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

I think I can make it! I have about a zillion things going on the following weekend, so I'm SO glad it's the 12th! I'm going to go back now and read everyone's posts, but a request, if I may be so bold (ya'll haven't heard from me in a year, and now I go askin' for stuff. Who do I think I am, anyway?).
I made the fatal mistake of hiring out the cleaning of my yard, since last winter snuck up on us before I could get anything cleaned up. I had a Japanese guy come over, and we talked about keeping all the leaves and last year's garden materials, and shredding them into the compost pile, you know, the one covered with some loose leaves and sitting under a few leftover bags of leaves from the year prior. Yeah, well, apparently, he didn't remember that, because they came in and with a blower, took out EVERYTHING, and then also took my bags of leaves. I'm crushed! I'm compostless! I'm in desperate need of leaves, if anyone has a bag or two (or five) available. I have two compost tumblers, and without some dry material to add to them, they get to be a pretty soupy mess.
At this point, I can offer sunflower seedlings and hollyhock starts, as well as one crepe myrtle. I have been SO crazy, that I haven't started a single seed this year :( and regret that I will not be bringing 50+ tomato starts again.
YAY for this beautiful weather we've been having--I've been bitten by the gardening bug!

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Thanks, skybird, for giving me one last chance at the Zauschneria. I hope that it does well this time, and that I don't come back in a few years cursing myself for not believing you when you told me how thuggish it was!

I'm hoping to pick up a few ice plants if you have some extra. One survived -- I think it's the common yellow one. I'd try them in a new spot, probably near where the yellow one seems to be thriving.

Amester's white yarrow is doing very well for me. I'd be able to share a few starts if (a) Amester isn't bringing it, and (b) someone requests it. It overwintered but hasn't bloomed for me yet. And still, it is already looking very happy and starting to multiply.

The tomatoes I started are still very tiny. I'll probably bring a few anyway. I'll see what else is around! Hopefully by fall I'll have a lot more to share.

I also have a fair number of houseplants if someone is looking for a cutting to root. I can list what I have, but won't bring stuff unless by request, probably.

Amester, I would love some of your "usual suspects", as usual. The viola sounds lovely. (And ditto for skybird's johnny jump ups) If you can spare a lily of the valley, I'd like to try it. Another salvia or two would be great, and maybe a catmint if there are extras.

My plants are still sprouting, so I'm not sure what did or did not survive the winter. A few things I thought were dead are showing signs of life. So I am hopeful that much of the rest will resprout and grow. If not, then I'll fill holes with new plants!

Do we need a thread for what we're bringing or begging for?

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Oy...Well, my attendance is now up in the air. My stepdaughter's graduation is in about two weeks and we were just now apprised of the plans. Apparently her local grandparents are throwing her a party the week before, so my two sets of in-laws have been invited out early and will be coming in on...you guessed it, the weekend of the 12th!!

Darling kid, but queen of "I could have SWORN I told you guys...didn't I tell you guys?"
I'll see what I can do but it's pretty hopeless.

Anyone who wants to come to my house to dig stuff up will be welcome to, though! Celeste - I have piles of xeric plants if you want to swing by.

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Looks like I will be bringing an assortment of seeds (from veges to flowers) to share, but I can also bring some mint starts (chocolate and mystery/plain) as well as light purple bearded iris (some of mine did not flower until this year, so I've discovered I have a multitude of purples!). Oh, I can also bring some starts of blue spruce sedum. If you let me know you want mint or sedum soon, I can plant some up this weekend - think that should give them time to have some roots starting by the 12th. But I can just bring cuttings as well.

If anyone has some other colors of iris to share (yellows or reds especially would be nice), I'd love to have a few. I have dark and light purple, and one Jungle Princess I got from a swap (it's blooming the first time for me this year, and it's lovely!), and I'd would like to add some other colors. Also looking for a Rose Of Sharon.

I assume the pot luck is just that - bring whatever ;^) So I'll do as in the past and bring a savory as well as a sweet to make things even.

Looking forward to it!

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I would like some mint starts, since I have killed mine again. Unless you don't wish to entrust your precious mint seedlings and cuttings to my apparently murderous tendencies.

Bummer, Amester. We will miss you! If you have spares, I would not mind coming to dig up a few starts... I might have a few things to offer you, too. I'll send you a message offlist to see what we can arrange. Most of what you shared last year seems to be doing fabulously so far.

mstywoods: I have a Rose of Sharon, but no seedlings or anything. Do you want to try your luck with a fresh cutting? The variety is Blushing Bride, a double light pink. My plant is just starting to leaf out.

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

I'd be happy to bring you some mint starts polygonum! These are both plants I got from a swap, and they have been very hardy and prolific, so maybe you will have good luck with these :^) They come back strong and healthy after the winter. I have the plain (or possibly pineapple) growing in a semi-shaded area, and the chocolate is growing in a sunny spot. Both do very well in their very different environments, so I'd say they are very forgiving plants - other than putting a little leaf mulch over them at the start of winter, that's pretty all I do for them except for watering.

And I'd love to have a cutting off of your Rose of Sharon - that variety has some beautiful blooms! I've never started one from a cutting, let alone grown them at all, so if you have any tips I'd appreciate it. I googled propagating RoS from cuttings, and it definitely sounds doable - both starting in water, or in soil/sand/peat moss (seems there are quite a few methods people have tried).


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lattefairy(Zone 5, CO)

Hi there! Thank you for hosting this year's plant swap. I will be attending with a friend and my mother.

Would love some more lily of the valley if any of you have some to spare. I am still trying to figure out what to bring for the swap. Will post more soon.

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I'm not going to be able to come to the swap. I'm becoming a Daisy scout leader and we have a Butterfly Pavilion field trip on Saturday.

Sad to miss it!

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One week from now the whole thing will be over, if you have not gotten driving directions please email me with where you are traveling from.

I will have tomatoes, chocolate mint, sweet woodriff, raspberries and pole bean seeds. And of course anything in the yard you want to take starts from. Also, we have a hill of dry horse manure (over a year old) free for the taking. Add it to compost pile as brown, make compost extract or add water and it will finish to compost fairly quickly. Plus, it is organic!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi all,

I spent a couple days potting up things for the swap and just thought I'd update what I'm bringing so folks can be thinking about what they might want to get on swap day!

With the Ajugas I should have 17 of the 'Royalty', 13 of the 'Chocolate Chip', and 7 of the 'Arboretum Giant'.

With the Sedums I should have 11 of the 'Dragon's Blood', 11 of the 'Tricolor', 6 'Blue Spruce', 10 Sedum pachyclados, and 6 Sedum album.

I potted up 7 of the Chrysanthemum/Leucanthemum 'Hillside Pink Sheffield's'.

And I did 7 fall asters, I think the variety is 'Purple Dome' but I'm not absolutely positive since I got mine from somebody else who didn't know what it was!

Oh! And I did pot a couple more of the Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm'!

Also, forgot to mention this when I posted the first time, but I'll have 7 or 8 Pothos starter (house) plants!

With that stuff I'll have over 150 plants--so--with only about a dozen people coming as of now that means everybody should be able to get a dozen or more of the things I'm bringing if it's stuff they want!

If NOAA is right it looks like it might be a little bit cooler than most of our swaps, but they also say it should be at least "partly" sunny, and when the sun's out out here, it's NEVER too cool!

Now I need to get the "tags" printed for the plants!

See you all on Saturday,

P.S. Alice, you mentioned on one of your threads about possibly coming over to my house for a "few lessons." I looked up on the Who's Here thread where you are and you're not that far north of me, so if you were serious, talk to me at the swap (I probably won't think of it if you don't bring it up!) and possibly we can arrange something later in the summer to do a Garden Day! :-)

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lattefairy(Zone 5, CO)

Skybird - Would love if you could save me 3 dragon blood plants! :)

I have extra mint, perhaps some irises and yellow tansy if anyone is interested.

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lattefairy(Zone 5, CO)

Would love to have some of your White Pixels and Midnight Mystery lilies if you have some to spare!

Amester - Providing that you can make it -
Could I have some walker's low catmint, May Night Salvia and some lily of the valley?

Sugarlice: Could I have some of your Red Riding Hood penstemon?

Thank you!

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There are a few that have posted that they are coming but I have not been able to get them directions: lattefairy, sugaralice and mayberrygardner. Please post here if you have sent me an email (that I have not gotten)and we can go another route to communicate.

Here is the list of confirmed: celestron2000, treebarb, polygonum tinclorum, skybird, gimancini and jclepine.

Please let me know if I have missed anyone?


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I might or might not make it. My request to you must have gotten lost. I just E-mailed a second time.
All I have is lots and lots of tomato seeds. Its late for them but I would like to find a home to give them away, or share the best ones.

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Got your email colokid! Sure hope you can make it!

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Add me in, Bonnie - I did receive the directions as well.


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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Lattefairy - what color/type of irises do you have? Basically, I'm looking for anything except purple (unless they are the standard dutch florist variety) or white.


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I too would love a White Pixels lily if you have extras.

Lots of lots of tomato seeds sounds good to me, colokid. And other seeds, too! Ditto for those who are bringing tomato and pepper plants. I hope I will have a few small tomato seedlings to bring. I have seeds for a few other varieties if anyone is interested.

Red Riding Hood penstemons would be lovely. (Thank you for setting one aside for me!) Any penstemons, really.

Dragon's blood and sedum album? I don't think I have those yet. The sedums shared by skybird last fall seem to be doing well. Soon I can add to the shared plant pool...

I should have a few calendula seedlings, a couple of different varieties. The Flying Saucer morning glory is up, but I'll have to convince my daughter that we can spare one for the swap. We'll see what else is available by the weekend...

I can dig up some of Amester's white yarrow if someone wants a piece of it. It hasn't bloomed yet, but seems to be thriving. I have no idea what the variety name is.

I will bring a rose of sharon cutting, as requested. Also, does anyone want or need cuttings of any common houseplant?

There are a lot of other things already listed that I would love to give a good home to. But others should have first crack at them.

Is anyone planning on visiting the Denver Botanic Garden's plant sale on the way there or back?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Eeee-haaa! Hope you can make it, Kenny! I'd love to meet you in person!


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Oh Mstywoods I did get your email and am so glad you got directions and are going to be able to make it!

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Bonnie - I just sent you another email directly instead of PM through here. Hope you'll get it and a couple of my neighbours could be tagging along.

Poly - 1 RRH
Lattefairy - 1 RRH
(2 left to go) They have since double their size since I last posting here and root dev looks fat and long! Next year I am going to root any and all of the clippings and I know which ones will root now.

Skybird - the swaps would be nothing without you! What a Garden godmother you are! and I will take you up on your offer and love to see your garden blooming during the summer and I am ready to try sedums this year.

These are additional I've potted up
Liatris Spicata Floristan White - 4
Aster Liliput Blue Moon (Annual) - 4
both are winter sown this year and are just developing 2nd set of leaves. I might have a few more of the aboves if they are looking bigger. Will check jugs today.
p/s I absolutely do not see any more spider mites anywhere near my winter sown jugs so I feel safe bringing the Liatris seedlings.

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

sugaralice - I'd love one of your white Liatris, if still available.


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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Lily of the valley--if anyone has extras of those, they are always among the very first to go, and I'd certainly snatch up one or two (or five... Just kidding. These swaps bring out the greedy in us!) if someone brings some. I am so excited that my one that I got last year survived the winter AND survived hubby and the Weed Whacker from Hell's first trip around the yard this past weekend. Miss Lily sure would love some company, though! :-)
I will be coming up from the Broomfield area, and will have room for company if someone would like to carpool with me--just contact me on my page.
YAY I can't believe it's almost here!!!

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lattefairy(Zone 5, CO)

I sent you an email via gardenweb yesterday night. Let me know if you'd like me to email you again. :)


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lattefairy(Zone 5, CO)

Marj - my irises are purple and some purple with yellow.

Sugarlice - Thank you!

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Yes to a liatris if there are any still available, please.

Sugaralice: are you making rooted stem cuttings of your penstemon? I'd like to learn more, please. That sounds like an interesting way of increasing one's penstemon population.

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Lattefairy, please try sending ANOTHER email but use the send direct option. I am not getting the PM through GW. Or visit or Ranch webpage and email from that site

Here is a link that might be useful: McClure Ranch

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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

If it's not too late I believe I'd like to come to the swap. Most of my extra baby plants were just brought over to the plant sale but I can manage to bring some peppers, eggplants, some small herbs and my seed collection with some 500 varieties.

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The good news-bad news on the weather. The bad news is that the forecast looks cooler and chance of rain. The good news is that, as long as the roads are safe for travel, we have a large barn with concrete alley. It is not heated but at least we can pick plants in a dry place.

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treebarb Z5 Denver


I'm glad you have a barn and the group looks to be smaller this year. I'll dress for cold and muddy!

gjcore and kenny,

I hope you both make it to the swap. I've wanted to meet you! Anything you want to bring is welcome!

I'm so glad I didn't do dibs for people, my offerings aren't working out very well this year. None of the Crocosmia, American Dawn Dahlias or White Pixel lilies sprouted. They may still grow, but I'm not bringing anything that's not actively growing.

My peppers are puny and tomatoes are looking anemic.
I'll be bringing one or two each of:

Tomato - A Chocolate Drop cherry, Aunt Honey yellow cherry, Beefsteak, Bloody Butcher, Brandywine red, Black Krim, Cherokee purple, Large red cherry and Roma.

Pepper - Canary bell, California Wonder Orange bell, Marconi and Spanish Hot.

I have some Maximillian sunflowers that were just potted this weekend. They are cranky, so I'll cut them back and bring 3 pots. Thanks for the tip, Skybird!

I'll be bringing one Bluebell Dahlia and a Midnight Mystery lily. I'll also bring 2 Pinon pines and 2 Corkbark firs.

I'm not sure what I'm bringing food wise, but I'm leaning towards a dessert.

I'm looking forward to seeing the regulars and meeting the new folks. See you Saturday!


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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Ooo, Barb - if no one has spoken up for your Midnight Lily, I'd love to take it off your hands! But you may have to auction that off to the highest bidder - the name is intriguing, and the pics I found googling it look lovely!! If our hostess wants it, though, I think it should go to her for putting us all up for the swap :^)


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Oh no Marj, first called is first to get in my book. Besides you really should wait to see my flower beds before you go offering any of those to me. My tendency to murder flowering plants is legendary. bonnie

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The Midnight Lily is very beautiful -- my daughter got one last year. It bloomed and we planted it outside after we moved. It has not yet sprouted this year. Soon, I hope.

I would love a Marconi pepper, please, if you are doing "dibs".

I hope that gjcore still has an eggplant to spare, and I'd love to peruse the seed collection.

I would love to do some tomato swapping. I will be bringing newly-sprouted babies of a few types. I think I have a few Principe Borghese and Costuluto Fiorentino, both from genuine Sementi seed packets. I have a few other types that are from former plant swaps -- either grown from seed shared by others, or from seed I saved from plants I acquired.

It looks like I will be visiting Amester tomorrow. She says that I can pot up a few things to bring on Saturday. May Night Salvia, in particular, is doing well for her this year. So, any takers? Amester's plants are gorgeous, and very well suited for our climate.

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Bonnie, I tried to RSVP directly, but I never got an email back with directions, so I think it didn't work. So, please count me in. I live in Denver. Holly (h_geist@yahoo.com)

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Holly, Got your email and have just sent directions...bonnie

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Azura(z5 CO)

I did not receive a PM with the address + directions. I will send another one :)

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lattefairy(Zone 5, CO)

Bonnie - It looks like we won't be able to make it to the swap after all. I was so looking forward to it too! :(

Hope everyone has a fun time!!!

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Azura(z5 CO)

Could I please get the directions sent to me?
jatalie2001 _at_ hotmail.com

Thank you in advance!

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Just emailed the directions, please post if you don't get them!

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Wow! Haven't checked in a couple of days and this thread is hopping.

Poly - you have 1 small Liatris along with penstemon. Might want to keep it in the container for a few weeks more since it's really still small. They're been out under the porch since I transferred them out of the milk jugs so haven't been out in complete direct sunlight. Yes I have rooted cuttings from pruning the penstemon about a couple of months ago and figured why not try to save the trimmings instead of chucking it out so it was a total experiment and didn't even know if it was going to root but it did! I will bring a piece of cutting that didn't take so you'll know what not to try rooting or some other more experienced gardener can tell you! because I am basically a newbie in the garden and everything is a trial and error. Can't tell a weed from a plant LOL! See you all tomorrow! Guess I better label the paltry plants I'll be bringing and make us some good eats for tomorrow. In lieu of the weather I decided to make something savory instead of a cool lemon strawberry tart. Maybe for the fall swap oh but strawberries aren't in season that time.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Finally have all the plants labeled, have food made, and I think I'm about ready for the swap! Wound up with a total of 164 plants! Gonna be plenty of most of them for anybody who wants one to get one--or more! And I'm bringing some of my "how to root sedum" sheets along too, so anyone who gets some of my sedums will know how to make more for themselves--and others, when they cut theirs back.

NOAA has moderated their forecast and it now looks like we could possibly luck out enough to not be rained on! Fingers crossed for that!!! And while they were showing a temp in the low 50's yesterday yet, they're predicting up to 60 now! Works for me! Hope they're right! Really glad you have somewhere we can "go in" just in case we need it, Bonnie! I'm sticking a couple umbrellas in the car--just in case! I had a little drizzle on and off today, but nothing at all that added up to anything.

Bonnie, just to be sure I have enough name badges and numbers, about how many people do you show that are planning to come at this point? I'm counting less than 20, but I know some people have contacted you privately, so if you're showing more than 20 please let me know.

I'll be bringing my camera and taking pictures tomorrow, but because I'm so far behind with pics because of my hard drive crash I won't be able to post them anytime soon, so others of you might want to consider bringing a camera along too.

For anyone who hasn't been to a swap before, I very much recommend you go to the link Bonnie put in her first post, and you'll find answers to just about anything you may want to know about what we do and how we do it. (Minus the demonstration mentioned in the linked post!)

Bonnie, an FYI! If you're good at murdering plants (which I kinda doubt!), you might want to consider going for one of TreeBarb's Maximilian sunflowers, Helianthus maximilianii! Easy care, full sun, low water, 5-6' tall, and it'll eventually start to spread like your Egyptian onions!

Wet or dry, I'll see you all tomorrow,

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Hello! I don't think that Bonnie received my email that I planned to come to the swap with my fiance. If someone reads this who is planning to go today, could you email me Bonnie's address please. I have plants to swap : )Thank you!

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visit our ranch website and email me from there:

Here is a link that might be useful: McClure Ranch

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Just sent a last minute plea for directions! My email address is geojuletee@yahoo.com I don't think my My Page is allowing anyone to send me an email.

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I have the directions; see you there!

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Experimentation is a good thing, sugaralice! I look forward to seeing the results of your penstemon experiment. I will definitely try it with all future penstemons I grow. I'll also have questions, such as when did you cut your penstemons back and why. Mine are still small and haven't been up all that long. We live on the Palmer Divide, though, and thus our winters might be longer than yours.

I am looking forward to acquiring all kinds of interesting plants and seeds today! I'll try not to be too greedy -- those of you who are new should definitely get first dibs.

Amester and I did not get together yesterday, alas. So I won't have anything from her garden.

I am bringing little tomato seedlings. They are not yet large. I am bringing one each of Costoluto Fiorentino, Principe Borghese, Gardener's Delight (cherry), Yellow Pear (cherry), Black Cherry, and Sun Cherry. The Black Cherry and Sun Cherry are from seeds I saved from plants I got in a plant swap a couple of years ago.

I will have newly sprouted seedlings of Flying Saucer morning glory (3 seedlings in one pot).

I will have winter-sown seedlings of sweet williams, family circle calendula and apricot daisy calendula. The sweet williams and apricot daisy calendulas are from seed I acquired in last fall's plant swap.

I will have a cutting of my Blushing Bride Rose of Sharon (aka Althea) for mstywoods.

If I feel terribly ambitious, I will dig up one or two starts of the white yarrow I got from Amester last year, and maybe gather a few other odds and ends.

Serpent Moon, Chcolate Dog, and I are looking forward to seeing everyone in a few hours! I will check back here at least once before 9am, so am open to last minute requests.

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Let me know if anyone wants more Blue Spruce Sedum (I know Skybird is bringing some already potted up) before 10:30am, and I can snip off some of mine and bring you cuttings. Maybe we can even persuade Skybird to do a demo of how to pot them up ;^).

I will dig up a few of my purple iris and bring them as well as a bunch of asst. seeds (some commercial, and some harvested). Poly - I have your mint starts (a couple with roots and potted, and a few more I've had in water for about a week but no roots yet). Thank you for the Rose of Sharon cutting!

If anyone wants mint (plain/pineapple? and chocolate), let me know and I can bring you some cuttings.

See you soon!

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