Rubber gloves

shoontokSeptember 29, 2010

I think i should use use rubber gloves when slicing up hot peppers and ripping seeds out. Even tho i rinsed my hands off several times that hot pepper oil stays on there. Now my whole face is burning from eating them, and then i rubbed my nose. My hands are burning cause there are lil nicks and scratches on there from construction work. My genitalia is burning cause i used my hands to aim. I do love the flavor of Habanero in my cooking, but this hurts!!!! lol

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Happens to all of us ONCE.:) I don't mess around anymore, I use the thick yellow dish-washing gloves when I work with hot peppers. Good luck!

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Heh! Welcome to the world of Chili Peppers!

Some of us (me) don't learn so quickly and try tempting fate by 'being careful' but, not wearing gloves. You can imagine how well it works out. :-)

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As Andy said, most of us only do that ONCE, especially if we change our contacts afterwards! I use the disposable surgical latex gloves and throw them away immediately.
John A

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I normally buy a large box of nitrile gloves at 'Wally World' and use them EVERY time I cut up chiles. All it takes is ONE TIME to put a capsaicin laden contact lens back in or the even more memorable, the FIERY SAUSAGE (and I ain't talkin' kielbasa) episode to remind you why gloves are a necessity when working with chiles.


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rick_in_va(7 VA)

I agree with DAN that nitrile gloves are the best bet. They are the blue ones used for painting and changing your oil.

I tried disposable latex gloves once when I had a big crop of Nagas to preserve, and before I was finished the capsicum oil had penetrated the gloves, there were no tears just went right thru the latex, and my hands were sore for several days.

The thick yellow (or green) dishwashing gloves will work but they are too thick and awkward for me.

Gloves are well worth the effort.


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Dan & Rick - The nitrile gloves do sound like a good idea. Do Home Depot & Lowes keep them or do I find them at an auto supply store?
John A

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t-bob(west wa)

well, if you are using gloves and need to pee, you best change that pair of gloves first, or the old trojan method with a hole cut in the end for egress.....couldn't resist that one

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