Black and mushy tip on plumeria stalk

jpersNovember 14, 2009

I am new to growing plumeria. I bought plumeria cuttings and now after a year their tips are black and mushy. The soil is dry and I saw where it said to cut off the black, mushy tips til you get healthy white pulp and then seal it. But will this work on a 12 inch cutting?

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Yes, as long as the whole 12 inch cutting is not black with the rot. Cut a little at a time until you get clean white. Some will say to use alcohol between cuts as to not spread the rot. Can't hurt I guess. At this point your cutting will grow a branch below the final cut at a previous leaf scar. Good luck!


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I'm new to growing plumeria as well. A friend gave me some cuttings and some are doing well and some are getting black and mushy. What do you seal it with once you cut the tip down until you find clean white? Thanks!

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ccdarden some people drip wax on the cut end and some use a type of caulking.


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Some use the black pruning spray paint at most big box stores..I use this for my roses..

Most tips once cut off, heal on their own..You really don't have to use anything..:-)

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Thanks - I had to cut more yesterday....they were rotting in the middle of the cutting and I had to cut so far down that I'm left with like an inch or two. I'm hopeful, but not holding my breath. They weren't kept too wet, and were in sun but this time of year it's not harsh. Not sure what I did wrong. Lost about 6 sad....

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Yeah I hear ya. I had a cutting a friend from work bought me back from her visit to Oahu several years ago, and it rotted. Was a real bummer. I've been pretty fortunate though I've only lost 2 or 3 during my short stint as a plumeria grower. Good luck with what you have left!


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