Door open or shut?

colokid(5)April 29, 2010

Will the sun shine on Friday?

I got to leave for the day to swap out my ICD with a bad battery.

Forecast is for 50 degrees high. If I leave the door closed on my little GH and the sun comes out for even an hour it will go to over a 100 degrees on my tomatoes..not good.

Maybe I better leave it opened up while I am gone. The 50 shouldn't hurt them and the heater would come on at about 45.

One of these days an automatic fan.............

Any body got an old swamp cooler I can latch onto?

Decisions, decisions,,,,,,,,,,


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KennyP, I've got a vent that is very high on the wall. At the other end, I can open the exhaust fan. Neither is controlled by anything automatic.

Between these vents is the furnace and it has a "cooling" side to the thermostat. It helps some when it gets warm during the day but doesn't do too much more than stir the air.

My best choice for cooling is to turn that exhaust fan on and let it run. It is a fairly large kitchen-type fan and with the air coming in high up on the other end - most bright sunny days can be safely dealt with.

Warmer air temperature means I have to open the door because the air against the south wall gets a little "trapped" with air only coming in high up.

My most difficult days are when it is very sunny but only around 40°. Throw a 20mph wind and a few big clouds into the mix and I'm practically a nervous wreck trying to keep control of things!

Here's Wishing You the Best of Luck!


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