Roses loving this rainy week in Orlando

BlueDerby21(9b)March 13, 2013

We've had a relatively cool and rainy March here in Orlando and my roses are absolutely loving it! I haven't posted here in forever but thought I would share a few of my blooms from the last few days :)

Double Delight

California Dreamin - Early Bloom

California Dreamin - Full Bloom

Don Juan - Early Bloom

Kentucky Derby

Melody Parfumee

Mr. Lincoln - Early Bloom

Paradise Found


Princess de Monaco - Early Bloom

Princess de Monaco - Full Bloom



Wild Blue Yonder

Boomer the Rose Lurker :)

I'll post a lot more as the blooms begin to open up. Hope you guys liked :)

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Oooooh--I'm so envious. Actual blooms! And they are beautiful, of course! It will probably be a couple more months before there are any in my garden.

Cool rose lurker there, also.


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inga007(Ont. 6a)

I'm so "glad" it's cool and rainy, as it's producer those lovely blooms. Haven't seen a post of Kentucky Derby for a long time.
Boomer looks like a good rose guardian.
Lovely post.

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Thanks for sharing these beautiful blooms. I am so envious and can hardly wait for even a little green! I am quite taken with your helper,too. Love the ears...lots of personality!!That California Dreamin is a beauty and Tiffany is my favorite rose I grow. Love them all. lesley

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Thank you for the nice remarks.

@ Inga - I love Kentucky Derby! To this day it is still my favorite red rose. Irregardless of the temperature outside it retains a true cherry red and has the most delicious fruity smell. My Mr. Lincoln and Chrysler Imperial tend to take on a more strawberry red from the Florida heat.

@ lesmc - I'm torn on whether that's really Tiffany or not. I'm so used to Tiffany being pink with yellow undertones but so far this new Tiffany I picked up has produced more peaches-and-cream-like blooms. I'm not complaining though I love the petal structure of these blooms!

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seil zone 6b MI

That California Dreamin is gorgeous! Love your lurker too!

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shillanorth Z4 AB

WOW - roses already!!! They are so beautiful. How heavenly!!!!! It will be some time before roses are blooming here in Alberta. What a lovely sight. Sigh.

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jlee160(5 MI)

Love paradise found, and wild blue yonder- simply beautiful!

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Resolute_Noir(11 (Philippines/tropical))

I think Boomer is my favorite Rose.

Kidding aside, I think I like Paradise Found and Playboy best. Playboy looks like it's center is glowing.

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jktx55(8a TX)

They are all beautiful roses and thanks for sharing them.

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