Pepper in the eye relief... Aloe Vera

ric_oregonSeptember 7, 2006

A little pepper in the eye goes along way. I didn't wear gloves when sliceing up some mild peppers, was thinking this aren't habs, so don't need gloves. Also didn't use vegatable oil my hands after, just washed good. Nine hours later I rub one eye lid, with in seconds I am blinded by the tears in both eyes. After washing my hands and crying for five minutes, my eye lid was still buring. I have some 100% Aloe Vera lotion, put it on a tissue, wiped on my eye lid and boom... no more burn.


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i have a bunch of plants, next time i get it in my eye i'll try pure aloe.

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changeling(5/6 Maryland)

What is the name of the 100% Aloe Vera lotion, or are you talking about using straight AV from a plant (cutting a stem) ?

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It is called Aloe Vera Body Lotion, made and distributed by The Kroghr Co. in Cincinnati. But, once again I am fooled by the lable. Front of lable says "made with 100% Aloe Vera gel & vitamin E". Back of the lable lists the other nineteen ingrdients. But it worked and fast too...


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i can confrim.... ok my wife can that aloe straight from the plant helps tremenously.

thanks for the tip Rick


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Sorry... that should be The Groger Co.

Yep... I think it's time to get a plant. It could hang right above the sink for emergences.

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naturalstuff(Z6 / CT)

OMG, thank you, thank you, thank you for this thread. I didn't know I had pepper on my fingers and so I rubbed my eye lid. I had one eye closed and went to wash it in water, then I dried my face with the towel. NOW BOTH EYES BURNING!

I thought I was going to be blind! So with my eyes closed I walk to the internet. I googled searched "pepper in eyes" and this thread came up. Still squinting I rushed to get my spray aloe vera used for sun burn, sprayed it on a tissue and soaked the eye lid.

I CAN SEE AGAIN without the burn.

It was the Guataloupe pepper.

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Happy to have helped, that makes my day. After getting burnt last year, I wear surgical gloves on BOTH hands.


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naturalstuff(Z6 / CT)

I thought the pepper was gone from fingers so I rubbed my eye again! Not as strong this time but pissed at my own hand. lol I wonder if dogs get that burn too. Got to be carefull.

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Wel- I have a funnier if not more paiful story. I went camping last year and I took a few of my habs to add to our dinner. Cut'em up- no gloves- then went to the bathroom...

no further expalnation- lets just say it took a while to releive the problem. OUCH!!!!!!

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I was eating a chimichanga with some jalapeños the other day and I cut into one of the jalapeños with a fork, and a tiny drop of juice shot straight into my right eye. My eye immediately starting watering and burning. It burned for about 30 seconds. It was not a good feeling, but luckily, it was just a jalapeño and not something hotter.

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reyna1(Zone 8)

am i the only one that actually enjoys the burn of a mild pepper in the eyes?

i dont know that i could handle anything more than a jalepeno, but i honestly dont mind the burn in the eyes from pepper oils transferred from your fingers

of course, i make sure not to rub my eyes after i notice it burning

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Thank you all for the Aloe Vera suggestion. I rinsed my eye first with cool water, then put Optive (over-the-counter) eye drops in. This helped soothe my eye right away.

Then I used the fresh aloe from my garden for my lid and surrounding eye area. It was soothing and stopped the sting immediately.

Now, how do I rid myself of this burning in my mouth????!!!!

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jimster(z7a MA)

"Now, how do I rid myself of this burning in my mouth????!!!! "

Eat some aloe?


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thank you so much. my brother decided to experiment with pepper so he rubbed his face and started screaming. we tried everything but nothing else worked. he was just screaming poor kid. i felt so bad and we were afraid we'd have to drive him to the ER. then i found this sight and rubbed aloe plant on his face and boom he quited down right away. his face is red like a tomato though.

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I too made the mistake of not wearing gloves while preparing hot peppers.
I learned a lot today, a lot of great info from you all on this page. Thanks for the tips.
I cut Anaheim, Serrano, and Hab. No gloves. Touched my right eye for just a quick moment and ran like crazy for the bathroom. I've never felt such searing pain!! I splashed cold water on it and got some slight relief. I dogpiled hot pepper in eyes and you guys popped up.
So after reading a bunch of your tips, I settled on drinking milk, dabbing some sour cream around my eyes, applied the rest of the aloe I had left.
But, then what to do about my hands? I read some more and decided on some dish soap with some old coffee grounds. Scrubbed real good and no more pain when touching any sensitive area. So, I think everything is okay.
Thanks alot to everyone. My pain was worth the recipe, hope so for everyone else.

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naturalstuff(Z6 / CT)

I rub peppers on my eyes before my hockey games. No Pain!

LOL Just joking. That Guataloupe pepper is unblievably strong.

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Thank you for all of the tips. My husband was going to play a trick on our adult son and grabbed a bottle of 'Insanity Sauce' as he was going to put it in his taco. Our son came in too soon so the trick was 'mission aborted' for my husband. A few minutes later he began screaming covering his eye saying he thought he was going to be blind!!! He got just a little bit of the sauce from the outside of the bottle on his finger and then later rubbed his eye. Between the rushing to the sink for water, searching for soap and asking for baking soda I remembered something. An old remedy for a bee sting is to apply breast milk to the affected area. At this point we were approaching the possibility of a trip to A&E (ER) so I thought - what do we have to lose. Milk in the eye...success. The stinging subsided on the eyelid straight away and the more he blinked his eye the quicker the pain subsided in his eye also.

So glad to have seen this thread...although a bit late for my husband (perhaps next time!!! ;)

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