Growing iris in Zone 5

leesgarden(z5 CO)April 24, 2005

I brought a bunch of my named irises with me from California - anyone had luck (good or bad) growing these here? I haven't put them in the ground yet.

Also brought named daylilies, which I'm hoping will do well also.


Lisa :)

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david52 Zone 6

They both should do just fine, I'd go ahead and get them in the ground as soon as you have a nice day to do it. My iris are now about 6" high, and my daylillies the same.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Lisa,

You already have your answer about the Iris and Daylilies, but I just wanted to say welcome to Colorado. Glad to have you here.

Happy zone 5 gardening,

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Lisa, I assume you mean Bearded Iris. If so, you should have no problem at all. I also grow Siberian Iris without any problem. I have some tall beards that are from my parents property in Mississippi that have thrived here in Colorado for years. Currently, my MDB's and SDB's are blooming and some of my early TB's are putting up flower stalks. I agree with David. You should get them in the ground when you have an opportunity.

Daylilies aren't a problem either if you give them good soil conditions and some extra water in the summer months.

-Lyons, CO

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Bearded Iris have been very dependable for me as well. They don't fill in as quickly as they did back east where they received a lot more moisture. But that can be a plus, because you don't have to divide them as often! Daylilies will grow just fine, but will appreciate amended soil and water, like Doug said.

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catladysgarden(z5 CO)

Colorado is bearded iris country. There are several commercial iris growers in the state. Long's Gardens in Boulder has been in business as long as I can remember. It's being run by the 2nd generation of the Long family now.
Daylilies also do well here. As an American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden, we grow close to 4,000 cultivars.
They will survive almost anything, but to be at their best, amend the soil and give them an ample supply of water during the growing season.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cat Lady's Garden

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Istanbuljoy(Z 5 CO)

Welcome to Colorado!
If you are in Colorado Springs or close check out the Iris Societies show in June is it? Not sure. By the Pikes Peak Public Library the East branch a member of the iris society maintains the beds on the south side of the parking lot. These gardeners are great at hybridizing and have some pretty amazing flowers!


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