Best mini floras for hot, humid climate

teka2rjleffel(z10FL)April 11, 2005

I was told by a fellow Floridian (thanks Pete) about mini floras. My problem is that I have a too little space and big desire for roses. Thus I decided to try my best to find some good small roses. All roses grow much larger here than they do most other places. For example my Old Blush planted just a few months ago is my height 5'7 and much wider than my width (I'll never tell). It's supposed to get to 3.3'x3.3'.It still seems to be growing. So I am looking for roses that are supposed to get to maybe 2' so they will be between 3-4' in my garden. I am looking for solid colors,(1) bright fuschia pink, (2)a good red that's not orangy and (3)white. They must also be disease resistant especially to bs. Also sources would be helpful. Thanks for your help.

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pete41(9ab FL.)

For what its worth I haven't found any that don't do well down here IF you treat them like serious roses.LOL-they ain't toys but you know that.

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jim123(z9 or z10 CA)

I don't know about Florida, but the Kristin I obtained from Nor'East does not need spraying for mildew in my California garden like all the rest of my minis. It is labeled as a mini, not a mini flora, but it's character is like that of a mini flora. Deep green leaves, a white pedal with deep pink edges, and the bloom stays in a perfect bud stage for a very long time before opening.

Also my Rockin' Robin Shrublet rose (a little bigger plant but not by much) has not needed any spraying for mildew. It is a white with light and dark pink stripes. It has abundant blooms.

These two roses look very well together along with Child's Play, a white with lighter pink edges. Child's Play does need to be sprayed for mildew though.

A bouquet with these three are very striking. Elegant, with Rockin' Robin being a little bit of an impudent standout.

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