Question about my mini rose....plaes help

trace00969April 16, 2007

I got a mini rose a few months ago, it had a few blooms, but my DH said I have to prune it all to encourage new growth, so I did this, nothing happened, so now after a few months of no growth, I repotted it into a smaller pot, cut everything off, leaving three or four stumps. I pt it into my mini greenhouse, where the humidity is slighty higher than my house, and of course under a couple 17W bulbs, not alot.

Anyways, I have growth, lots of it, especially since I cut this all down, my question is, should I keep it in the greenhouse, or a south or north window, those are my only three options, I have no east or west windows, it has never been fertilized either, so should I do this, and with what? I have 10-15-10, and I have AV mix as well as cacti mix......should I buy a rose fertilizer?

How do I encourage blooms, how long does this take??

Help me please sa I thought this wa a goner, and now it looks so good, I want to keep him alive, and I will keep prune happy DH AWAY!!

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I like to start my roses off at the beginning of the season with some composted cow manuer then add some granulated rose food. It worked well for me this year. I potted the bushes in box store top soil then added the manuer. I added the food a month or so later when I had lots of leaves coming out like yours are in the photo. I also water every day or two because they are in containers and need more water than in the ground roses. You have to have a lot of patience and stick with what ever works for you.

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I've never had a mini rose that "worked" for me, they all So thats why I need advice, I am limited to whatever products are at say Rona or Home Depot, and I dont want to spend a fortune keeping them alive.

Any more tips please!!

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First, roses including miniatures do not like to grow indoors. There is insufficient humidity as a rule when they are kept indoors. Roses - all roses are outdoor dwellers! Some don't mind coming in for a day or two, but then it's best to get them oudoors again. Miniature roses like all other roses, or plants for that matter do benefit from food on a regular basis. With miniatures, I find the little and often seems to work well. Any fertilizer is good, but liquid would be best, but they are not that fussy, just don't overdo it. Fish emulsion, miracle gro and the like are very good for miniatures. You could even use a slow release, but that's usually expensive. One other very important consideration is drainage in the container. the water should run freely through the container and out the bottom so roots are not sitting in water. Having said that, roses, and especially those held captive in a container require water - lots of water - on a regular basis. They hate to dry out and while drying may not kill them it will set them back for a considerable time.

Your miniature/s in the picture look good. What I would do now is give them fertilizer and as much light as possible, then get them outside at the very first opportunity, once they have been hardened off. I know zone 2 could be a great challenge, but you should still be able to get them outdoors where they will be happiest.

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