Protect from frost?

Nana2(z5 OH)April 25, 2006

This is my first Spring with miniature roses. Last year I planted 16 Parade plants, which flourished the whole season.

I cut them back a few weeks ago, and they are now quite lush and about 8" tall.

We are expecting a frost tonight, and I would like to know if I need to protect them. If so, would covering them with newspaper suffice?


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So sorry no one answered you before your frost hit, but newspapers would be a good idea or old blankets or sheets. Just take them off durning the day and put them back on if there is going to be more frost. Also you can give them extra protection if you spray them with either Cloud Cover or Wilt Proof. Either one are great products to have around for cold, heat or when you need to move a rose that is leafed out.

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tenor_peggy(10 FL, N. Fort Myers)

Your minis can take a frost. A hard freeze is another matter. Cotton sheets work well but they should be removed early the following morning. How did they fare?

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Nana2(z5 OH)

Thanks so much for the advice. The minis are so lush and lovely, I was cautious and did tent them over with newspaper.

They did just fine. Will try to locate Cloud Cover or Wilt Proof. I do have quite a gardening arsenal, but neither of those products. Are they specifically for roses?

I did treat them with Messenger a couple of weeks ago, and several days after doing so, they seemed to be saying Thank You. I left one plant untreated just to see how much of a difference Messenger would make. You could really tell which one was untreated, so I gave it a spray the day after the frost. It was amazing how much better it looks.

Not that any of them looked bad. Actually they are flourishing. Can't desribe what the Messenger does, other than to say the roses look happier.

Thanks again.

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Glad to hear your plants are ok. And no, Wilt Proof and Cloud Cover are not just for roses. It can be used on any landscape plant in your garden to protect them. Its a great product to have around :o)

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