Roses we've said goodbye to . . .

kathy9norcalMarch 15, 2012

In looking at my previous years rose photos on this dark and rainy day, I was really surprised at how many pretties I had to let go for one reason or another. They are not bad roses--they just couldn't stay in my small garden. Rarely, a rose that I loved dwindled and died. Mostly, it has been poor performance. My garden is too small to tolerate less than great performers. I am going to post some photos of these past roses and I hope you will share yours, too.

Abraham Darby

All set up to be a climber, it was a total rust magnet for me.

Kathrine Locher

I loved the color--it couldn't take our heat.


I loved the colors but the color lasted little more than a day in the heat. It was too much work to keep this standard looking good.

About Face

I adored the spring blooms but after that, the buds and blooms were minirose-sized in the heat.

Ambridge Rose

Too delicate for the Valley heat.


A standard that dwindled to death over many years.


I loved this rose dearly. Something happened to the roots and it finally died after being transplanted.

Comptesse de Provence

I loved her but she wasn't compatible with my garden's heat.


It was a gift that needed a cooler climate.


It had wonderful spring flushes but didn't do much the rest of the season.

Tahitian Sunset

I moved it to a nice spot and it didn't take the move. I really liked this rose.


The bush was narrow and tall, with long skinny canes. The blooms didn't last or do well in heat.

How about your past roses?

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Kind of sad looking at the "departed roses." Like Kathy, I liked these blooms.

Viking Queen climber--victim of RRD.

Crimson Bouquet--gorgeous brilliant red blooms--and a blackspot magnet in my garden. I couldn't take it any more--but I do miss its hot blooms.

Gold Medal--I no longer remember why I got rid of this rose quite some time ago--because I do remember liking its blooms.

Happy Child--spading this one broke my heart. I adored that fully packed bloom, but the plant was unbelievably wimpy, would barely survive winter, and then just dwindled away to nothing one summer.

Gertrude (can't remember her last name!)-- Can't remember what the problem was--some time ago--just that she wouldn't grow well and then sort of dwindled away.

Pink Prosperity--hybrid musk--victim of RRD.

I never got a picture of Easter Basket--it bloomed one cycle and then also got RRD. I've ordered a new one for spring. Wish me luck!


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Kathy your Abraham Darby is beautiful! Too bad it got rust.

Kate, Love Pink Prosperity. It looks like it has pretty full blooms for a HM.

Here are mine that I lost just this past winter...


Tournament of Roses:loved it, but I bought it late in the season, and decided to not ammend the clay soil... apparently that was a mistake!

Oklahoma: had some very nice blooms, but was a bodybag rose and never quite recovered. I replaced it with Lieberzauber already this year.

Mme Franzika Kruger: Victim of a mole attack. I'm hoping maybe her roots survived and she'll grow back from them.

Mlle de Sombreuil: she's potted, and I'm not sure what happened :(

Pink and Yellow Double Knockout: Shovel pruned these to make room for some "better' roses.

Jacob's Robe: I think he was too small to go straight into the ground late in the season. Another one I'm hoping grows back from its roots.

Eureka: BS magnet, not to dearly missed

Charisma: I really like its neon orange blooms, but was a bodybag. However, I don't remember it dying, but I can't seem to find it either...LOL!

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Tammy and Kate, thanks for adding your lost roses! It really is sad in a way. I, too, had Gold Medal, which again, didn't seem to like the hot spot I had it in. Eureka is one of my current best roses in every way, but we have almost no blackspot here. Other victims of heat were Honey Perfume and Sunsprite.
Hope to see more lost beauties.

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Heritage - my first rose that I bought in 2007. 'Heritage' was the first rose that got me hooked in growing roses. Just looking at this rose bush makes me feel stress-free. I love the arching canes and I really missed its wafting lemon fragrance. I got rid of it at the end of 2nd year when I discovered that it was virused. I now found out that it's really hard to obtain virus free roses from my country. I got no choice but to accept this fact since I love to grow roses.

Other roses that I got rid of in the past include:
A Shropshire Lad (root bounded), Summer Song (virused, thorny climber), Jude the Obscure (virused), Camille Piscarro (why did I got rid of this rose? It looks so nice as a cut flower), Soeur Emmanuelle( really fragrant but don't like the colour), Falstaff (mildewed badly), Gertude Jekyll(bares most of the time).

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A Shropshire Lad - became root bounded in its 3rd year. I learned not to use/buy those self watering pots. The roses that I grew back then looked very dreamy and nice compare to the ones I have now. Perhaps this is the sign that I am losing interest in roses?

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seil zone 6b MI

Lots of pretty roses. Shame they're all gone now, lol!

But I've lost a few too.
I miss Dublin Bay and I only have myself to blame because I killed it with a really bad pruning idea.

Disneyland Rose didn't care for Michigan winters.

Nor did Hollywood Star.

I've been contemplating replacing Just Joey but it might be too tender.

I will probably try La Marne again.

loved the color of O'Rilla but it was never vigorous at all.

Pristine hung on for a long time but in the end it died on me.

One of the very few minis that didn't live was Sequoia Gold.

Dug up and gave away Sunsprite, never cared for it.

Miss Always Love you but I tried it twice and neither wintered so it's not to be.

A rare JFK that actually opened. Don't miss it at all.

There are a lot of others but I think that's enough for now.

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Thanks, Seil and Jimmy. How beautiful your photos are of these past roses. Sometimes I think we should just all trade roses when we feel they aren't working in our gardens. Someone's SP is another's treasure.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Seil, I just ordered Disneyland during that last J&P sale (when I ordered Merlot). I hope it winters better for me here; maybe I'm just a bit warmer. I'll have to let you know.

Kathy, I will gladly trade you my blackspotted Eureka for your rusty Abe Darby! lol...that is, if we still had them :)

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Please send me all your beautiful root bound, rust prone thorny, and/or virused roses. It's so sad when you show these wonderful looking photos of the "bad" plants. I guess we don't usually take photos of them looking ugly though.

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I loved the idea by kathy9norcal. We should just trade the roses if they are not surviving in our gardens.

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