You know your truly "sick" when....

andrew78(6)November 11, 2012

You buy a few more plumeria after seeing that your going to have a warm spell long enough to have your trees shipped to you! LOL. Yes, I bit the bullet and ordered 3 more trees. 'J.L. Metallica'(Yes Laura, you finally got me to order one.), 'Butterfly Gold', and 'Vera Cruz Rose'. These should be here Tuesday. I did forget that we had a holiday but I am not conerned for there travels. I bought them all from Florida Colors and they always come in excellent condition.

Cannot wait for these, and NO! I still have a California Sunset coming too!!! I AM SICK WHAT CAN I SAY!


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Not only are you sick Andrew, but it's contagious. Be very careful everyone. It can come right through a computer screen. I'll take my mask and gloves off as soon as I get out of here. Peg

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Thats funny Andrew, but it is true. We had highs in the 70's all last week, pretty perfect shipping weather, Hahaha


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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

Its been in the mid 60s for the last week, makes me want to buy a few more plumerias but I know better than try it, there only one that I really want right now but I'll wait until spring to buy it ( maybe)


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kt2fl(okla z7)


That's too funny! I did the same thing last year. When temps were in the 60s, that was my window to buy plumies and have them shipped within that week!


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I have to admit, I have been pretty careless when it comes to having rooted plumeria and cuttings shipped to me. Last winter or two winters ago, I ordered 2 Nebel's Rainbow from Mimi Palmer. The temps were in the 30's during the day but 20's during the day. They were wrapped heavily in newspaper and they arrived in great shape. I also did the same with my JJ's 'Divine'. I got that in November December, along with my HUGE JJ's 'Christina' and 'Milan'.

I firmly believe that these trees are truly tropical but in my experience there also VERY hardy trees.

I have yet to lose any from cold damage, rot sadly yes, and in fact I lost another of my 'Lani' cuttings. I had 3 and now am sadly down to 1.

I also lost the 1 Nebel's Rainbow I kept for myself. I sold 1 and gave 1 to my mother, so I will be shopping around for another one.

Take care everyone, and I will let you all know when they arrive!!


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andrew, you are a risk taker. i was scared to buy broomstick with free postage the first of oct. where are you going to store these plants thruout the winter? now i know why so many folks contacted me after katrina asking if i would keep their tropicals in tx for the winter. alot folks in la. use to store plants in them, but they lost contact with them after katrina. i did not want the responsability, so i declined. thank goodness, we had that horrible freeze and i lost my plants that winter.. barbra

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Andrew,

Im so excited about the JL Metallica!! WHOO HOO!!

The VCR is a beauty too! You know ii love the "Butterfly Gold" Thanks to Joan!! :-) Loved her pics!! That is one beautiful tree.

Sorry to here you lost another Lani, that really stinks.

Hopefully, you won't loose any others..

I just finally noticed roots on my cuttinng (JL Don HO)

i was holding my breath because of the timme of year. It has been rooting for a couple of months now.. I can see tiny roots. Hopefully it will continue to do well and get a nice root mass before the cold arrives. We had two days of 70* then it dropped into the 50's today. Crazy weather here..

Take care and i cant wait to hear the scream when they arrive!!! LOL!!


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