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peg_in_oregon(zone 8/OR coast)April 23, 2004

I'm brand-spanking-new to miniature roses but am quite experienced with regular ones. I have a Nor'East catalog but I am overwhelmed by the choices. Any advice as to which ones are the best? I like lots of flowers. I will be planting them directly into the soil outdoors.

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If you really want to be overwhelmed then request a catalog from Johnsminiatureroses. He has an even bigger selection. The only one I have from Nor-East is Overnight Scentsation and I like it okay but it's probably not my favorite. I had a lot of people reccomend Lavender Crystal to me last year so I got it this year and just had my first two blooms on it. The color is so pretty. I just remembered that Nor-east has Autumn Splendor. Mine is new and I've only had one bloom but it was really pretty but I think it's a bigger bush. To be honest my two best bloomers so far are Sunrise Cupido and Debut which I got at Lowes or Home Depot.


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camaramikado(z9 AZ)

I have numerous miniatures along with my "regular" bushes. "Starina" is miniature in flower form only. It has little red blossoms, but the bush itself is about 3 feet tall. Lots of flowers. Also, Rainbow's End has produced many flowers for me. My favorite mini is "Santa Claus". Dark red flowers, and compact plants (I have 2 of that one). I also have Applause (a compact, smaller plant), and a climbing mini called Red Dragon. It has pretty flowers but not a whole lot of them right now. Another one that has lots of flowers is "Sweet Nothings". One of my favorites is "Carrot Top". Orange flowers, but a small compact plant, so not a lot of flowers. I just went to the local rose show, and have 6 minis on order that I just had to have.
Don't let the size of the pots fool you. My Magic Dragon came in a tiny 3-inch pot about 2 years ago. I put it directly into the ground, and now it is covering 3 small trellises. Starina started out that way, too.
Gala, Winsom, Small Miracles, Best Friends all have numerous flowers on them. Winsome is a larger bush, 24-30".
Colors of these range from dark red to yellow to fuschia pink to white. There are a few miniatures that I don't know the names to. One of them, a pink one, was a grocery store special, and it is the most prolific of all the minis. I have to constantly keep cutting it back.
Care and feeding are the same for minis, just on a smaller scale than the bigger bushes.
Have fun! It's addicting, because they take up less space, and are own-root plants. So if you are not sure which one to get, get several. It is easy to find a spot for them.

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Maryl zone 7a

Although I haven't ordered from them in awhile, Nor East has shipped some great plants to me in the past. "Sorcerer" is still one of my all time favorite red roses hybridized by Saville. Not for exhibitors (although HT flower type), but always in bloom (spray for B.S.). Right up there for me is "Rainbow's End". Blooms less in our intense summer heat, but that's fine by me as I don't want to go out in 105 degree heat and deadhead. It's a must have on my short list. "Salute" (their new red intro this year) has tempted me. I'm still looking for a red that will have the nice bush shape AND the constant bloom that "Sorcerer" has. "Sweet Diana" has been highly touted as disease resistant and floriforous, but has a reputation as opening too quickly for my tastes. "Hilde" was new for me last year, but shows promise. If you have room for a shortish climber (all things being relative) try "Jeanne LaJoie". It deserves it's high rating, and has such a profuse bloom in spring that you will want to call your friends over to see it. "Rise N' Shine" is the yellow mini that all others are judged by. If you spray, this is a must have. Never without a bloom in the growing season, nice rounded bush shape. When you narrow your list down, let this forum know and we can critique it for you.

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decobug(z6a Idaho SW)

From Nor'east I was happy with:

Denver's Dream
Magic Carrousel

I also love ordering miniatures from the Uncommon rose, Almost Heaven Roses, Sequoia Nursery, The Mini Rose Garden, and Vintage Gardens

Here is a link that might be useful: Hilde

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mike_in_new_orleans(9a/ coastal LA)

I love questions like yours, inviting opinions of favorites. But first, as far as how minis differ from large roses in care, I would say the only down side I see is a much greater susceptability to spider mites, mostly a problem during hot, dry weather, which is half the year down here. When you have not had a nice strong rain in three or four days and the temps are up in the 80's, hosing down the folage every 3 days helps prevent the little buggers from getting established. I love minis because they typically produce more blooms than their larger counterparts and you can fit more in. My favorites list keeps growing :). But the ones I love that bloom a lot for me are: Starina (red-orange), Minnie Pearl (pale pink blend), Hot Tamale(orange and yellow blend that fades to coral pink), Loving Touch (soft apricot), Overnight Scentsation (candy pink--large for a mini), Linville (white w/peach blush), Ralph Moore (RED!), & Y2K(deep yellow). I have others I like but that don't produce by the arm-full like the above ones. I have just ordered Vista (lavender), Winsome (red-mauve), Salute (deep red), Doris Morgan(hot pink), and Hurdy Gurdy(red/white striped climber). Can hardly wait!

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How fragrant is Constellation? What is the scent like? I've been eyeing this one.

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tenor_peggy(10 FL, N. Fort Myers)

There are scads of great minis out there. Here are some that I enjoy:

Jean Kenneally
Black Jade
Magic Carrousel
Hot Tamale
Snow Bride
Old Glory
Glowing Amber
Miss Flippins
Gourmet Popcorn - this one is kinda large bush wise - it reminds me of a polyantha, but it is very disease resistant

I also have a rose labelled Jean Lajoie but it never acted like a climber - until now. Right now it is about as tall as it ever got all of last year, so my fingers are crossed that after a couple of years in the garden it might be a climber after all.

Most of my roses listed are AOE winners, but not all. AOE winners are good place to start with so check them out in that Nor 'East catalog.

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decobug(z6a Idaho SW)

Constellation has New Zealand and Shocking Blue in its ancestry, both of which smell great! I can't tell you about the smell, because I've never been down that low :) I'll have to make a note to sniff it this summer....

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