Is it okay to have more than one plant per pot?

jandey1(TX8)November 3, 2010

I'd love to hear some opinions about whether growing two or more cuttings together in one pot is okay. I've seen some large ones in my neighborhood grown as multiples in very large pots and wondered how it affects blooming.

My first cutting five years ago was a Singapore that has grown rather, uh, oddly. I pruned it back a couple of times (not knowing how long that was going to set back blooms--aargh!), and made two more plants. One two-foot tall "baby" now resides with the two-foot tall mother plant in a 7-gallon pot and they make a much more attractive unit than they would individually. They actually look very healthy and it makes for easier storage in the house.

However, if I'm not going to see blooms (again!) from these because they're inhibiting each other's nutrient uptake, then I'll split them up come spring.

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Here she is last year, growing all weird on me:

And, now with second cutting, staked up and potted together:

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I asked this same question 2 years ago, and Bill said it would be fine. I put 2 in a big black pot with a piece of plastic that I cut to fit down the middle in case I ever divide them up. They are doing just fine, and one has the start on an inflo right now.....course it's inside and as I'm in Iowa...I might or might not get flowers over the winter.. :)

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I think its also good for saving space. Instead of 2 three gallon pots for young plants maybe you have 1 five gallon to store. I would think sized in that type of scenario the negative effects are minimal.

An observation I have noted: a distant neighbor which I routinely pass by while jogging has two large gang rooted pots of Plumeria on thier driveway. Approximately same size as your cuttings or slightly larger. IMO the leaves were yellow/green, spindlely, and I never saw a bloom on them all summer long despite being in a full sun location.

I wouldn't do it after a plant matures past 3-4 years old. I like stuff big and green and moving a 100 lb potted plumeria isn't that big of a deal to me.

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Thanks for the input, guys. I've now read nearly every post and comment for the last couple of years and don't recall seeing this addressed but I might've missed something.

The biggest grouping I've seen around here (about 4' wide and 6' tall) looks really good and always seems to have blooms through the season. However, I'm learning that Singapores are a bit finicky and I'm reaching the point where if I don't see blooms soon I'll be tempted to give them away.

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

Singapores are finicky? Really? I have 5, I did buy them as mature plants for $80. They have been awesome. To me, when I visit my family in Hawaii, Whities (i.e. singapore White) are the prettiest trees. I love the dark green leaves, which are for the most part, evergreen. Also, compared to my other plants, the whites have the best scent, to me the typical plumeria scent. The leaves are thicker, and a different texture, clearly. Recently I saw a Singapore Pink, which was very expensive.

My plants are doing great. This upcoming spring, I will probably try and root some cuttings. Maybe I am lucky because I bought bigger plants. I lbe my whities!

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Oh, Labland, don't get me wrong--I love the scent and foliage of Singapore and have admired your photos of them in their new planter. They were always around when I was a girl and are the quintessential plumeria flower to me. But I have been so disappointed with mine. I'm going to try some very specialized soils and food, plus epsom salts in the spring and see if I can't get better results next summer.


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labland(Inland Valley CA9)


I understand, I agree, to me they are THE plumeria for all season. What are you having problems with, rooting cuttings? Because I honestly haven't tried to root one, After the freeze in 2007 I wimped out and bought 3 trees that were well rooted. I am thinking of trimming one this Spring, we will see if it develops roots!

Jen also!

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Hey Jen!

Actually, I managed to root both large cuttings I took from the mother plant after a good pruning for shape. Didn't know what I was doing, just did what my mom said, which was to stick them in dirt and don't water. As you can see, the one did beautifully and is out-pacing its parent. The smaller cutting (not pictured) is cute as could be at 10" high; looks just like a miniature.

The mother plant as a one-tip cutting got some black tip or something the first winter and afterward grew outward, as all the new tips are now doing--maybe it's a dwarf variety? Then one of our yearly hailstorms (first pic shows leaf tears) did more damage and the tips that have come out since have been small and unproductive. The foliage looks great otherwise so I don't know why it's never bloomed. This summer I moved it into even more sun and gave it more food and still nothing. Very frustrating!

Btw, really love the latest photos of your planter. What a lovely mountain view above the wall!

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

Glad to hear they are doing better. I really enjoy the whities in the winter when everything else is dormant, I have another in in a large pot, that is doing great as well. I do have worries as to how the planter will do in the winter. The sun moves lower to the south of the house (the planter is on the north side). All I can do is watch and wait. The trees have done so well, I think I will just take out the other plants, and fill in the holes with more plumerias. Make my own little jungle as it were. Will see!

I am so happy to find this site where plumeria lovers can get together and share their love of plumerias!

Jen, keep up the good work!

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