considering revising my grow list

judo_and_peppers(Tampa FL)September 14, 2013

I'm considering changing up my grow list for next year. after eating a bunch of habs in different foods and sauces, I've come to realize that my brain strain is IMO the best tasting pepper I've ever tried. I still like the hab a lot, but I like the brain strain more. a lot more. I like that the burn hits you immediately, unlike a hab, for which the first bite isn't hot until you swallow.

much of my grow list for next year (in my 300sf of grow space) was based around my love of habs. now I realize I have a new love. so, what other peppers taste similar to the brain strain? do other 7pots taste as good? do morugas taste like that? what about douglahs? what does the carolina reaper taste like?

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I can't comment on any of those other peppers but the Carolina reapers are hot immediately I mean as soon as it touches your tongue it's on fire. And it has a really good flavor. I don't really know how to explain it other than fruity, and flowery.

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Naga Vipers hit you instantly with an insane heat and smokey flavor. Almost like eating fire.

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Bpwilly(8b - Kent, Wa)

I like the yellow and white versions of the 7 Pot and Bhuts. A bit more mild and great taste.

I will also give a great thumbs up to the Jamaican Scotch Bonnet. Great fresh and fruity flavor.

Now if you like hot pepper jams, the Black Congo with Blackberries is hard to beat as well as Fatalii and Pineapple. Get enough peppers in there and either one will toast your bread for you!

I agree as well on the Reaper, That one hits you fast and hard, but it does have a real nice taste for the few seconds you can taste anything.

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My reapers made a very nice sauce paired up with some nice fresh local peaches! the taste of the reaper is great! The White Bhut really surprised me, fruity odd flavor... hard to explain

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