Mini rose leaves yellowing and falling off.

onetruetreeApril 27, 2011

For about a week, now, my rose plant has looked rather sickly. The leaves have started turning yellow at the veins, which then spreads over the whole leaf. Some of the leaves are also turning brown at the tips and curling up. The past two days or so have been particularly bad; at least five entire "branches" (not sure what to call them; leaf clusters?) yellowed all at once and I removed them. Then the next day the same thing happened, and today the trend continues. My plant seems to have stopped making new leaves, and what few baby leaves there were seem to have fallen prey to whatever is ailing my plant.

I've checked the soil; it's slightly moist, but not wet. I don't think it's been over watered or under watered.

I DID have a spider mite problem, recently, but this doesn't seem to be caused by spider mites; I've seen no evidence of mites still being on the plant. I've checked the bottom of the leaves for mites and webs, and found nothing. Instead there is this fine, dark, dust-like material on TOP of the leaves that are yellowing, and some of the leaves turn this grayish color before dying completely and either being removed by me or falling off.

I'm going to assume that it's some sort of mold/fungus problem, but I'm a newbie when it comes to taking care of roses; this is the first one I've had, and I've managed to keep it alive through many foibles of mine as I've learned how to keep a plant alive, since receiving it in December. I've over watered it, under watered it, had fungus gnats, had spider mites, and now this. I had thought that I had a handle on things, for a while; the spider mites had gone and my rose was blooming happily, and then the leaves just started dying off. =(

I have photos for anyone who might be able to help me:

Grayish leaf in center, and grayish spots on one the two top leaves:

Dark specks:

Photo of the whole plant:

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Oh! I forgot to mention... the past couple of weeks, some of the leaves have had these funky little puckered bumps randomly show up. I don't know if that's related or unrelated.

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It appears to me you are growing it in a small pot indoors. Is that correct? If so, I think that is a good deal of the problem.

The little pots the miniature roses come in are too small to continue to use. They need to be repotted into larger pots. Further, roses are not indoor plants and you will likely continue to go from one problem to another if you try to grow them indoors. They really need to be grown either in a large pot outdoors or planted in the ground. I know of experienced rose growers who have managed to keep a rose alive over winter indoors with a great deal of effort, but they always plant them outdoors as soon as the weather allows.

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Hi! Thank you for your response. =)

I repotted the plant from the original pot it came in soon after I acquired it; it's now in (I think?) a 1-gallon pot; though it's grown quite a bit since then, so perhaps it's time to plant it outside. =) I'd always intended to do so, but I don't have spot in mind yet, and it seemed to be doing well indoors, so I suppose I got over-comfortable with keeping it inside. I'll plant it outside ASAP.

Do you think that will "fix" the current problem it's having, or is it a disease that will require treatment?

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Without seeing your rose in person there's no way to know what is going on, but I think it's related to being indoors so long.

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seil zone 6b MI

These little roses from the grocery store are grown to be disposable really. That's not to say you can't plant them out just like any other rose. I have several in my garden. From your pictures I think Phil is right. Get it outside as soon as possible. Roses do not like the conditions indoors at all. They need a lot of sun that you can't get even in a sunny window. And most homes don't have enough humidity for them.

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I have had these roses for nearly 20 years and have dealt w/ numerous disease problems over the years, but nothing like this. pH is good, fertilzer not he problem.
First outer leaves turn brown along the edges and move toward primary veins, then within days whole leave turns yellow and over several weeks the rose bush dies.
It's not black spot, no tell tale signs. Very frustrated. Please offer some suggestions if you can.



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OK, I have several mini roses outside and their leaves commonly fall off. They usually start the spring just beautiful. They are in full sun among other perennials. I generally cut them back and they come around, but I wish I knew how to prevent it. I am not growing any roses inside. Thanks for any help.

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seil zone 6b MI

There are a lot reasons why the leaves may die and fall off. Too much or not enough water both can cause leaf drop. If the leaves look crisp and curled it could be sunburn. If the leaves look spotted or like they have any kind of film or powder on them it's probably a fungal disease. And sometimes they just shed old leaves to grow new ones too.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Bill, better to start a new thread, but Florida has an insect called "chilli thrips", look that up, it might be what's affecting your roses.

Fran, sounds like your roses may have blackspot, a fungal disease that appears as blackspots on the leaves. The blackspots inhibit photosynthesis, which causes the leaves to fall off. As seil said, there are other reasons, too dry, too wet, etc. Also, look for rabbit damage, they will eat leaves.

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I had precisely the same situation: a store-bought plant that was doing great for a while under fluorescent light (a CFL in a gooseneck lamp), then the lower leaves started yellowing, showing spots, etc. I took a really close look under a low-power microscope, and found out I had mites. These little suckers are nearly transparent, unlike the black ones that are relatively easy to spot. I believe that the plant cuts off nutrients to the infested leaves as a defense mechanism, since the mites can't suck the juices from a dry leaf.

Use a miticide if you're OK with chemical treatments; Bayer's 3-in-1 has a particularly effective agent in it. If not, or if your state hasn't approved the stuff for sale (you cannot buy it in NY), you can try my approach: fill a bucket with soapy water (dish detergent, ca. 1/2 tsp per gallon), and shove the entire plant, upside-down, into the water. Slosh it around, and up-and-down, for about a minute. This removes the bugs, drowns the ones who won't let go, and I think it might even damage the eggs (tiny white specks on the bottom of the leaves.) Repeat once a week for at least 3 weeks (the mites have a 10-day life cycle), and maybe once a month after that to keep 'em down. The mites prefer a dry environment, so this treatment, along with misting, will prevent them from doing noticeable damage.

I think the real problem with keeping these plants indoors is that the mites are not exposed to their natural predators, so their population can explode very quickly. They are incredibly persistent, and they will keep coming back time and time again if you don't manage to kill off every last one of them (and every last egg as well!)

Unless you like having ladybugs crawling around the house, you're stuck with regular washing, or chemical treatments, to keep them under control.

Here is a link that might be useful: Article on Spider Mites

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Hi onetruetree n everyone,
Its lovely to find such wonderful ppl online who constantly help newbies like methanks a lot guys.
Id just like to add here, please chk for scales too cz thts wat mine had.
I grow roses indoors and they grow just fine in a north east window:).but thn mumbai weather is very diff than tht of US.
Nonetheless, pls fo chk along the stems for scales, n swab them off with dilute alcohol.
Worked pretty well for me.

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