5 branches from an inflo

qaguyNovember 6, 2011

I've got one branch on my tree that has developed five

new brances from an inflo.

How unusual is this?

I've seen 3 and sometimes 4, but never 5.

I'd post a picture, but there's so many leaves, you

can't really see the details.

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I don't see it as being unusual. You run a risk that the original branch may not be able to supply enough nutrients to all 5 tips concurrently. So some may die back or be stunted.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Five is not that common and usually is caused by some form of tip illness or damage. Really unusual is 14......

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello EVeryone,

Fourteen? Really? OH MY!!!

That would only happen to you BIll!! LOL...

I have even had one that only continued to grow as a single stem, so anything that is two or more..is good for me!!

Fourteen? That is something i have never heard of before!!! WOW!!!


I think that is wonderful!!! Five is more tips than i have ever had after an inflo. The most i have ever seen is four !!

Please let us know if they all continue to grow!!!

Love to see pics!!!

Take care QA,

Laura in VB

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What variety is that plumeria? I'm wondering if certain varieties have the tendency to branch more prolifically than others.


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I have a few that have either put out only one new tip for me, or judging by old inflo scars, have done it repeatedly in the past before I got them.

Dazzler looks like a serial one-tipper, as does Giant Aussie Orange. VC Lutica gave me only one tip from its inflo this spring, but I can forgive that since it's only just rooted.

I have a Lava Flow seedling, too, that looks like the young branches only made singles. Some branches seem to make extra tips that never grow beyond a tiny nub.

There's a cultivar called Brancher that regularly breaks between four and eight times per inflo. I'm not wild about the flowers, though.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Laura- the picture was years ago and I ended up cutting all but three branches off so the plant would grow strong. I do not remember which plant this was but it survived and I think was eventually given to a friend.

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Wow, 14 tips?? I know thats a bit too much for a small trunk to support, but still, I think its pretty awesome!
I think my record is 4, but usually I get 3. I have also had plumerias that would only make one new tip after blooming (My Divine has actually not branched at all after blooming on 2 occasions!).

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